Sunday, May 02, 2010

Repeated Violence at Political Rallies, but its not the Tea Parties

Above is a video from Arizona last month. It shows Hispanics rioting and throwing projectiles at a counter-protester during their demonstration against the new law in Arizona. About a dozen police were escorting this old white man away from the scene, and he looked very willing to accept their protection. Even the heavy police presence did not deter the mob from hurling curses, and projectiles, at the lone retreating counter demonstrator. Who knows what they would have done to him had the cops not been there?

In Santa Cruz there was a riot at the May 1st demonstration against the new Arizona law. At least 15 businesses were damaged and Santa Cruz police called for re-enforcements from all county agencies.

This is just the latest two examples of violence at political rallies- and it does not come from the Tea Party groups but rather their political opposites. When there is violence at a Tea Party group, it winds up being some of their political opponents like SEIU thugs administering a beat-down to peaceful protesters such as the African-American gentleman who was assaulted for handing out tracks unfriendly to Obama-care.

This stuff is happening across the country on multiple occasions, yet all the corporate media wants to talk about is the alleged threat of violence from the Tea Parties. Reality doesn't fit the template that they are attempting to impose on the data. Beware the government-media complex. Now there is a report that President* Obama's administration has got our own Army conducting exercises which make the Tea Party folks the target. If true it is an outrageous abuse of the military, which by tradition is to abstain from police actions on our own citizens.

*status undetermined.


Anonymous Chuck said...

Bank on it: the mainstream media will not report this.

8:04 AM, May 03, 2010  

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