Sunday, July 04, 2010

Brummet Right On UP DOWN

John Brummett says he is using the whose up and whose down column as a holiday crutch, but I am astounded to say that I agree with his findings.

He did forget to give Secure Arkansas an UP arrow for their achievement of getting enough signatures to get their amendment to restrict taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens on the ballot though.

He also gave the Bailout supporting Congressman John Boozman and up arrow for the simple reason he is running for U.S. Senate against the ultimate down arrow- Bailout supporting Blanche Lincoln. True enough. He notes that while Boozman was trying to distinguish himself from Lincoln on abortion, Boozman made the very basic mistake of referring to himself as "pro-choice".

What "I'm pro-life" means to establishment Republicans is that in a jam you SAY you are pro-life to mollify pro-life voters but you DO nothing to save babies lives. He quietly votes right on the few marginal pro-life bills that come up, I give him that much credit because it is true. But he has not been a vocal advocate for the defense of innocent life. I wish he had been. He had a perfect opportunity to do so representing a strongly pro-life district for eight years. If he had been a vocal proponent, maybe he would have been practiced enough to avoid the obvious blunder of referring to himself as "pro-choice" the first time he dusted off the issue to get votes.

I have often asked people who tell me "at least Boozman is better than Lincoln" to name for me three issues which John Boozman has spoken out strongly for that Lincoln has spoken out strongly against, or vice-versa. Not one person has been able to name even ONE such issue. Now that it is election time, I expect these two establishment pols to contrive some differences between them, but I sure haven't seen it in their last decade of "service".


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