Friday, August 06, 2010

It's the Same Policies...

Rush Limbaugh was on the radio today challenging Resident Barack Obama over the latter's continuing to blame GHW Bush for our extreme fiscal situation. Rush pointed out that as a Senator, Obama voted for the budgets of the Bush administration.

He makes my point. In the broad scope of things, they have the same polices. Both DC-controlled parties are interventionist believers in the power of big government to do good. There may be some difference in the details of how growing government can make life better, but citizens who feel the central government is already to big, to intrusive, and too expensive have no serious representation in either organization.

People are furious with Obama now, so their option is to vote back in the bunch they were furious at four years ago. And when they fail, their option is to vote back in the Democrats with whom they are now furious. They go back and forth between two clubs whose fundamental policies are the same. The people's only choice is which gang will implement the next round of central government growth.

When will people wake up and face the hard truth? The root problems of our government will never be seriously addressed, much less fixed, until organic new parties, perhaps a separate one in each state, are organized and supported by the populace. I am not hopeful that the current crop of grassroots activists will ever see it. They may continue to be fear-driven and unable to process past the next election. They will keep pushing people to go for whoever they think "the lessor of two evils" is, right up until the day when our only choice is Hitler or Stalin.

Perhaps we need a few activists from the current group and then some people who up to this point have never been active in the political process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wise words indeed. It's not about taking the country back it's about keeping the county from becoming a banana republic controlled by a few rich people.

2:27 PM, August 06, 2010  

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