Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs Against Millage Increase Reported Stolen?

David Keller of the Washington County Tea Party is reporting that a number of signs along Highway 265 in Fayetteville have come up missing. The signs notified people that there is a millage election in Fayetteville this Tuesday and urging people to vote against the tax increase.

The tax was voted down in a previous election, but those favoring a new Fayetteville High School more opulent than Springdale's uber-opulent Har-Ber have decided that the people get to "choose again." As an added bonus, they want it kept very quiet that a choice is even going to be made! Yep, hold the election at an off time, keep it on the Q-T, but tell all of those who will benefit from the tax increase about the election. On the other hand, don't burden the general public with the knowledge that there is going to be a tax vote! And if anyone does try to tell the public, pull their signs!


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