Wednesday, September 08, 2010

So Who Should Get Your Late Money Contributions?

We are in the home stretch for political season. Who should get your final round of donations if you are a limited-government conservative in the state of Arkansas? Here are the right questions to ask....

1. Is the candidate within the "rational give" window? That is to say, the polls show they have a good chance to win, but they are not so far ahead that they don't really need your help. If a candidate is so far behind that your contribution can't help them win, then it makes no sense to give to them. If they are so far ahead that they are going to win whether you give or not then it makes no sense to give to them. Use your precious dollars where they will make a difference- "in the window".

2. Will the candidate attempt to make the kind of changes that you want made if elected? Some people give just because they want to beat the candidate's opponent, not because the candidate shares their view of government. Why give to someone who, even if they win, won't do what you want done?

3. Is the office the candidate running for one that is in position to effect the changes that I want to see? If your top issue is foreign policy, then obviously you would be inclined toward giving to a federal candidate. If your top issue is government spending, then either federal or state is fine. Still, I remind you that tomorrow's candidates for federal office are often drawn from today's state candidates.

I can't speak to local offices, because you all live in various localities. Local races are often more important that the average citizen realizes, especially if you have a local candidate with the gumption to tell Washington "no." I do think some of your contribution dollars should go to good local candidates, but I can advise you on who because the situation will be different in every location.

As far as state and federal races go, to me there are two clear possibilities. Your late contributions should go to either A) State Representative Mark Martin for Secretary of State or B) 1st District Congressional Candidate Rick Crawford. The reason is simple, they are the only two on the ballot who can reasonably be said to pass all three of the metrics for contributions outlined above.

Martin gets better marks on metric #1, the last poll showed him winning by a single point over his opponent, Barack Obama's campaign manager in Arkansas Pat O'Brien. Crawford seems to have a solid lead and pretty good cash on hand.

I figure a tie on metric #2. Some would say Crawford gets the edge on metric #3 because D.C. is where all the action is. I disagree. When it comes to telling D.C. "NO", which is what is going to have to happen, state officials are going to be a crucial part of it. And many of D.C.s designs require a state legislature willing to go along with them. Not only will the Secretary of State have a hand in drawing new district lines after the 2010 census, and conduct elections with an eye to combating election fraud, but they control facilities on the capital grounds. State legislators who want to do the right thing face enough obstacles exercising their independence. Nice to know that they would not have to worry about getting the worst office in the place if they try it....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like Rep Martin. I hope he wins. We could really use a good person in the office to undo the junk Daniels pulled off.

6:43 AM, September 09, 2010  

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