Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brummett vs. Loy Mauch

John Brummett interviewed new State Rep. Loy Mauch (R) Bsimark. Mauch once served as an officer in the League of the South, which is a sort of neo-confederate group. No doubt Brummett thought he only had to present Mauch's views without rancor to get the average reader to be down on Mauch. While I don't imagine that Mauch's views are mainstream, neither are Brummett's. I suspect once you get outside of Little Rock, that Mauch's views are actually much closer to those of the average citizen than John Brummett's are. Maybe even Brummett himself is getting wise to this fact. After all, Brummett could not win an election to the state legislature.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh oh! Brummett used the White Supremacist accusation. Game over-- we're supposed to throw Mauch overboard at that point.

3:27 PM, November 27, 2010  
Anonymous RockThisTown said...

Jay Barth, who appears on AETN regularly as a "political pundit" got his head handed to him in his recent campaign for State Senate. What qualifies him to be a pundit prior to that I don't know, and I'm still not sure now. Political losers are a dime a dozen. Hey, AETN: how 'bout getting someone on who's had some experience actually winning a campaign and forging public policy?
Nicholas Horton, who recently ran for Searcy City Council (& lost), said "But you can bet I learned more during this campaign than in my four years of undergraduate study in political science." I hope Barth also learned a few things during his run so that maybe he'll stop passing along inane, verbose political nonsense to his students. When Brummett runs for office, then I might start paying attention to what he says. Key word: might.

12:03 PM, November 28, 2010  

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