Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kharma on State Education and Lotteries

The feds announced huge potential prize winnings for states if they would just change their education structure so that it made them eligible to compete for billions in prize money. Only 11 states could win, but of course many more than that "bought lottery tickets"- that is to say, they made expensive changes in the way they ran their education departments in an attempt to win the "grant" money. Now some of them are looking around wondering how they are going to pay for all the changes they enacted.

I find it ironic. These states did not mind hustling people with a government-run lottery whose proceeds went to education. Now the educrats themselves have been hustled by what in essence was a lottery. This is a perfect example of why I believe it is time for states to pursue a policy of "rational de-linkage" from federal polices, to the extent that we can. So far, our legislature has done the opposite. They have gone for the cheese every time, even if it meant that the state would have to spend a lot more than it was getting. Partnering with the most indebted institution in the history of mankind, that's your long term business plan? Really?


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