Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mustain Will Be Better in the NFL- If Chance Comes

I'm taking off my Public Policy Wonk hat and putting on my Football Coach hat again. You may remember I most recently donned it by opining that Broderick Green was the wrong guy for a go-to runner in the Hog offense. I suggested Knile Davis would do much better. A few weeks latter, the Hog coaches saw it that way too, and the Razorback rushing attack is now one of the strong points on the team.

For reasons I don't have time to go into now, I think Mitch Mustain could have a future in the NFL, if some personnel guy is smart enough to give him a chance. The USC offense is all wrong for him, and he is still good in it- only a dropped pass kept him from leading the Trojans to victory over Notre Dame last week. They did not even have a deep snap offense in that game, even when they were down in the last minute! Who these days makes their QB take seven steps back in that situation?

Mark my words, if Mustain gets signed, he's got a future in the NFL. In fact, he will be better at running a pro-style offense than he is in the college offense (of the 1980s) that USC runs.


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