Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ark. Senate Bill 97 Up for Committee Vote

Cecile Bledsoe's SB 97, which would ban our judiciary from considering foreign law in their rulings, is up for an important committee hearing. Here is her message about this bill...

On February 23, 2011, the Senate Judiciary Committee meets at 10:00 AM. An attorney for the Center for Security Policy in Washington will be present to testify for the bill. We need this bill to pass out of the committee because we feel that there is a good chance it will pass on the Senate floor. This is a very important bill that will strengthen the Arkansas Constitution resulting in better protection of Arkansas citizens. We need to continue to let the committee members know of our support of SB 97. The main criticisms of the bill were:

1. It would adversely affect business contracts between Arkansas companies and foreign countries. An amendment is being added that will exclude businesses altogether from the bill, thus reconfirming that it is a non-issue for businesses.

2. The bill is not needed because Arkansas law already deals with the issue of foreign laws in our state. Examples will be given to show that indeed foreign law is being considered in Arkansas and other states. The main point of this concern is that when a foreign law conflicts with the Arkansas Constitution then the Constitution will be upheld.

Senator Cecile Bledsoe


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