Friday, February 25, 2011

Burlsworth and Pelley Right About ICLEI and Agenda 21

I have noticed that people who see farther ahead than most are often accused of hallucinating by those whose vision is not as great. So it is with Debbie Pelley and Jeannie Burlsworth of Secure Arkansas. They have tried to warn people that there is an integrated plan by well-funded people that will use environmentalism as a screen to alter the lives of average people for the worse. They warned us that this plan has a name - Agenda 21. They have warned that an outfit called ICLEI and how it suckers local governments into helping implement this plan.

Now we learn that Carroll County Maryland has become the first county to withdraw from ICLEI. This county was much further along in the "partnership" with ICLEI than the towns and cities around here, and the voters apparently did not like where it was heading. I wish our local governments, if they won't listen to Burlsworth and Pelley, perhaps they can quit their pretentious mocking of these two ladies long enough to consider the experience of those who went down the ICLEI path before them.


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