Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dem Gaz Seems Surprised At the "New" Mike Beebe

The Dem-Gaz editorial page is now expressing shock that when the chips are on the table Gov. Mike Beebe is pretty much an old-fashioned tax and spend big-government liberal.

The Real Mike Beebe, so different from the public image. But why do they feign surprise? They helped create the image/illusion. It is like Dr. Frankenstein expressing shock that the thing he created is a monster. Not that I am saying Mike Beebe is a monster (even if his position on abortion is monstrous). What I am saying is that he was not the pro-business centrist to conservative Democrat that the state's media, especially the DemGaz, made him out to be. His idea of being "pro-business" is to tax all business heavily except for the few which have gained his special favor. Those get subsidized.

DemGaz can be accurate, when the big-boys have money at stake, as in the article I linked to. The last five paragraphs just ask the question of whether or not the Department of Finance and Admin. correctly calculated how much the tax cuts proposed would really "cost" the state in revenue. We already know the answer and so should they- static models invariably overestimate state rev. losses from tax cuts.

One of the proposed cuts has to do with removing the retail sales taxes on energy used for manufacturing. Energy is never an end product, its always used to make something else. Retail sales tax for that? Doesn't even make sense for my home, much less a factory.


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