Thursday, March 03, 2011

Christian Persecution in Britian

Quite the reversal of our failed efforts to keep homosexuals from being foster parents. In Britain, if you are a Christian who believes that sex outside of marriage is wrong that disqualifies you from being a foster parent! Those of you wondering how Britain went from being a world empire on which the sun never set to being a besotted little island mired in decay and misery, there is a clue for you. The values, attitudes, and habits which made for a strong and virtuous people added up to national greatness. That power was often abused- as most power is eventually, but the point is that the values their ruling class now hold has produced a "fallen" "Great" Britain in every way.

Is this official persecution coming to America soon? I believe so, because we have a GLOBAL class of ruling elites now. The only answer is decentralization of power. Let each state decide its own rules on these matters and leave a coercive central government out of it.


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