Saturday, April 02, 2011

Federal Reserve Gives Cash to Banksters for Defaulted Bonds

No wonder the courts had to force the Federal Reserve to reveal who got what at the Discount Window during the bailouts. It turns out the Fed let their friends trade in just about any "asset" into cash. This included bonds that had already been defaulted on! We have also learned that some of the biggest beneficiaries of the bailouts were foreign banks. That's right America. Republicans and Democrats alike joined hands to borrow money from the Chinese, put it on your children's tab, and gave it to some of the richest foreigners on the planet. Warms the cockels of my heart just to think about their globalist goodwill.

Here is a spreadsheet detailing the recipients. Looks like $2.76 trillion to Dexia -- a banking consortium. Another $2.56T to Depfa -- a German-Irish bank out of Dublin. Next highest is Bank of Scotland at $42.8 billion. Over 1/3 of the total went to foreign banks.


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