Monday, April 11, 2011

Now, He's Just a Socialist

After observing Huckabee's big-spending ways as Governor of Arkansas, many of us characterized him as "a pro-life socialist." Listen to his smarmy attempt to justify the GOP cave-in in the shut-down show-down. They could not even defund Planned Parenthood, and one reason is that "pro-life leaders" like Mike Huckabee gave them moral cover to do so.

Huckabee got lots of milage out of the pro-life issue back when he was politicing in pro-life Arkansas. But when it was time to actually save some lives and get abortionists out of pro-lifer's pockets, Mike Huckabee betrayed the cause. I used to think of Mike Huckabee as a pro-life socialist. Now, he's just a socialist.


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