Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TSA Messing With Texas

A Texas State Senator (Patrick) sponsored a bill to prohibit anyone from grouping passengers boarding an airplane without probable cause that person was committing a crime. In other words, he tried to legalize the 4th amendment from TSA (Tyrants Subjugating America) intrusive airport searches.

The bill was overwhelmingly approved by the state house. It hit a snag in the senate when an official from the Obama administration threatened to blockade all public air traffic to or from Texas if the measure was approved. Sen. Patrick pulled the bill when he learned that the threat caused some members of the Texas senate to get cold feet on the bill. Forces within the senate, led by Sen. Dewhurst, are trying to kill the bill.

As word spread that the bill had been stymied, about 100 enraged citizens stormed the Texas capitol complex shouting "treason" at the legislators. Their access was blocked by armed guards.

No one should think that lost liberty will be regained without resistance. Every time a showdown is averted, it is a victory for tyranny. A showdown will have to come or we will live as slaves in a police state. Those are the stark choices left to us. So far, the path to slavery has been chosen, but resistance to that craven path is strengthening.


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