Monday, May 16, 2011

What Form Should the Tea Party Take?

A recent USA Today poll showed that the majority of voters, and 52% of Republican voters, felt that it was time for a third party in the United States.

I have long been a proponent of a third party, I was the former state chairman of the Constitution party. It is gratifying to see that the majority of my countrymen have come to the place where I was. But I am no longer in that place. Political parties are a centralization of power, because they are the means of access to the ballot. And power over others is corrupting. Even if it is not, the two DC-based political parties have (as directed by the global big money) set up barriers to participate in the party system as currently structured. Consider the case of the Colorado Constitution Party. They got ballot access, but all it has bought them is that they are legally required to comply with a lot of expensive rules. They wish now that they had never obtained automatic ballot access.

Building a traditional political party is analogous to building a conventional army. There is no way such a force could win against the two dominant parties fighting the same kind of war they are fighting, especially since the state-controlled media will cover for them and attack any start up. If a new party has one nut in it, the media will make them the face of the party for all of you. The forces of corruption will go right to the leadership of the new party, right to the command and control centers, and bribe or disrupt in.

No my friends, we can't beat the established parties fighting their way. We have to fight a decentralized guerrilla war to retain our liberties and restore the Republic. This means starting small political groups that are not political parties, but rather groups of people who recruit candidates to run for local offices and help them get on the ballot as independent candidates. Provide the attack-dog media with too many low-value dispersed targets rather than lump you all in one group or behind one person who is easy to smear.

The groups, I propose the name "Local Liberty Unit", are not truly a political party because they don't control access to the ballot, they simply help worthy people get on the ballot as an independent. One group is not necessarily tied to any of the others, and the candidate can even distance themselves from the group if the media tries to demonize them. With no high value target to hit, the dominant media represents an expensive air force that can't find any one target worth dropping their million dollars bombs on. That nullifies their greatest edge.

At some point, we will have to link up, but we don't have to link up beyond local liberty units to begin deciding who should go to city hall or the state legislature. Ultimately, we will have to push for the common sense reform called "instant runoff voting" to eliminate the spoiler effect and allow people to vote their consciences without fear of "splitting the vote". That process is explained in the video below. In the meantime, many of these local races are decided in the primaries. There is only one candidate in November. In most cases, that should change, as local liberty units help Tea Party favored independents, who owe no allegiance to any political party but rather only to the people who elected them, sweep into office as early as November of 2012.


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