Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FOX News Fakes Birth Certificate Claims

Fox News is "controlled opposition." The Heartland of America had figured out a decade ago that the corporate global media was pumping misinformation out in an attempt to misguide the population. If the global elites had not generated a fake media to represent the Heartland, then someone groups from the heartland might have created a real one on their own. FOX served as a pressure release valve for the pent up disgust with media then present.

FOX is owned by an Aussie billionaire with significant business partnerships in communist China, and by a nominal Muslim Saudi Prince. IOW it is run by the same stripe of global elitists who run all the other media. But because it positioned itself to speak for the heartland, the global elites are now in a position to attempt to tell the heartland folks what their "acceptable" choice of leaders is, and to inform the heartland what their "acceptable" range of beliefs are.

One thing that FOX has declared out of bounds is questions about Barack Obama's eligibility for the office in which he now sits. There is no question in my mind, he is not eligible to hold the office, regardless of whether or not he was born in Hawaii. Still, it seemed like Obama was hiding something about his birth certificate. There are still many things he may want to hide that could be on that document- for example, an adoption by his Indonesian stepfather that would have made him a citizen of that country and changed his legal named to Barry Soetoro. This would be especially troublesome if there was no record of when he ever re-claimed his citizenship or changed his name back.

Recently, Obama released what he claimed to be his original birth certificate. FOX News acted like all of the rest of the global corporate media and held this up as proof the doubters were nuts. They even brought on an expert in computer graphics and forgery who attested to the genuineness of the document- only he didn't! It now turns out that Jean Claude Tremblay says that FOX selectively edited his quotes to make it seem as if he was vouching for the authenticity of the document. He says he has demanded a retraction from FOX, but they have ignored his demands and simply repeat one million more times that it has been "proved" that the document is genuine.

But if you still have some doubt about how rotten FOX is, visit most of the documentation right here and also here.


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