Sunday, June 12, 2011

QE II Money Almost All Went to Foreign Banks

Unbelievable. Global Bankster theft that is so outrageous that they might get away with it just because the average person is not able to accept they would do it. It turns out QE II money went almost exclusively to US branches of foreign banks. From there it quickly made its way overseas in an attempt to rescue foreign banks from Euro collapse.

No wonder QE II did not seem to stimulate our economy- it did not enter our economy! No wonder the ordinarily inflationary moves of creating this much fiat credit is not causing inflation, but rather we seem headed towards a deflationary depression. The money was created, but went to other economies! It sucked money and credit OUT of our economy at a time when Main St. is withering away for lack of it.

To anybody backing anyone other than Ron Paul for President, what in the world are you thinking? The elites in this nation are looting us dry. We are like people who have been robbed of everything by our accountants, but don't know it yet because the accountant is paying all our bills with credit cards that have not quite yet maxed out. And instead of supporting the one guy who understands what is going on and wants to fire the crooked accountant, some people are obsessing that he doesn't want to use even more money that we don't have to bomb people that the accountant and his buddies want bombed!


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