Monday, June 13, 2011

Stewart New National Campaign Spokesperson for Bachman

It looks like the Deputy Secretary of Public Affairs for Secretary of State Mark Martin, Alice Stewart, is taking a position as the National Spokesperson for Minnesota Congressman Michelle Bachman's Presidential campaign. I see the move as a potential win-win for all involved, depending of course, on who Martin can get to step into the position.


TV 40/29 Unbelievably reports Stewart's departure without mentioning she is going to the Bachman campaign. Only saying it is to pursue "other opportunities". That's what you say when you get run off, or quit in disgust before you have anything else lined up. How can they report it like that when even I knew she was leaving for the Bachman campaign hours before this alleged "news" story? Selective reporting much? I join Congressman Hunter in demanding an explanation for this faggotry!


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