Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gibson CEO "We are being persecuted"

Gibson Guitars just had a federal SWAT team make it's second raid on the company. No charges were filed after the first raid, but the company has still not gotten its confiscated property back. They are not accused of any US crime. The raid was prompted by reports that Gibson used some kind of wood for their guitars that is against the law to use in Brazil! Fed stormtroopers are now coming into private businesses with guns for using wood that other countries don't want used! Even worse, Martin Guitar uses the same type of wood but is a big Democratic donor, and they don't get raided. Click the link for the outrageous back story.


Blogger Linton said...

In fairness, coming from a failed guitar player, Gibson is way more awesome and iconic than Martin could ever dream of being. If they were trying to make a point, the only guitar maker they could hit that's more iconic would be Fender.

Not saying for sure politics aren't involved, but it would be like if the Feds were trying to make some sort of big example of a restaurant in the fast food industry and hit Jack in the Box instead of McDonald's.

Still, a sad day for rock n' roll.

7:54 PM, August 29, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't they just unionize and make this all go away?

3:06 PM, August 31, 2011  

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