Friday, September 23, 2011

Face Time Vs. Poll Numbers in FAUX News Debate

Faux News.  They distort, I deride.

I have often made the case here to FOX NEWS is no friend to pro-American limited-government conservatives.  Rather, they are both statist and globalist.  Their function in the drive to globalism is to pose as your friend so that the might assume the role of dictating who the "acceptable" candidates are for those on the right.  

Their plans have been going swimmingly.  Americans, especially conservative ones, have been hoodwinked into more debt for an endless global warfare state that makes us less safe and creates more enemies for us with every village it bombs in our name.   Every day they inch closer to attaining their goals, which include the elimination of the middle class and their troublesome ideas about limitations on the actions of the rich and powerful.   Only one serious obstacle remains.  That thin line consists of just seven letters.  R O N P A U L.   

This small, genteel, elderly man understands what is going on behind the shell game, beyond the hot buttons.  While 90% of Americans are following the misdirecting hand motions of the media magicians, Ron Paul has spent the last 20 years following the money.

They have tried every dirty trick imaginable short of actual assassination to discredit him.  In spite of their efforts, he not only continues to win people over to his message, but in the process people are starting to notice the media's role in this mess.    Their problem is how to stop Paul without being so blatant about it that they lose  all credibility with the population.

Jon Stewart made comedy gold out of the media's early efforts to make this a three person race between Romney, Perry and Bachman.   The latest polls mostly show that Paul is ahead of Bachman.  So now the media tries to make it a two man race between Romney and Perry.   See how that works?  When he's fourth, talk about the top three.  When he is third, talk about the top two.   When he was second in the Iowa straw poll, they talked about 1st and 3rd.   They deserve to be ridiculed.

Perry is going to collapse.  He is going to be the Fred Thompson of this election cycle, much to the chagrin of the wanna-be establishment Republicans who are trying to push him.   Team Paul knows enough about Perry to know this is coming and are at work positioning Paul as the constitutional alternative to Romney.

Prior to the debate, Fox and Google boasted that they had a system in place that would make it more fair and not marginalize everyone except the media anointed front runners.   The actual results of the debate shows how empty those boasts were.   Ron Paul got far less speaking minutes than John Huntsman.   He got less minutes than anyone, save Gary Johnson.   Never heard of Johnson?   Most people haven't.  Yet Ron Paul, #3 in the polls among Republican voters and in a statistical dead heat with Obama among all Americans got only twenty-three more seconds of speaking time than Johnson!

Romney and Perry each got about triple the speaking time Paul got.  Even candidates with negligible support got significantly more time and attention than Paul.   They did not ask him about foreign policy, even though this is where his views differ from most of the field.   Instead, they let Johnny-come-lately-Huntsman make the case Paul has been making for years to loud applause.    In the previous debate, they asked a question about the Federal Reserve to the other candidates, but skipped Paul, who authored a best-selling book called "End the Fed."   Prior to that, they skipped Paul in a question about health care even though he is a physician.    


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