Friday, September 16, 2011

Patently Ridiculous

The Resident just signed the so-called "Patent Reform Bill", thus initiating a major change on the one part of the federal government that is 1) Constitutional 2) Self-funding and 3) working well.  Like most "bi-partisan" ideas, the bill was bad for middle america and good for global corporations.

As is all too often the case, you can't get the real story from reading the corporate-state controlled media reports on the issue.   Never mind, I will sum it up for you.   The bill changes us from a "first to invent" country to a "first to file" country- thus harmonizing us with "global standards."  Hate it yet?   There is more.  Big corporations have the money to do multiple filings in the hopes that one of them will work out.  Small inventors don't.   They don't have legal departments to do paperwork for them, they focus on actual inventing.   The big boys as usual are tilting the playing field to their advantage by changing rules that have served this nation well.

There is no way this will solve the "problem" of a backlog of applications.  Instead, it will encourage multiple early applications before an idea has been thoroughly worked out.   Not that having too much business is a problem anyway, except in government land.   The patent office makes money processing patent applications.  They should expand.  It's not a "problem" in the usual sense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The globalists had been trying for decades to eliminate our first-to-invent system, and they've finally done it.

Very little distinguishes the U.S. from the rest of the world anymore. One can understand that the international corporations don't care about keeping American competitive advantages in tact. It's just a crying shame that our own "representatives" don't care about us, either.

6:28 PM, September 16, 2011  

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