Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Study Links Abortion to Mental Disorder in Women

According to the study, 10% of all mental health disorders in women may be linked to induced abortion. It is estimated that 25% of adult women under 70 have had abortions. If that number is accurate, then 75% of such adult women have not had abortions. This implies that the 10% of mental disorders linked to abortion is concentrated in the 25% of women who have had them. That is to say, it implies that a staggering 40% of women who have had abortions have had mental health issues related to abortion.

Abortion is murder, and killing innocent people apparently induces mental health problems in a large portion of women. That is not so abnormal. What normal person could go through something like that without mental trauma? One could argue that going through something like that without any mental health issues indicates another mental disorder, albeit one not listed as a problem because sociopaths often do not consider their lack of empathy to be a problem.


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