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Race Hustlers Trying to Get Jonesboro Chief Michael Yates Fired - Wild Lies As Excuse

We need to help support our Jonesboro police Chief - Chief Michael Yates. Outsiders are coming in and trying to stir up all kinds of racial tension and have openly called for the firing of our police chief and have called the two arresting police, in the Chavis Carter incident, murderers.

Outsiders, including at least one report of involvement by the black supremacist (i.e. racist) group "The Nation of Islam", are flinging wild accusations [which are proven lies] at Yates and posting it on nationwide blogs and sending it to the city council members. They are even trying to thwart the state recertification of the Jonesboro Police Department. If they can pick these isolated incidents and make enough noise and get enough media attention over it, they can intimidateevery other police department in the nation. Documentation is given below.

This incident with Chavis Carter is not the real issue here - the real issue is a vendetta against Yates because he won't hire enough black police officers to suit these liberal blacks. They (the Diversity Coalition) were already trying to get Yates fired back several months ago. (See letter to the Sun below for details)

The battle goes back to his job in Americus, Georgia where an unusually extreme black NAACP member went after Yates. While Chief Yates was chief of the police department in Americus, he cut the crime rate about 50%. In our research we found that the Americus city is made up of 64% black, 5% Hispanic and 31% white.

Therefore, in order to cut the crime rate that much, Yates would have had to arrest more blacks than whites, which enraged some of the black leaders. We are including a three page opinion piece from the Americus Times-Recorder newspaper in May 2, 2003, that describes this battle in Americus, but we want to include some excerpts here. The paper totally supports Yates and denounces the particular NAACP group involved.

"Dr. John Marshall and Craig Walker, claiming to represent the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's Sumter County Branch, have engaged in a campaign to destroy racial harmony in Americus. Over the last 18 months or so, Walker has regularly attended meetings of the City Council to beg, plead, implore, curse and threaten that elected body to remove Police Chief Michael Yates. He claims Yates wrongfully demoted Commander Nelson Brown; illegallyrequested Open Records Act and Georgia Crime Investigations Center checks on Walker; and drove by Walker's residence in an attempt to intimidate him.

"An internal review by City Administrator Sybil Smith and a legal opinion rendered by City Attorney Jimmy Skipper found Yates guilty of no wrongdoing, yet Walker and Marshallpersist in their dogged and tired vendetta. They have refused every overture by the City to negotiate a resolution, insisted the City's legal opinion was incorrect and Yates acted illegally, insisting their attorneys have a differing opinion.

Yates whipped the department into shape, instilling a new professionalism, better morale and a renewed respect for enforcing the law. Evidence of Yates' effectiveness? The city's crime index has dropped from more than 400 last year to 109 in April. One-hundred represents the national average. And the APD expects to be the first local law enforcement agency to achieve state certification." End of Excerpts [See entire article below.]

Race hustlers are still spreading these lies all over the blogs and using this Chavis Carter incident to stir the pot again. They are also sending emails to the city council of Jonesboro even though they have been proven false over and over. See Email Sent to City Council Members by Liberals below for copy of their long email including articles from several left of the leftists blogs - filled with lies.

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Go to the link above at the end of the article here on Arkansas Watch and scroll down to get a summary of the arrest of Chavis Carter and the controversy surrounding it.

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