Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strong Chicken Pox Vaccine - Autism Correlation

Data from

There is an overwhelming correlation between the rise in the rate of autism and the injection of children under two with live-virus vaccines which were cultivated in aborted fetal tissue.    According to Dr. Theresa Deisher of, some genetic material from the aborted fetal tissue is picked up by the viruses during replication. It is already known that such “improperly integrated therapeutic DNA” can cause cancer in children.  There is also a strong correlation with autism, as seen here.

Correlation is not the same as causation, but that's the way to bet.    The vaccines which fall into the questionable category are the MMR II (actually just the "R" part, and in some nations substitutes are available) and the Chickenpox vaccine.   Both of these vaccines are strongly correlated with an increase in the incidence of autism in children.   Because chickenpox is not even a deadly disease, parents should carefully weigh the risk vs. rewards of any decision to have their preschool child injected with live-virus vaccines containing fragments of DNA from aborted fetuses.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I Make the Morning News

As readers of this space will know, I am running as an Independent to serve in the Arkansas legislature.   Today this prompted a column from Steve Brawner.

Here is an excerpt from the middle, which is much more true to what I was trying to convey than either the start or the end of the column....

His website says he is pro-life, pro-gun rights, pro-property rights, and pro-local, limited government. That sounds like a Republican, so I asked him why he didn’t just put an “R” by his name and give himself a better chance in a district dominated by that party. 
He couldn’t do that, he told me, because he believes legislators should be beholden only to their constituents, not their parties, which have been corrupted by money. Too often, he said, elected officials follow the dictates of their out-of-state party leaders instead of the people they represent.
While party labels may be necessary for statewide races, he said the Legislature is the branch of government closest to the people. If mayors can run as independents, so can state legislators.
I might have added that the record shows that Republicans don't actually do any of that when in office, but he accurately reported what I did say on that issue.    Now, there were a couple of areas where I thought the article, perhaps more through my fault rather than his, needed clarification.   If you do link over and read the article, please be sure to read my clarification on it given below....

Steve, first of all, I apologize for repeatedly calling you by another name in our phone conversation the other day. Secondly, I want to clarify a couple of items in your column (I blame myself not you for the lack of clarity).
When I said I quit my job to run, that was just last month. "Earlier this year" makes it sound like I have just been running for office all Summer. And in my business it is very typical for agents to change companies and projects. We pick up and drop projects on a regular basis. I got a birthday card from a company for which I have never worked this month, If you are willing to go on the road, the work is there. I want people to know that I was not being so reckless as the column implies- again I could have made the timing and circumstances more clear to you in our talk.
Secondly, as we discussed, though none of the bills I drafted directly became law, the exact changes one of my bills would have made was later imposed on the state by a court ruling- just as I predicted. The legislators then codified pretty much the same thing I was trying to get done. A second bill, the one designed to provide better educational opportunities to autistic children, was one vote away from a "do-pass" recommendation, and I believe it will pass next time.
Thirdly, I may have undersold the amount of campaign contributions I was getting. Counting in-kind contributions, I have raised about $4,000 and she has raised about $13,500. If you look at her last couple of contribution reports, she is now raising money almost solely from special interests and lobby groups. That's where I can't compete. I have to rely on citizens who either know me or have had enough of the way things are done now. I don't consider her nearly 4-1 edge insurmountable, but I did not want to pretend I was happy about those numbers either. I'm no spin, and maybe you were used to spin so when I said I had not raised much you may have thought I really hadn't raised any.
Kind regards,
Mark Moore

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fiefdom Government Gone Wild, The Fraternity of Insiders

Fiefdom government strikes again.   This is how government works in a post-legislature era.  The irrelevancy of the people's branch gives rise to sweetheart deals for the connected, with no recourse from the people.  Did the legislature ever try such shenanigans as those I am about to discuss?   Sure, but it was done in secret, lest the voters find out.    Now that Commissions run huge swaths of our government, run by un-elected and powerful people with ten year appointed terms, such improprieties are undertaken in broad daylight.    It will be so until the trend toward fiefdom government in this state is reversed.

 In a stirring example of how the unaccountable titans who run the state's fiefdoms "help a brother out" with taxpayer money, the State Game and Fish Commission has voted to give $411,000 of taxpayer money to help well-connected Highway Commission member John Burkhalter build a private marina.   This is post-morality government "economic development" at its finest.   The insiders use their positions as the head of powerful unaccountable commissions with access to taxpayer money to do right by each other - at our expense.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Back Forty (Media Mistrust)

According to a recent poll, 60% of Americans do not trust the media to report stories fully, fairly and accurately.  This represents an all-time high.   Forty percent of Americans trust the U.S. media to do these things in a fair manner almost all or most of the time.    This raises the obvious question, what's wrong with 40% of Americans?

I mean, it's obvious that our media is biased.   It's clear that they are here to distract and misdirect rather than inform.   Why just last week Sec. of State Mark Martin returned from visiting the troops in Afghanistan as part of a project to find the best ways to make sure the votes of overseas troops get counted.   Arkansans had to read about it in newspapers from Kentucky, Tennessee, and various other places around the nation because our state papers didn't cover it!    

I have already proven conclusively to anyone with the courage and integrity to believe it that when the subject is Mark Martin you cannot trust the state's largest newspaper to tell you the truth.  That is both in terms of what they say about him, and what they fail to report.   I assure you, that's not the only subject where the state media spins it.   It's just one example, and the national media in some ways is worse.

So again, what's wrong with 40% of the population?    Various things I suppose.   One in ten persons are also part of a group which represents the least intelligent tenth of the population.   Perhaps when they soak up the latest details of Lindsey Spears' trip to rehab they really think the media is informing them on the important issues of the day rather than trying to distract American's attention away from what the ruling class is doing to our country.  My guess is that most of this least-intelligent 10% can be found in the 40% who think the media is fully, fairly, and accurately reporting the news.

Another group in that 40% will be people who want to be lied to.  Some slice of the population wants to be lied to.   Facing up to the difficult truths which confront our nation today requires a bit of wisdom, but really much more courage and integrity.   It's hard to face how deep the rot runs.  It's easier to buy into the blue team - red team mentality and hope that all will be better if your team wins.  Some cling to this fantasy despite the historical fact that for most of us things have gotten worse, and policies have in principle been the same, regardless of which team is running things.   

For those who wish to retreat into this sort of delusion, the media is happy to form a pro-blue team and pro-red team subsidiary.  After all, the global corporations and banks which own big media also largely fund the red team and the blue team.   So this slice of the population will simply tune in only the media color of their choice, and persuade themselves that they get "the truth" from this preferred media.

Then there is another segment of the population which thinks the media is doing a good job.  It is the ruling class and their wanna-bes.   For them, they will be satisfied with the job the media is doing, so they will say its "fair", but what they mean is, that it is serving their interests.       The ruling class does not see the rest of the world the same way that the country sees it, so why should this issue be any different?

Add to the mix a few people who are very trusting and gullible, and there you have it.

Of the four groups who still trust the media, I see all but the third continuing to lose faith in them.    Eventually, even the slowest members of the population will come to understand what the sharpest in the population have already discerned.    People who want to be lied to often have a wake up moment when they realize their desire to be lied to has resulting in their lives becoming filled with liars and their lies.   Those often flip and become the most voracious opponents of the ones they come to realize were playing them.  Gullible and trusting people will, like the slow-witted, continue to catch on in increasing numbers.   The only group I see that continues to "believe" the media is the ruling class and their wanna-bes.   And of course, on some level even they may not "believe it" in the sense that the trust that the media is telling people the full story, they only trust that the spin the media is giving serves their interests.

So the day may soon come when literally almost nobody trusts big media anymore.  Nor should they.   It's the very fact that big media are so powerful which impedes them from deviating from the establishment line.    Because they are so powerful, they have been an attractive target to moneyed influence peddlers.  They have all kinds of special interests who have sought, and gotten, influence with them.   Once they get that influence, truth becomes supplanted by spin on all things political.  That happened a long time ago. 

You've heard of "too big to fail."   Unfortunately in our current culture media can become "too big to tell the truth."   At least the whole truth.  What the average person sees as the stamp of media legitimacy, size and closeness to the establishment, is in fact a sign that the information it feeds you is less credible.

This leads to Moore's Media Maxim: In a political culture so corrupt that connected business are "too big to fail", you will also find connected media that is "too big to tell you the truth."

That's where us little guys and gals in the blogosphere have the edge.  No special interests have levered me.   I have no ad dollars at risk.    I don't have to pump up the establishment's chosen face man of the hour.  I can just write the truth.  I may not write as well as the pros write.   I might not have the resources to make it look splashy.   I might not be able to match the volume because this is a hobby not a paid job.   But the one edge we bloggers have is that when the Emperor has no clothes we can sit down and write that the Emperor has no clothes.   The court jesters don't dare say that.

The only way this erosion of trust is going to stop, is if the agents of the big media start reporting the truth.   I hope it happens, because I love truth and I hate misinformation.   I hope they realize the error of their ways and repent.   I am pulling for them, but not counting on them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Legislative Oversight

There is something very strange going on in the Arkansas State Treasurer's Office.     The Treasurer handles the state's bonds, or I should say, handles the process of contracting bond dealing business out to a list of bond dealers in the state.   From here, it sure looks like there was some "churning" going on- financially unnecessary transactions designed to generate profits for the financial advisers instead of earnings for the client.  

Westerman calls for more over sight

The selection of one tiny firm for an immense share of the business (resulting in two million dollars in commissions being paid to what appears to be a one-man operation working out of a house) has also raised eyebrows.    In addition, although this part gets complicated and there are many possible explanations, the interest rates the state gets on these instruments appears to have been manipulated so that the taxpayers wind up with a less favorable outcome than one might expect.   This comes on the heels of widespread price-fixing in the use of pools of taxpayer money in locales across the nation.

In that environment were were pleased to hear new State House Minority Leader Bruce Westerman (who was rated one of the Ten Best Legislators by our panel) has told the media that he expects there will be more "legislative oversight" of the Treasurer's Office.

Legislative Oversight.   That's a term I'd like to see come back in vogue.   Our system of government was originally designed for the Legislative Branch to be the first among equals.  This is both because power is more dispersed in this branch and also because the legislature is closer to and most accountable to, the people.     They are the ones who are supposed to write the law.  The executive is merely in place to execute the laws they write, and the judicial exists (in theory) only to interpret that law.

Of course, we have drifted far from our foundings.   These days, the legislature is largely irrelevant at both state and national levels.  Presidents decide to get involved in wars without permission from Congress, and even decide which laws they will enforce and which they will not.   Judges issue dictatorial bench-legislation, even ordering legislatures to spend more money despite the fact that the power of the purse strings is the most fundamental legislative power.  Why, the legislature even goes along with whole areas of state government being carved up into fiefdoms where the People's Branch is shut out!

The two party system is ultimately to blame for our dysfunction government with "representatives" that don't represent anyone back home anymore.  If the head of the executive is of their party, they defer to him and vote how he (or she) wants rather than how the folks back home want.   If they are of the opposite party, the same practices that were acceptable before become unacceptable now.

I am glad Rep. Westerman wants the legislature to take their responsibilities seriously.  We need more of it.  I can tell you right now that I have been up there, and even the bureaucrats don't hesitate to mislead the legislators.   The ledge needs to stand up, not for itself, but for the people it is supposed to represent.     I expect that the Republicans will take the majority of the legislature this cycle.   The tendency toward "oversight" will intensify.   Should a Republican win the Governor's office, my concern is that the tendency toward "legislative oversight" will vanish- just as it did when the Democrats controlled both branches.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

QE to Infinity is Open Lawlessness

Printing To Infinity and Beyond! Bernake announces QE3.

By now the news is out that the Federal Reserve has committed to creating 40 billion new dollars per month (almost half a trillion dollars a year) to buy toxic "assets" from the big banks.  Fed Chairman Ben Bernake has said he will do this indefinitely!   So Bernake will print to infinity and beyond to save the global banks from their reckless gambling and over leveraging. 

The money he is printing to save them is backed by the future earnings of you and your children.  Every dollar he creates to overpay his banker friends for their failed securities also creates a debt instrument which we citizens are expected to make good.   The bankers get the money, and we get the debt used to create the money (along with a bunch of failed "security" instruments).   In a debt-based fiat currency system, the citizens are the collateral.

By degrees the citizens have been conditioned to accept this legalized looting as something acceptable, or in some misguided minds even desirable.    But stripped to its essence its pure fraud.   They have found a way to write checks that wind up being paid from our accounts in the form of higher prices for food, fuel, medical care, and foreign goods.     

The banks who run the fed are colluding with them to trade what is (for now) good money in exchange for failed securities for which there is no market.   If they were not colluding to get an artificially high price for the "securities" then there would be no need for the fed to buy them- the banks could sell them for the same amount on the open market.    The only reason the fed is buying these things is that the banks can't sell them in the free market for anything like what the fed is going to pay for them.   This shows that what we have now is not capitalism.  It's cronyism misrepresenting itself as capitalism.

The big banks have found a no-lose way to gamble all day long.   The winning  bets, they keep.   The losing bets are taken to the fed window where Bernake will now buy them as if they could still be winning  bets.  This activity is called a "moral hazard."  That is, something which actually rewards and encourages more bad behavior by protecting bad actors from the consequences of their mistakes.    The reason credit on main street is drying up, that banks have little to no interest in loaning money, is that the big ones can now make  more money trading little pieces of paper around.     

For those of us who understand what is happening, this is clearly open fraud on an epic scale.    It's a government aided and abetted unjust wealth transfer from the American middle class to the global financial elites.     And we seem to have no choice because both parties appeared to be captured by the people who have control of this "magic money machine."   The political parties see who has control of this machine and that's who they serve- not us.

Bernake is doing this under Obama's watch, but Romney's biggest backers are the same banks who will benefit from this program of selling us their trash for inflated prices (such inflation to come back in inflated prices for just about everything).      Our choices are bleak as both candidates appear to be locked into this policy, which amounts to a sort of Social Darwinism since it justifies government acting with the most powerful in plundering the earnings and wealth of the middle class.    

Our only current choice is how much Socialism (which plunders the middle class ostensibly in behalf of the poor) we want with our Social Darwinism.  Of course, we could still wake up and put an end to the fraud by taking back our government, outside the two-party system.   But of course that would be a lot of work.   It would require facing up to how deep the rot runs.   Perhaps many would prefer to believe that all they have to do is vote for one letter or another and all will be well.   That's a more comforting thought, but it does have one slight drawback- it's no longer true.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Tale of Two Tea Parties

As you may know, I am a non-party captured candidate (independent) to serve in a seat in the state legislature.    Tonight the "Tea Party" in my county is having a forum.   I will not be attending.  I'd like to take a bit here to explain why, and in so doing contrast two local tea party groups as an example of the way all such groups are breaking.

The two groups are "Conservative Arkansas" and "The Benton County Tea Party".   I might add the "Washington County Tea Party" in with Conservative Arkansas because both groups have many members in both counties and often operate as partners in their endeavors.  The reason some of the most active members of the WCTP are from Benton county will become clear as you read on.

Let's begin with the Benton County Tea Party.  It started well enough.   I should say that because I helped start it.  In fact, the predecessor of the current chairman once told a room of 400 people "if it were not for Mark Moore there would be no Benton County Tea Party."   He's right.   But while I organized that first convention (with the help of a few others such as Dorothy Hesse and Jack and Jan Lea) and wrote the constitution which the 150 people in that room adopted, I made no effort to try and control the group or insert my own friends in the leadership.

Tea Parties have gone one of two ways since they were formed a few short years ago.  Some have become watch dogs and others have become lap dogs.    The lap dogs may yap noisily at the Democrat party, but are not taken seriously by most folks because they are perched in the lap of the Republican party.  People see them as an extension of the Republican party rather than a true independent citizens group.    The watch dogs are the ones that not only stand up against the Democrat party when they want to grow and centralize government, take away freedom, and raise debt and/or taxes, but also have the gumption to stand up against Republicans who do the exact same thing.

The lap dogs are welcome in Republican committees and a fuss is made over them.  GOP politicians rub shoulders with them because they know they will not be asked too many hard questions.   This seems to be what the lap dogs want out of their participation in the political process.  They had lunch with so-and-so.  

The watch dogs are loathed within the party.  There is usually a deliberate effort to marginalize those who attempt to participate in the Republican party- usually behind their back but if the reform forces make too much progress the opposition becomes open.   The party takes a dim view of those who don't stick with the party's politicians, be they right or wrong, whether they kept their promises or broke them.  Watch dogs don't play that.

The attitude that the Republican party holds to each group is completely reversed amongst the general population.   When they can distinguish the difference, the mass of the citizenry have more respect for the independent grassroots groups who really are grassroots groups rather than groups who claim to be but in fact have been captured by a particular political party.

The watch dogs are more than willing to take sides in GOP primaries.  Conservative Arkansas and the Washington County Tea Party were instrumental in helping guys like Jon Woods, Bart Hester, and Jim Dotson defeat more liberal or party-oriented opponents in their state legislative primary races.  Conservative Arkansas was willing to endorse, even in party primaries.    The lap dogs have forums, but they don't take sides in primaries, or if they do its for the establishment candidates.   This makes them useless as a force to change the party while at the same time destroying their credibility outside of it.

The point at which I knew the rest of the "leadership" of BCTP was more interested in protecting GOP politicians than holding them accountable to their claims is a long story, but much of it is described in the comment section of this article.   I resigned in disgust and moved on.

At any rate, Conservative Arkansas endorsed me in a fair process.  I had to put my views on record in writing.  Apparently that endorsement raised some eyebrows, because you had a conservative grassroots group which endorsed an Independent over a Republican.   Suddenly, the BCTP is going to hold a "forum" at which "the membership" (I believe it is down to about 15 in the room rather than the 150 we had in the room when I left) would endorse.    Each candidate was to be given three minutes to make their case, and three minutes to answer questions (which basically means one question if the candidate chooses to because they can always filibuster).      Why so little time?  Well they had to give the other candidates time too didn't they?   Not really.   Other than my race, they only invited candidates from two other races, neither of which are in Benton County!

I would be happy to participate in a fair and open debate with my opponent.  The people deserve to know where we stand.  Of course, I am the one who has written thousands of articles describing my views on various issues over the years and left them in public view here on this blog.    I doubt there is any non-incumbent in the state who has given the public a better idea of where they stand than I have.   That three minutes is not for the purpose of finding out anything new about me.    I believe that format is a farce to provide cover to a pre-determined decision that they need to get the Republican in this race a "grassroots" endorsement of their own.

This was confirmed when I went to an event in Bella Vista Tuesday.    My opponent was there with two very nice people who announced themselves as members of the "Benton County Tea Party."    Well, if they are going around with her at events and announcing themselves as BCTP even before the meeting where they are supposed to "decide" what to do then that's a pretty good sign isn't it?    There was also an officer of the BCTP there.  He is a nice guy, but I happen to know he has been around to some of these other groups trying to drum up support for my opponent.  

He said to me flat out "the Benton County Republican Committee has embraced the Tea Party and we are working together."  Well, there you go.  Why pretend that its an independent grassroots group then?   Would I go before a Benton County Republican Committee forum hoping to get their endorsement over a Republican?      The problem here is truth in labeling.    I am not good at pretending.   I am not going to lend a degree of legitimacy to this "forum" that it does not deserve by pretending this is an independent grassroots group when it has by design become a party auxiliary group.

Look, I am not hating, I am just telling it like it is.   If people think the answer to our nation's problems is the GOP as it is then becoming their lap dog is a perfectly legitimate thing to do, even the honorable thing.   I just don't happen to agree with that assessment.   The question here then becomes whether such groups should hold themselves out people able to give a fair assessment of non-gop candidates.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Reality Collides with The Left via Mark Martin

The lefty blogosphere (as well as the establishment news organ Demozette) has been all over Secretary of State Mark Martin since before he was sworn in.  They have come after him in a way that they have not come after Lt. Gov. Mark Darr or Land Commissioner John Thurston.   Their accusations have bordered on the ridiculous, and at times have forged far beyond that border.

Recently the topic has been fierce resistance to any possible action by Martin's office that might somehow lead to the removal of non-voters from voter rolls!   One wonders why they left so strongly resists the urge to do anything that might facilitate removing non-voters from voter rolls.    They say its about hating brown people of course, because that's what they always say.  It can't be about stopping voter fraud, because these folks will tell you things like, "  This isn’t about stopping voter fraud, which Republicans are yet to provide a single of example of. ".  

"Well, whoomp there it is.   State Rep. Hudson Hallum (D) of Marion has resigned his seat, and confessed to participating in vote fraud.   394 of the 880 votes he got in a special election were absentee ballots!  He was buying them.   One day after the left puts up their oft-repeated claim about no vote fraud, a legislator and a city councilman confess to committing same.

Of course, they could and probably will nit-pick and say that so far as we know none of the vote fraud in this instance involved aliens registered as voters.    That does not mean that it hasn't happened or won't happen.  Vote fraud is a fact of life because government is so big and so much money and power passes through government hands.   The stakes are high.  If there is an inexpensive way to insure that elections are clean we should use it.    Even if the steps Martin is taking won't impact this particular instance of vote fraud, solving problems before they happen used to be a sign of good management.  Let's clean up those rolls.   People need to trust the results of our elections or the government loses credibility.