Friday, August 09, 2013

Davy Carter's Twitter Tantrum

Nicholas Horton has the full details here, so I don't feel the need to say much about it.  But it looks from here like what this uncouth young man is throwing a tantrum about is that the rest of us are not willing to indulge in his delusion about what he and his colleagues did.    "Passing Obamacare in Arkansas" is a decent shorthand description of what they did, but read Horton for all the details on why that is so.   I am here to write the things about this story which have not been said.

I do not take that position as a matter of "D and R" party politics.   I say a pox on both their houses, as they are the two private political gangs which have taken turns destroying my country.    The one did so by most directly undermining the morality of the nation, and the other by taking the money and political energy of those of us who wanted to do something about it under false pretenses,  and then squandering the same to further enrich their friends.   Both, through the use of debt, bought support with my children's future earnings.  They would make them debt slaves later in order to buy themselves faux-love and power now.

This last con, where they were all elected promising to stop Obamacare and when they got in office instead implemented it, so long as some of their friends were cut in, is simply the latest manifestation of their Standard Operating Procedure.    Both parties as heart want more government, and more loot to hand out to their friends.   One of those parties must pretend to represent the people who want to stop the looting in order to prevent an alternative from arising which will truly stop it.   See the term "controlled opposition."

Oh, there are a few true believers who are trying to storm the barricades.   They might do some good before the party hierarchy weeds them out in favor of candidates with more "moral flexibility."    They will never be the party favorites, but I support them in every way I can without doing something dishonest, like giving my endorsement via membership to the political gang under whose banner they run.

These are the few who are attempting to do real state-craft, but they are nothing more than a nuisance to "The Big Show" where the real goal is not state-craft, but rather performance art.   See this link where Joe Biden tells Lindsay Graham that he will do anything he can to help him get re-elected, whether that is best done by praising him or attacking him.  And lest you think that such chum-ship is limited to federal politics, I remind you that the Republican State Senators co-hosted a re-election fundraiser for Democrat State Senator Larry Teague not long ago.

Some of you are angry at me for the truths I have written to you in these few paragraphs because they are hard truths and not pleasant truths.   I do not wish to anger you, but if you must be angry, direct it not towards me, but to those who have been misleading you.    Many will rush to share a pleasant truth, only a man very committed to telling you the truth will share an unpleasant one.   Take that into account when you judge me.

My take is that Representative Carter is upset because he and his friends tried to utilize the The Big Lie Theory, and it did not work.   I know that most people don't even have time to read the main article, much less the links from the article, but if you can only click on one link from this whole piece, I urge you to make it that one.    Once they committed to brazenly telling "The Big Lie" with an air of certainty, confidence and swagger, which is the way big lies are supposed to be told according to the theory, people were supposed to back down because authority figures like Carter just sounded so sure of themselves.    According to the theory, at that point we were going to believe them instead of our lying eyes.

But the world has changed a bit since the 1930s when Adolf Hitler and Joseph Gobbels first popularized the Big Lie Theory.  We hold authority figures in much less awe now, especially when they look like they are in their twenties as Carter and Burris do.   We also have access to a lot more information, so there is a bigger disconnect between what we know and what we are being told.  Thank God, the Big Lie Theory does not work as well these days, but once leaders get caught up in it, there is nothing they can do but keep doubling-down on their story.

This precipitates outbursts like the one Davy Carter engaged in, because there is nothing else he can do but tell the same lie with even more emphasis.    He can't offer evidence, and he can't cite facts- because the evidence and the facts don't support his claims.   Every time he tries to go the evidence and facts route, he gets quickly cornered by people who have all the information.   So all he can do is repeat the same false claims stronger, say it louder, and as in this case - use crude language for more emphasis.   Problem: Despite all of that, its still a lie, and if people know it, and are confident in what they know, the teller of the lie is done.    The Big Lie allows one to get away with a great deception when it works, but also subjects one to great risks should the bluff and bravado fail to work.


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