Saturday, September 20, 2014

Resolving Carter Paradox Requires Courage and Honesty, Not Intelligence

Former "The Arkansas Project" blogger extraordinaire Nick Horton marvelled at the lack of Republican Party reaction when State Representative Davy Carter, also the Speaker of the State House by the way, endorsed a Democrat over members of what is supposed to be his own party in the November elections.   He wrote:
Simply amazing. If you criticize Republicans for betraying GOP principles, you're "helping Democrats." But if the "GOP" Speaker endorses a Democrat, those same people are absolutely silent.
Since then Carter has endorsed another Democrat, again without comment or objection by all of those Republican Party insiders who fuss at Nick Horton for telling people the truth about what Republican office holders have done.    How do we make sense of this apparent contradiction?

The paradox is easily resolved if one has the courage and honesty to accept the overwhelming evidence that America is controlled by one party with two faces.   The One Party's interest is described by the following three goals:

1) Keep the looting machine for the interests which fund it going.  This explains why there is one party which says it wants to grow government and does it and another which sometimes says it doesn't but does anyway.

2) Centralize power in Washington.  This greases the skids so that the looting machine referenced in number one can operate with less friction, and also takes more decision making power from those pesky local officials who have not caught on to the realpolitik of the situation- that the two-party thing is an elaborate fraud to prevent people from taking their country back.

3) Pursue global answers to all issues, be it monetary policy that bails out even foreign banks, open borders that globalizes the labor pool, interventionist foreign policies that have us sending our troops to every mud hole on earth instead of protecting our own borders, trade and tax polices which outsource our manufacturing base, and education polices which internationalize local school curriculums.  It makes sense that the One Party with Two Faces is a global party, offering voters no meaningful choice on any issue related to global vs. national sovereignty issues, because this monstrosity is largely funded at the highest levels by global, rather than national, interests.

Once you have the courage and the honesty (again, it does not take much intelligence because the strength of the evidence is so overwhelming that one has to fight harder to not see it than to see it) to accept that America is run by One Party with Two Faces then what was before inexplicable makes perfect sense.   Those who hold to principles of limited government and honoring the limits of the Constitution may in some technical sense be in one-half of the One Party with Two Faces, but the realpolitik of the thing is that they are not in the club.  The real party apparatus knows that these people are not of them, and they will marginalize and weed them out every chance they get.  It is the grassroots and some sincere elected officials who are not in the party.  They may be in some technical sense members, but when the chips are down the insiders of both parties get along with each other much better than they do with the outsiders of their own party.  Consider these facts:

Vice President Joe Biden told Senator Lindsey Graham that he would do anything he could to make sure that Graham was re-elected, whether that meant coming to South Carolina to praise him or coming to attack him.

In Arkansas in 2011, every Republican state senator, with the exception of Jason Rappert, put their name on a fundraiser for Democrat State Senator Larry Teague.  Two of them were even listed as co-sponsors including former state chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas Gilbert Baker.

Karl Rove is now revealed as one of the main figures trying to destroy the Tea Party.   His people were among those running ads in Mississippi painting Senate Candidate McDaniel as a racist in order to prop up establishment incumbent Thad Cochran.  He has been doing similar stuff across the nation with his "American Crossroads" and deceptively named "Conservative Victory Project."

Rove did resign under a cloud, but he need not fear prosecution for his voter suppression schemes, because once you reach a certain level, the members of the One Party with Two Faces do not prosecute one another regardless of the severity of their crimes.  Attorney General Eric Holder for example, funneled guns to murderous Mexican drug cartels.  These guns were later used in hundreds of shootings, including the death of U.S. Border Patrol personnel.  I explained long ago that Holder would never be prosecuted for this crime because none of them at that level are ever prosecuted.  They are in the same party, even if they are wearing the other face of it.

State Senators have not reached the stage where they are above prosecution, so when Senator Paul Bookout of Jonesboro used $50,000 of campaign contributions for personal purchases he had to resign and face prosecution.  Still, Republican Senate Leader Michael Lamoureux took up for Bookout early on when it seemed the fallout could be contained.   Lamoureux did not bother to do the same when Gov. Mike Beebe slanderously accused Secretary of State Mark Martin of being like convicted felon former state Treasurer Martha Shoffner for doing something that was perfectly legal for him to do.  

The Governor piled on Martin, the Democrat Party piled on Martin. Lamoureux said nothing to support Martin, the state Republican party would not even put out a press release defending him even though it was obvious he was acting within the law.   A felonious Democrat Senator got more support from the Republican club than the highest elected Republican state official.  Martin you see, is not really in the party.  He only thinks he is because he has a piece of paper somewhere that says he is a Republican.  But to be in the party, the insiders have to know that when the chips are down you will do the wrong thing for the right people.  They are not sure about that in Martin's case, so he gets no help from "his" party.  It won't matter how loyal he has been to them, how many of their operatives he hires, or what he does for them.   They don't trust him.  They don't trust him to be dishonest.

The insiders know there is really only one party.  They have known for a long time.  Back in the 1990s, I was a newly minted Vice Chairman of a Republican County Committee.   The chairman called and said he could not make an important meeting where candidate selection would be discussed and asked me to represent the committee for him.  

I was confused, because I thought that was what the committee was for, but I went.   Turns out the state Executive Director was there.   A big donor to the party was there.  Even the campaign manager for the current state representative for that city was there.  The thing was, that state representative was a Democrat.  Yet here was his campaign manager in a meeting where the state party Executive Director was there to select candidates.   I was in the meeting by accident, and I later figured out that I was the only pro-life person in that room.  By the way, the State Representative who succeeded that one was also a Democrat- but he was also a former chairman of the Republican County Committee.

It is a big club, and you and I are not in it.  Once one accepts this everything I have discussed above and a thousand other apparent contradictions becomes at once clear.  Each person can either choose to face the facts, painful though it might be at first, or go on pretending.  Which do you choose?


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