Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blue Cross Product Outside of Obamacare Sees Rate Drop

I shared some time ago that Arkansas Blue Cross offers a health insurance plan that is outside of Obamacare. It does not cover maternity, but covers the other things one might expect. We had some up charges, but my family of five pays about $700 a month for a plan with co-pays for doctor's visits, and a $5,000 deductible. We are satisfied with the coverage.

I mention it because January is the month that people typically re-up. If many members of your family are healthy, you might want to "split them off" from the Obamacare plan in favor of this plan.When I spoke to my agent when I re-upped, she said that the premiums on my plan were decreasing, while Obamacare plans had seen some heavy rate increases. The Obamacare plans cover gender-reassignment surgery and a lot of mental health stuff. Also, people can just wait until they get cancer and THEN sign up for Obamacare and its covered. So they see a lot of people pulling stuff like that.


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