Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Evidence Macro Evolution is Wrong Post #1842

OK, so I made up the number of posts, but scientists are making up stories about what the evidence suggests regarding macro evolution. The latest example involves the shockingly fast diversification of animal life in the seas after the great extinction at the Cambrian-Triassic boundary.

What happened was they found a fossil of an early Triassic creature called an Ichthyosaur. It had extremely derived features. What that means, in evolution-speak, is that a new sort of generalized type of creature comes along, and as it fills into niches it develops features more suited for that niche. Those are "derived" features. This one had such features, but it showed up too early in the fossil record. Within a million years of the explosion of the type. There is just no way such large complex animals are supposed to come on the scene and diversify that fast. OR as they put it..

Its discovery suggests that early ichthyosaurs evolved rapidly within the first million years of their evolution, during the early Triassic, the researchers wrote in the study. This is in contrast to the millions of years that researchers originally thought it took for these sea creatures to evolve

I think its another case of their finding the fingerprints of the Creator in action, but their naturalistic world view won't let them do science- they won't follow the evidence wherever it leads. They can only consider naturalistic evolution as an explanation no matter how poorly it fits the facts.


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