Sunday, September 25, 2016

FEDS Growing Back-Door Suspension of Gun Rights For Almost All Americans

Arkansas Armory in Sherwood Arkansas reported yesterday that the "national instant check system" was down without notice and without an ETA for repair. That meant that only Concealed Carry Permit holders were able to purchase a gun yesterday. I don't just mean at Arkansas Armory in Sherwood, I mean at every retail establishment in the United States: You couldn't purchase a gun until the system came back online, unless you already had a state CCW license.

It stayed offline all day Saturday until most gun stores were closed ( ten minutes till eight PM). Hopefully, nobody in Charlotte or elsewhere gets caught in a riot unprotected because the FEDs made it impossible for them to exercise their natural rights as recognized by the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution.

Americans are forbidden by federal "law" to purchase a firearm without a NICS check or a Concealed Carry Permit. When the system goes down, NICS checks can't be done. And according to the report from the Armory, NICS is going down a lot more often these days. So you either get a license from the state to carry a gun, or you don't get a gun during these outages. If ever there was a situation where the government wanted to suspend almost all American's ability to lawfully obtain firearms, they would not even have to pass another law, or executive order, or anything. They could simply switch off the NICS system for a few weeks until they were done rounding up "trouble makers".

Got guns? If not, maybe you should go buy one, if you can find a time when the Feds will let you.


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