Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Did Bush Family Plan a Sting Operation on the Trump Tape?

First of all, would you good folks out there just stop it? Stop looking at everything in terms of "if this helps my guy its good and if it hurts my guy its bad." For one thing, that is the very definition of persons over principle. But more immediately, people who have locked themselves into evaluating everything based on whether it hurts their champion or helps them will not be able to get what I am trying to say in this article, or a whole bunch of other stuff in this world that is going to be even more important to understand long after this election is in the books.

Everyone is talking about how disgusting that tape was, and it was disgusting. It described behavior that if actually carried out should put someone in prison, unless your name is Bill Clinton apparently, or possibly in the morgue if done to my wife or daughter no matter what your name is. But while we are all looking at the spectacle of the tape's content I don't hear much if any talk about the source of the tape. I guess we are to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

Somebody made a tape of Donald Trump, with encouragement from Billy Bush, talking like a pig. And they kept that tape for eleven years. They just kept it in their files waiting for the chance to use it. And they decided that the time to use it was now. Not in time to help Ted Cruz get the nomination, but in time to stop Donald Trump from taking over the Republican Party by winning the Presidency.

So there is some force out there that is malevolent enough and far-sighted enough to do that- get a tape like that and hold onto it (or conversely the knowledge that it was out there) for eleven years just in case this Trump guy ever decided to challenge the system. Now who could be behind the making and release of this tape?

One person who could have been the source for the tape is Billy Bush himself. Bush is a close relative of the two ex-President Bush's and Jeb Bush. He is part of the Bush Crime Family which has long had an alliance with, and is now supporting, the Clinton Crime Family. Remember that the elder Bush once ran the CIA. The Bush family knows how to do espionage and intrigue. Even though Billy Bush has done puff pieces for his whole media career, his college major was politics and government. The acorn does not fall far from the family tree.

Billy Bush made it a point to suck up to Donald Trump over a decade ago. See this You Tube video for examples. In one of the interviews on the tape, he asks Trump about running for President. They were worried about it even back then. An outsider coming in to mess up their club. And I believe that they took steps to deal with that potential threat. Billy Bush sucked up to Donald Trump, got to know him well enough to know his weaknesses, and then started a lewd conversation with him while a camera and microphone were secretly recording. How many other people even knew that convo was out there on tape?

Trump did not run in 04, but the tape waited in their files just in case. When Trump jumped in the race they did everything they could to get it down to Jeb and Trump, but America was so sick of the Bush's that Jeb could never get it down to him and Trump. And the Bush family was certainly not going to unleash the tape in order to help Ted Cruz secure the nomination. The insiders that run both parties like each other a lot better than they do the outsiders in their own parties.

You may think that Billy Bush had no motive to make this tape because it makes him look bad too. It cost him his job. Understand that people like Billy Bush get taken care of when they do what the system wants them to do. It is doubtful he would have even had that job if his name was not Bush. At any rate, the Bushes have an extensive PR machine which works to refurbish their image. Whether it is following G.W. around with a camera when he dances with the wounded warriors they use as props or putting up bill boards asking if people miss him yet. But bottom line: They sacrificed a public reputation pawn to capture the biggest threat on their board.

Even if Trump was set up, it does not excuse what he said. Even if it was entrapment by Billy Bush, Trump went along with it. I am not writing this to excuse Donald Trump. I am writing this to get you to understand the depth of the intrigue, duplicity, and corruption at the highest levels of this nation's political process.

That is why I am urging people to stop obsessing on the highest levels of the process, and start the long hard work of re-building an honest political system at the lowest levels of this nation's political process. Do it outside the two parties that have destroyed this nation's future with debt while taking care of their friends. Do it with us at Neighbors or start your own thing with your friends. I know that is more work than just cheering on the red-blue entertainment show that the ruling elites are telling you is you exercising your freedom. It will be work, but it will also be real self-government. Something that, if you are willing to face up to it, we do not currently enjoy


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