Monday, February 27, 2017

My musings on Fundamental Forces

I am putting this out here so that when someone who actually has the background to develop it finds it.......they can split the Noble Prize for Science money with me. Here are my musings about gravity, the force driving the expansion of the universe, and dark matter. These musings unify gravity and dark energy with electromagnetism. So here it is in the form of pithy sayings (like Newton's "Laws"). If you don't know much about physics, please disregard this post...

In a universe containing only two monopole particles of opposite charge, the force of gravity and the EM force are one and the same.

When an EM wave of high enough frequency to be resonant with the spin of a particle passes that particle, the particle’s motion is altered so as to maximize the EM force of attraction and minimize the EM force of repulsion during the interaction. I call this EM Wave-Particle Optimization.

During EM Wave-Particle Optimization the particle moves so that attractive forces increase while repulsive forces decrease. This results in a net attractive force for the event, which we call gravity.

Particles generate tiny EM waves as they spin, and the waves they generate are most ideal in form to maximize EM wave-particle optimization, unlike waves of longer wavelength, such as visible light.  Scientists should be looking at incredibly high frequencies for gravity waves, not just super low ones from black hole collisions. I am not convinced that the shock waves that they occasionally detect from colliding black holes is even a gravity wave.

In macro-scale objects, the gravity waves of their constituent atoms can resonate with one another to produce waves of increased (but still low) average amplitude (still at incredibly high frequency).

When a photon strikes a particle it produces a repulsive force. If the wavelength associated with  the photon is too large for EM wave-particle optimization to work efficiently then the repulsive force of light pressure is stronger than gravity within that EM-wave/photon system. This is known as radiation pressure.

Virtual matter pops in and out of existence, sometimes sending gravity waves out into the cosmos before they disappear. This helps makes some regions seem "heavier" than their regular matter can account for and makes up a component of "dark matter".

What force is driving the expansion of the universe, sometimes called "dark energy"?

Ironically, dark energy is light, and other forms of EM radiation. The universe is full of stars which convert matter (with gravity), into light (with radiation pressure). As the universe converts matter into em-radiation the universe has less gravity and more radiation pressure. This drives expansion. Black holes take gravity from the cosmos in another way. They don't let the gravity waves from the matter that they swallow up go back out of the hole in a form usable as gravity. Thus sources of gravity are constantly being subtracted from the universe, while pressure which expands it is constantly being added.

The density of both matter and radiation decrease per unit of space when the universe expands.The radiation is additionally weakened in density by its waves being stretched into a longer (thus weaker) wavelengths by the expansion of space. At first glance it might seem that this would balance out, ending the expansion. That effect is more than compensated for by the uneven effect such stretching has on gravity-scale em waves versus larger em-waves. Once gravity-scale waves are stretched the ceiling for EM-wave particle optimization is lower. Thus the force of gravity weakens over very great distances of expanding space at a greater rate than longer wave-length em waves lose radiation pressure.


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