Thursday, September 28, 2017

Arkansas to Give Missouri $35 Million to Build Highway in Missouri!

Unbelievable. I guess Wal-Mart does not run Missouri to the extent they run Arkansas government. Arkansas just spent a ton of money building the "Bella Vista Bypass" up to the state line in Benton County. Our "leadership" funded our part of the highway with a tax which went to pay a new bond issue, because by golly we had to have this money right now. Then we get the road built, pay interest and fees on the bonds, and it turns out they did not even get a commitment out of Missouri for them to build the part on their side of the line!

It is a true "highway to nowhere".  BTW I opposed the tax increase to fund this "road to nowhere" and not only have we had to pay for our half. ....see this news report where it say that now we are going to have to give our grant money to Missouri and pay for their half. And OK, it is $32.4 million we hope to give them, not $35 million. Still. If this was a Wall, we'd be Mexico!

The guys who run this state look great in suits and speak in confident, reassuring tones, but the things they do are stupid, stupid, stupid. That is when they are not downright criminal. I am tempted to add this to the list of "seeing things coming". That was a list I put together a few years ago when I kept making predictions that were the opposite of what the "leading minds" of the state were saying, and yet I kept being right and they were all wrong. Yet somehow, they still have "credibility".  I chalk that up to a complicit fake establishment media in this state and a regrettable almost child-like trust and gullibility too many of my fellow citizens have towards their political leaders.

If these guys were that together, they would not make blunders like this. If they were that together, a hobby blogger would not be able to keep being right on things when all of them in unison have been wrong. I guess I won't add it to the list because I did not predict in print that they would be so amazingly incompetent as to build the road to the state line without an agreement in place for Missouri to do the same and then be forced to give their grant money to Missouri...

I am a part of Arkansas Neighbors and we are trying to put better candidates on your ballot. But we can't do it without your help. I ask each of you to print off one petition, and gather a mere ten petition signatures to help get us ballot access.


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