Friday, February 18, 2022

Why Bother With Primaries? The Establishment Media has Already Picked Nominees

While it is nice KHTV 11 gave the Libertarian candidate fair coverage, it is pretty clear they did so in an effort which was grossly unfair to the non-establishment candidates in the two established parties. In the Republican primary they simply dismissed Doc Washburn on the grounds that Sarah Sanders had raised more money, and in the Democratic primary they dismissed all of the candidates except for Chris Jones on the same basis.
It makes one wonder how Dr. Gary Bland feels. When he tried to run for Secretary of State, the Democrats had him move "to the back of the bus" to make room for Susan Inman who ran a terrible campaign and lost big. He was a good soldier and instead of running for Secretary of State, ran for Lt. Governor, where of course he lost big to a well-known and well-funded incumbent who consistently gets fawning media coverage. Have the Democrats consistently disrespected him?

 I think so, but the media is disrespecting him and ALL of the candidates except for the big-money establishment leaders with reports like this one. How are people supposed to make a good choice in the primaries when the media ignores all but the establishment favorite candidates right out of the gate?