Friday, June 17, 2022

The NRA is Not Your Friend

 In Arkansas, we have an independent state-based gun rights group (Gunowners of Arkansas) that hasn't been captured by the establishement or become rife with corruption. But if you look at the history, if you look at the record listed at the bottom of this post, you will see that the NRA have been controlled opposition tasked with incrementally negotiting away our rights for some time. 

Further, there is an Arizona group trying to expose the corruption in the NRA. They mailed me a flyer that I found very interesting. Here is the front page. Click on image for a larger view. 

Here is an interview in which the #2 in Gun Owners of Arkanas talks about the real work of the NRA and shows why a legislator who is NRA endorsed (Bob Ballinger) actually writes terrible gun bills.....