Monday, August 30, 2010

Two From Tolbert

Blogger Jason Tolbert has a lot of good stuff on his site. I noticed from today on his site that Lincoln wants more debates, while Boozman wants to stick to the current three. Proof positive that Lincoln is in trouble. Still, we are ALL in trouble if we have to listen to more than three Boozman-Lincoln debates. It would be too painful listening to these two establishment players pretending that they had significant differences in the philosophy of government. There would be significant risk of mass fatalities due to over-exposure to boredom.

I am all aboard, and over a decade ahead of him, on his growing disenchantment with Florida resident Mike Huckabee.

I can't go along with his piece critical of the legislators for holding committee meetings in Fayetteville on the eve of Razorback games. That is happening this weekend.

So far I am in favor of scheduling meetings up here. There is a lot more to this state than Little Rock, and this practice makes it a lot easier for those of us from NWA to get in front of legislators. I plan to attend one of these meetings. If they are just going through the motions to get to a hog game, I'll let you know. If they are serious about getting information from citizens from other parts of the state, I'll let you know that too.

ABC News Staffer Caught: Attempts to Provoke Mosque Demonstrators

Combine this with my previous article. Is big media trying to stir up even more bad blood between Muslims and the rest of us?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biggest Threat, Islam or Federal Reserve?

One of the Rothschild Barons.

"Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”
Baron M.A. Rothschild

I had a discussion with a friend over what the biggest threat to the well-being of our nation is, besides the loss of virtue in the population. She is a long time political activist, especially as regards to education issues. Like many Americans, she is currently quite concerned about the threat that Radical Islam poses to the nation. I took the position that the greater threat to our freedoms comes from the so-called Federal Reserve. This entity is run by big banks that are global businesses owned mostly by people with a globalist outlook. That’s why when the bailout money was traced, foreign banks were found to have gotten a significant share of the loot.

I asked her to consider all of the crazy legislation she has seen passed over the years, especially in education. Things that the common person did not want, but that the big money always seemed to be backing. Then I asked her to tell me how many of those things were done because Muslim extremists were prompting the politicians to pass them. The answer is none. Then I asked her to compare that to the times such measures went through because it centralized power and helped the big money. Truth is, the Muslim lobby isn’t very strong down in Little Rock, but the central planners are stronger than the We the People. Central control in education moves ultimately toward international standards. Power that was once divided among many hands increasingly is held in only a few.

The reason such measures get passed is that the money and the media are all behind it. The reason the guys who want to grow government have all that money and media behind them is ultimately the Federal Reserve. They can create money out of thin air to buy off states or politicians who want to buck their will. They can, and have, bought media outlets too, so those politicians unwise enough to cross them can wind up being lambasted by the media as “kooks” for believing the exact same things that the Founding Fathers believed.

The power to issue the public currency is just like giving someone a magic money machine that can transfer wealth from other people’s pockets into yours. Were you or I to gain control of such a machine, we would in time become all-powerful politically. The international banksters now have control of such a machine, and over time they are becoming all-powerful.

Much of the history of the United States is a struggle against central banking. Thomas Jefferson ended the first attempt at a Federal Reserve-like entity when he sunk the 1st Bank of the United States. They tried again a generation later. President Andrew Jackson annulled their charter, but they almost wrecked the economy in a bid to control the country before he did. That is why he said, “The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it."

But the people forgot Jackson’s warning. Big bankers got the Federal Reserve Act passed on Christmas Eve of 1913. Since that time, the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power, and we have gone through one great Depression and are heading into another. More and more wealth, and political power, is being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. The Muslims did not do any of that to us. They just make a convenient distraction for the real looters.

Governor's Race, No One to Vote For

Sigh. I may still vote against somebody in the governor's race, but there is no one for a constitutional conservative to vote for. Jim Keet at his best is simply mirroring Secure Arkansas on illegal immigration. What is discouraging is when he is at his worst: when it comes from his own campaign.

In his recent criticism of Gov. Mike Beebe Keet complains that Beebe made a near billion-dollar surplus go away. So far so good, but Keet goes on to say that he agreed with much of that spending. One of those areas of agreement was the part used to placate the judges in the Lakeview case. How can the man who would pose as the champion of Wiener (a small school closing down because of some of the more ridiculous legislation put through as a result of Lakeview) make such a claim?

The proper response to Lakeview was for the legislature to forward a Constitutional Amendment to the voters authorizing the Legislature to impeach judges who violate separation of powers and attempt to dictate to the Legislature (who is supposed to have the 'power of the purse strings') what an "adequate" amount of funding for education is. If the voters fail to approve the amendment, then maybe its time to cravenly buckle. At least in that case the people would have chosen to live in a judgeocracy rather than a Constitutional Republic.

The proper response of a Governor would be to encourage the passage of such an amendment. Of course the Huckster didn't do that either, because Lakeview was really about increasing central control of all schools (even yours), and Huckabee was always in favor of more control, statements from his mouth notwithstanding. That's one reason I did not vote in the Governor's race his last run either. I figure we might get betrayed, but we should at least have the personal dignity to refuse to vote for those who betray us, whatever scare tactics they use to get us to push the button for our betrayers. If there is no one to vote for, then don't vote in that race. Pretty simple really.

Keet also thinks the Governor's "quick action closing fund" was surplus well spent. Again, I disagree. What we need is a generally favorable business climate that helps the businesses we already have get better. The fund represents an effort for government to pick winners and losers. It also represents getting took. Anytime you see a politician posing in the paper with a new plant from a global corporation coming to the area, be aware of the likely reason: He bid more of your money than the other 49 states to get it. The politician who "wins the bid" for some of those companies is one who overpaid for it the most. As with central control of schools, the egos of Governor's might like having that power and control, but its not good policy.

I am not sure I even agree with Keet's statement that the surplus spent on the Cancer center was worth it. I would have to see what strings were attached to the money. Cancer research should have no problem attracting private funds if it is promising research. If its not, then it's just a government boondogle no matter how worthy the stated cause.

Friday, August 27, 2010

POW Net Radio; Connecting the Dots

31 minute audio here.

Connecting the dots behind the Ground Zero Mosque, Corporate Christianity, illegal immigration, and the planned destruction of America's middle class.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patriots on Watch Radio- Government Legitimacy

Listen here.

Legitimacy. Every government needs it, and the less of it they have, the more tyrannical they must behave in order to retain control of the population. Mark explores the topic of loss of legitimacy by government at all levels, and carries this over to the "generation gap" of how young people see the country verses how elderly people see it. Why is that? Mark explains. A part of the loss of legitimacy of government is a two face-one party system which has lost legitimacy. The irrationality of sticking with a two-face one party system which has lost legitimacy. The irrationality of sticking with the mad-at-bush-vote-obama-mad-at-obama-vote-bush false choice that our ruling class has set before us.

Patriots on Watch Net Radio

Catch the 31 minute audio here.

Corporate Prophets- Soros donates to Jim Wallis. Also, my take on the Ground Zero Mosque. Plus, the troubles of Arkansas Republican candidate for Governor Jim Keet have nation-wide application

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Corporate Imans

Here is a list of the foundations that are supporting Iman Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque guy. Rockefeller foundations are among his most prominent supporters. What a great bit of distraction the Ground Zero Mosque is. Now that we are stirred up into a frenzy against those danged Muslims we are liable to forget about what the Banksters and the globalists are doing to us right here at home. What a coincidence that some of those very banksters and globalists are funding Rauf as he helps direct anger away from them and toward is co-religionists.

Monday, August 23, 2010

FOX News Owner Funds Ground Zero Mosque

The largest single owner of FOX News besides Ruppert Murdoch is Saudi Prince Talal. He is also a generous contributor to the tackiest and most classless religious facility ever proposed in the history of mankind- the Ground Zero Mosque.

So those of you who still think that FOX News is "looking out for you", how is the coverage of the mosque on FOX (I don't watch it anymore myself).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Corporate Prophets

Would you buy a used heresy from this man? "Emergent Church" Leader Jim Wallis

Often, people of mediocre minds attempt to avoid uncomfortable thoughts (which might obligate them to action) by writing off evidence of vast and malevolent plans as "conspiracy theories." This is foolish. Humans, by their very nature, are conspiratorial. The reason that there are laws against "conspiracy to commit" crimes is that there is a certain percentage of the population which will perpetrate those crimes. So let’s have no more of this nonsense that something cannot possibly be true once some ignorant person slaps the label "conspiracy theory" on it. The times we live in are too desperate for the luxury of such shallow thoughtlessness.

The great writer G.K. Chesterton once observed, "The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists. It is no answer to say, with a distant optimism, that the scheme is only in the air. A blow from a hatchet can only be parried while it is in the air."

Those of us who spend time connecting dots have seen evidence that big business (including big media), big government, and big religion are all attempting to push mankind into the same direction: open-borders globalism void of transcendent moral absolutes. The American middle class, with their independent wealth, independent thinking, and moral code grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition, are an obstacle to a world run without restraint by a handful of super-rich, super powerful elites. Because of that, Main Street America's middle class are mocked and vilified by big media. Governments arrange economic policy so that the big companies get rich servicing government contracts, the poor get by from receiving government programs, and the middle class are slowly destroyed paying for it all. We aren’t deemed “too big to fail.”

That leaves "big religion." The same people that are co-joining business and government are behind some of the recent push for churches to run their ministries "more like a business" and for churches to forsake traditional morality in favor of "social justice." The "Emergent Church" is a term coined for one strain of this corpro-religio-governmental theology. Jim Wallis, through his Sojourners organization and elsewhere, is one of the most well-known proponents of this "new Christianity." Because of the big money behind it, ideas from Wallis, Sojourners, and other “corporate prophets” have found their way even into mainstream bible-believing churches. Perhaps even yours!

The magnificent Marvin Olasky of World Magazine recently broke a story that said Wallis' Sojourners group received significant early-on money from George Soros through his Open Society Institute. Soros, an atheist, is one of the very elites to which I refer. Wallis' reaction was to flatly accuse Olasky of lying!

Olasky was telling the truth, but instead of Wallis apologizing for his slander, his organization attempted to cover up the evidence. Documenting web pages started vanishing from the internet. Sojourners' records were scrubbed, but OSI's tax filings were not. Olasky finally had undeniable evidence that not only did Soros dump piles of money on Sojourners, but at the time of the first grant of $200,000 Sojourners had a negative net worth of $57,000!

Even after the failure of the cover-up, Wallis shamelessly refused to apologize. Instead he had a spokesman claim he simply did not remember getting the $200,000 at a time when his organization was going broke! Do you believe him? I don’t either. Beware of corporate prophets!

Ouch! Keet Mailer Goes Out With Education Error

This is a scan of a part of the card that Republican candidate for Governor Jim Keet sent out all over the state. Notice under the education section it says he wants to "inpower" parents rather than "empower" them.

In what is bound to be a Republican year, Keet has not been able to get any traction. Bebee has high approval ratings which he has earned as a politician, but not (IMHO) as an actual policy maker. I find the dynamics of the race interesting, if not the race itself.

The mantra I heard among the Republican decision makers was that they needed to get the business community back on their side, and to do that they needed to find candidates who were not motivated by religious convictions to a true-believer conservative world-view on social issues. The trouble was, many of their current and prominent former office holders did not fit their desired template. They were looking for secular business types for candidates, and none were stepping forward for the suicide run against Beebe.

Later on, as the situation got desperate, I understand they did appeal to at least one Christian Conservative candidate to make the run, but were turned down. I can't say as I blame those potential candidates. A trust issue was probably involved. To whit, no likely candidate in the CC camp was going to believe there was even the remotest chance that the state GOP would get behind them with the energy and resources necessary for a serious challenge to Beebe. Instead, the fear would be that the GOP would leave them twisting in the wind to take an embarrassing beating just so long as the GOP got the 3% of the vote needed to maintain ballot access. Then after the loss the party hacks would once again blame the Christian candidate as "too extreme" for holding positions that 70% of the voters, but few in the ruling class, share.

Well, Keet did step forward in the end. He is definitely more from the business "country club" side of the Republican party, but he was out of the state for a long time and his roots were not deep. Consequently, he is not getting a strong base of support from what should be his base in the GOP. The boys from the country club don't seem anxious to knock on doors or distribute yard signs for Jim Keet. In fact, they are not even writing checks to pay for the yard signs. He is being left to twist by the establishment side of the party almost as badly as the CC candidates have been in the past (even when they could win). It turns out only true-believers write checks when the odds are against you. To the calculating, long shot campaigns are not a good investment, even if the candidate sees the world like you do.

In order to have an actual state wide campaign, it seems that Keet has had to turn to populist conservative groups like Secure Arkansas. He is singing their tune on illegal aliens, and in return they seem to be getting behind his campaign with enthusiasm. He has had to go outside the GOP to get himself a campaign apparatus. There is probably a lesson in there somewhere for ambitious would-be politicians, but I'll let them figure those lessons out for themselves.

Back in the Saddle Again

Some of you who check back here may have noticed that I have not posted anything for a while. I am afraid that life got in the way of living for the past couple of weeks. I am grateful to my tag-team partner on this blog, the one and only Debbie Pelley, who did step up and add some content during my unscheduled leave. My schedule is still quite tight for the next few weeks, but I sense I have turned a corner, and my brain can afford to spare a few precious neurons for writing again.

For those upset with my lack of recent production, I apologize profusely and will gladly return your subscription fee!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Study this picture carefuly. It relates to the last three articles posted on this blog. Note the word ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Few people in Arkansas realize that Beebe and Broadway surround themselves with radical environmentalists. Kathy Webb is the first openly homosexual in the Arkansas legislature. Beebe named her as the Co-Chair of the Global Warming Comission. Broadway and Webb sponsored the major environmentalists bills in 2009. Broadway is running for Lt. Governor.

Here are five of the top ten priorities as listed by this liberal organization on whose website this picture is found.

Enact the recommendations of the Global Warming Commission.

Enact the recommendations of the HIV/AIDS Task Force.

Progressive tax reform

Create an Arkansas Civil Rights Commission.

Enact the Dream Act to make sure every student graduating from an
Arkansas school has the opportunity to pay in-state college tuition.
[Note how they sanitize their goals. Every student means illegal aliens. Citizens of Arkansas do not have to pay in-state college tuition.]

See this link for above picture and top ten priorities.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture of Senator Broadway and Obama's Net Zero Energy Dream Home

(Broadway Is Running for Arkansas Lt. Governor on Democratic Ticket)

Imagine a time during a summer like this one, the government can control your thermostat and set it at 85 degrees. Or even worse, imagine the time when the government decides air conditioning is overrated as a Washington Post writer did this week, saying, "A.C.'s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end. Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of air conditioning."

Imagine the time when the government mandates that you spend $20,000 to retrofit your house for "environmental improvements" before you will be "allowed" to sell it or rent it. And imagine adding $20,000 for recycled building supplies for your new house and for insulation to seal it up so tight in order to protect the environment and our Earth that it will be unhealthy for people to live in. (Google "sick house syndrome" to learn more about this.) Environmentalists in the US and around the world are discussing and pushing for all these things.

There is a word the true liberals use to incorporate all of the above environmental issues and more, and Senator Shane Broadway (the Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor in Arkansas) is well aware of it. It is called sustainable development which includes sustainable building design. This word is like a code word. Liberals can use it and know exactly what they are talking about while the ordinary person still understands sustainable in it traditional meaning. Arkansas is well ahead of most of the states in this movement.

Senator Shane Broadway has teamed up with the most liberal legislator in Arkansas, and the first-ever openly gay Arkansas legislator, Kathy Webb, and sponsored several global warming (or climate change) bills in 2009 that kick the can along toward these wacky environmentalists' goals. Back in 2005 Broadway sponsored a bill that set up the Legislative Task Force on Sustainable Building Design. The committee has about three legislators on it, and about ten people who are non- legislator members, probably pros in the environmentalist movement that point them in the direction of the national leftist environmentalists.

In 2009 Broadway sponsored SB 921 (Act 1372) "To Create The Sustainable Building Design Program for State Agencies." It is only two pages long and looks almost like a shell bill to be filled in later without whatever the administration desires. If one did not know what sustainable meant, the bill would appear innocent enough. Another word for sustainable building design is "green building design." But if Broadway had used green building in his bill, someone might catch on to the real meaning of the bill.

In 2009 Broadway also sponsored two appropriation bills, one in the amount of $20 million and the other for $15 million for the Sustainable Building Design. One has to know this is only the beginning for this new sustainable building program bureaucracy. Every state building in the state, including colleges, now has to have an energy audit within the next five years. When Broadway sponsored the first bill for an adequacy study of all the school buildings in the state in 2004 , the study alone costs only $10 million. Later the study came back recommending $2.5 to 4.5 billion for school improvement changes.

One has to read the minutes of the Task Force that Broadway's bill set up in 2005 to learn what Senator Broadway is really up to. The vocabulary is not totally sanitized in those minutes; therefore, the liberals' real plans are revealed in them to some extent. Governor Beebe also set up a Global Warming Commission in 2007, naming the radical liberal Kathy Webb mentioned above as Co-Chair. Webb and Broadway are both Co-Chairs of the Sustainable Building task force above. How convenient!
There is proof that the two committees worked hand in hand. For example, the March, 2008 minutes of this Task Force consisted of Webb's presentation on the ten priorities of the Global Warming Commission. Under the first priority this point is listed: "Promotion and Incentives for Improved Design and Construction, e.g. LEED, green buildings." 1

Viola! In 2009 the Arkansas Energy Office on their website heralds eleven new energy related bills, the most critical ones being sponsored and co-sponsored by Broadway and Webb. This Arkansas Energy Office is actually channeling money from the Stimulus bill to the Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative. 2 Think about that for a minute. (More about Clinton's foundation later, but this last action does not sound ethical to me.)

Broadway's bills take another step toward aligning Arkansas with the leftists' national and international goals. "The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is committed to improving the most popular model residential energy code by 30% by 2012 and moving to net zero energy homes by 2020." The European Union and United Nations have about the same goals. (Can you imagine how any one with common sense can think it is possible to build houses that would have NO energy costs? Or if it were possible, can you imagine what it would cost or what sacrifices the American people would have to make? Note the picture above of the zero energy house that is proudly posted several places on the web. 3

The first major step toward those goals is embodied in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Thanks to Senator Broadway's bills and his work on the Arkansas Sustainable Building Design Task Force, Arkansas is one of only nine states that have officially adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code IECC. (One source said 9 states and another source said 14 states)

"Energy use in all existing state buildings must be reduced by 20 percent of 2008 levels by 2014 and 30 percent by 2017," is now a requirement in Arkansas according to this website: How do you think these state buildings are going to reach that without causing great discomfort to workers and citizens? And who, other than the taxpayer, is going to pay for all the labor and materials to bring these buildings up to these standards? 4

"Buildings in the United States, in their production and use, consume an estimated 40-65% of our national energy total." If the liberals can prescribe the energy requirements for buildings, they have implemented about 50% of their global warming (climate change) agenda even without the cap and trade bill. 5

I am sure you have noted how the Stimulus bill is being used for grants in numerous ways to coerce states and communities to implement the Obama and Pelosi agenda. The "green building" plan is no exception. The stimulus bill is funding $3.6 billion of the total $787 billion stimulus fund for the green building program. Broadway's work and legislation have helped Arkansas meet the requirements to obtain Obama's stimulus money. One of the requirements is implementing the unreasonable 2009 IECC standards (mentioned above). Arkansas is one of nine states that have officially done so. But now that grant money is being offered, most of the other states are jumping on board. It is unbelievable that such a small amount of money can buy our entire energy and housing industry, just as a small percentage of the federal funds have allowed the federal government to control our education.

Arkansas Energy Office only received $39.4 million for "Green" programs in Arkansas, and only part of that is going to the building program. For comparison, one school district, Fayetteville High School, is in the planning process of building a $110 million dollar high school. For that measly amount of money Arkansas and the other states across the nation are jumping on board to implement these unreasonably stringent standards that take away the freedom of every citizen in our state and nation to control our lives and our very homes. (And if $3.6 billion can buy the energy and housing industry in 50 states, what can the other $783 billion stimulus bill buy?) Our leaders are truly selling our freedom for a "bowl of pottage."

But in Arkansas, thanks to Broadway, Governor Beebe and other liberal Democrats, Arkansas is way ahead of most states on our progressive global warming energy legislation and did not need the stimulus bill to get them on board. Arkansas has been on board at least since 2005 when Broadway sponsored the bill to set up the Legislative Task Force on Sustainable Building Design.

It is interesting to note that only 22% of Americans consider the UN to be a reliable source of information on global warming and fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans say it's at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming. And Americans overwhelmingly believe our leaders should focus on the economy instead of global warming issues. Seventy-one percent (71%) say the bigger priority for U.S. national leaders is stimulating the economy to create jobs. Only 15% say they should focus instead on stopping global warming to save the environment. 6.

So Broadway and the liberals in Arkansas are, like Obama and Pelosi, ignoring the people's needs and desires and are focusing on an unproven science of global warming instead of on jobs. According to a newspaper article, "When the goals [protecting the environment and promoting economic development] cannot be reconciled, Beebe said, the environment is his top priority." 7

And while the liberals are pushing for all these environmental changes that will cramp everyone's lifestyles, they are blocking us from drilling for oil in every way possible and even blocking us from utilizing coals for our electrical power plants - even right here in Arkansas. But sixty-seven percent of Americans still want to drill for oil. 8

On September 25, 2008 the Arkansas Governor's Commission on Global Warming adopted a recommendation that no new coal plants be built in the state until carbon sequestration technology is ready. Now a power plant's (SWEPCO in Southern Arkansas) plans have been blocked and is keeping Arkansas from being able to access clean inexpensive power that would have served our needs now and in the future - and which will now be sold out of state � to Louisiana and Texas. Using less coal or no is the reason Obama claimed that with his plans for reduced carbon emission that "electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." 9

Be sure to note in the other article I posted the influence Mikhail Gorbachev had in launching the green movement in 1993. Also note the power of President Clinton's Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative that has brought together global leaders, 100 current and former heads of state, hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundation, and prominent members of the media with 1400 commitments valued at $46 billion mostly to bring about the green movement. (All of this done outside of legislation and without representation of the people.)

Just for the record, according to several sources, The Cap and Trade Bill, Sect. 202 (that passed the US House but not the Senate) originally mandated, "a national retrofit program to increase the energy efficiency of all existing homes across America and that unless you retrofit your home to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of the act you wouldn't be able to sell your home." 10

And in 2008 the California included a regulation that every new home and every renovated heating and air conditioning system would be required by law to include an FM receiver that would allow the Energy Commission to reset the thermostat. An outcry of Californians and people across the nation caused the Commission to withdraw the rule.11

Another article, a longer fully documented version of this information and much more specific, documented information about Broadway's bills and how they tie in with the national and international movement can be found at this link: or on a fromer post on this blog. I felt like that article needed more background information so I wrote this one. You will only get a true picture by reading the details in that article.

I am convinced that you should read and study the information in the former post referred to in the above paragraph. The liberals always stay several years ahead of conservatives, catch our conservative legislators off guard, and push through this legislation before our conservative legislators know what it is all about. I have seen that happen several times the last few years. For example, all Senators voted for some of these bills by Broadway; and not one Republican Representative actually voted against them. A very few representatives refrained from voting. We must do our research, and as a united group, use our voice to educate our legislators through our outcry about these issues.
For documentation and footnotes on this article, see this link:'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm If I had already included documentation in the former post (article mentioned in above paragraph), I probably did not include them at this link.
I would suggest reading the article, "Senator Broadway and Obama's Zero Energy Dream Home"at this link before reading this article.'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm

Senator Broadway, the Democrat running for Arkansas Lt. Governor in 2010, sponsored and co-sponsored several bills in 2009 that would be very pleasing to the United Nations, President Obama, Al Gore, President Clinton and Gorbachev - but not so pleasing to Arkansans. See list of bills by Broadway and short description toward the end of this email with links to the bills. I included part of the research items in the beginning and then my concenrs and then picked back up with the research - hopefully to keep readers from getting bogged down in the research. And if you have trouble believing any of it, please check the documentation in the footnotes.)

Broadway sponsored Senate Bill 921 (Act 1372) in 2009, "To Create the Sustainable Building Design Program For State Agencies." Unless one understands the meaning of those words, the bill looks innocent enough except for the fact that the bill creates another government program that will require no one knows how many more government employees and more bureaucracy - and basically cuts out legislative oversight of the program. The "success" of other government programs should have been enough to defeat the bill; but unfortunately it passed, along with Broadway's other similar bills. 1

The key word to understanding the bills Broadway sponsored is "sustainable." Below are some facts that explain its meaning and connection to international standards and to the United Nations. ("Arkansas" is highlighted in red font so you can tie in Arkansas with the national and international movement on this issue.) Below this list is a list of my concerns.

Sustainable building is also known as green construction or green building to address so called "global warming," or "climate change" according to "US Environmental Protection Agency Basic Information") 2.

"Sustainable development is government management of all development to achieve environmental protection, economic and social equity. Neither free markets nor private property rights can exist in a sustainable society managed by government. " 3

"Global Green is the US affiliate of Green Cross International that Mikhail Gorbachev successfully launched to deal with Sustainable Development in 1993. Global Green's stated mission: "Global Green is working (ellipsis) fighting global climate change by creating green buildings and cities." 4 This organization evolved from Gorbachev's speech at the Global Forum on Environment and Development for Survival held in Moscow, in 1993. 5

"Sustainable development is the reorganization of society around a body of principles and recommendations set forth in a document called Agenda 21 endorsed by 179 nations in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Our Vice President has said, 'We must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civilization.'" 6 It is interesting to note that only 22% of Americans consider the United Nations to be a reliable source of information on global warming. 7.

"The Arkansas Energy Code shall mean the most recent edition of the International Energy Conservation Code." Taken from "Arkansas Building Authority Sustainable Building Design Program Procedures June 1, 2010," This building authority is the organization that is implementing the sustainable building design that is mandated in Broadway's bill. 8

Obama's stimulus bill is being used to finance the Sustainable Building Design in Arkansas and the nation. In his inaugural address, "President Obama has announced a strong commitment to overhauling the nation’s energy use habits by having all sorts of green retrofits performed on federal buildings and residences. 9 According to a newspaper article, "When the goals [protecting the environment and promoting economic development] cannot be reconciled, [Arkansas Governor] Beebe said, the environment is his top priority." 10

The Arkansas Energy Office mentioned 22 times in HB1663 that Broadway co-sponsored on using "sustainable, energy-efficient methods" says, "The Green Technology Grant Program supports the improvement and continued growth of ‘green’ technology companies in Arkansas. The funds are provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act [stimulus bill] and administered by the Arkansas Energy Office." 11

My Concerns

I believe global warming is an unproven science. It is interesting to note that fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming. Thirty-five percent (35%) say it’s Very Likely.

I reject the premise that climate change is a problem that requires massive government intervention to solve. Even if I thought global warming was a real problem that man could solve, I would have no confidence in the government to solve it since they have spent so much money and had so many failures in trying to solve other problems. I believe the green building design (sustainable building design) is, like the health care bill, a very costly designed program to take freedom away from citizens and give more power to the government.” Most of us just don't understand construction enough to prove all the problems as we do with the health care bill.

And if global warming is a real threat – a theory that the majority of people reject – why would anyone think the government would be able to fix it after all their other failures with health care, education, banking business, and housing market, etc.? The government did not invent the light bulb, the telephone, and all the other modern inventions that one by one met the needs of society. Private enterprise, capitalism, and individual ingenuity did that. If alternative energy is necessary, the market could meet those needs much more effectively and cheaper than the government ever could.

Alternative energy and materials are just not developed enough for the government to move to such stringent energy standards. For just one example, an average-sized house in California a solar system carries a price tag of about $30,000 and often contains problematic chemicals. See this link: And just this week papers reported that, " The newest fire station in Fayetteville, touted as the "greenest" ever built in the city when it was opened in 2008, has been shut down while officials decide what to do about an infestation of mold."

I also know college teachers, working in retrofitted green buildings, that have complained of chronic illness (mostly allergies) since the buildings were renovated.

Green building proponents talk about how the energy saved through the life of the green buildings will repay the initial increased cost of the building. I believe that about like I believe the Health Care bill will save us money. Several years ago, I witnessed the building of a very modern newly designed building, the Jonesboro high school, and I also witnessed how they had to replace the ineffective heating and air conditioning unit and practically rebuild the structure through the years.

Fayetteville High School is preparing to build a "green" high school that costs $110 million (more than the Muslim Mosque planned for New York City and more than double other recently built high schools in the Northwest). Included in that cost is "LEED certification" and "new State building standards. I wonder how much those have added to the cost of the building. In 2005 Broadway co-sponsored a bill that recommended the LEED certification.

"Buildings in the United States, in their production and use, consume an estimated 40-65% of our national energy total." If the liberals can prescribe the requirements for buildings, they have put in about 50% of their global warming (climate change) agenda. The Cap and Trade bill that also deals with global warming failed to get through the Senate because it was considered to be so expensive that it would be damaging to our economy. Even Congressman Mike Ross and Senator Lincoln opposed the Cap and Trade bill, saying it would hurt Arkansas. So how can a program to reduce energy in the structure and use of our building not be so costly as to hurt our economy?

Broadway's SB921 is only two pages and says the Sustainable Building Design program will be administered by the Arkansas Building Design Authority. The bill is almost like a shell bill (purposely that way, I believe) so he could make it look like it was an innocent piece of legislation and can be filled in with anything the administration would so desire. SB921by Broadway does make it clear that the state will be controlling ALL state agency buildings by requiring them to use the "sustainable" building design. Five years ago HB 2445 (Act 1770) was passed just "encouraging" them to do so, also co-sponsored by Broadway. What will come next? ( - 2005 bill)

In a companion bill to Broadway's, Representative Kathy Webb gives the Arkansas Energy Office authority to "Promulgate rules and regulations for the purpose of (B) Requiring a city or county that issues building permits for new building construction to adopt the 2004 Arkansas Energy Code for New Building Construction, as it existed on January 1, 2009. Go to this link to read all about that.
I wonder how anyone will be able to afford a house that meets the environmental nuts' standards.

Broadway's Connection With Leftist Agenda

So why would Senator Broadway want to push through an expensive anti-global warming initiative during such an economic time as this? Most Americans overwhelmingly believe legislators should focus on the economy instead? Seventy-one percent (71%) say the bigger priority for U.S. national leaders is stimulating the economy to create jobs. Only 15% say they should focus instead on stopping global warming to save the environment.

And why did Senator Broadway team up with Kathy Webb, the legislator having the most liberal voting record in the entire legislature and the first openly self avowed lesbian in the Arkansas legislature, to pass several bills on "sustainable" building design??? (Webb is most liberal legislator confirmed by a liberal organization in Arkansas - Webb received a 95.6% while the lowest scores given were a 33.8.) page 42 & 43 Citizens First Congress

I believe Broadway did so because he is a true liberal Democrat who is working with Obama and other leftists in Washington. (Note the bullet point below how Broadway's bill ties in so well with President Clinton's. His bills will buy him political capital with the powerful Democrats. Broadway has in the past and is now using all the same tactics the leftist liberals use – deceiving the public until the policies he wants is so entrenched there is no turning back.

In my research, I found that only a few northern and eastern states have passed government controlled legislation similar to Broadway's and none of our surrounding southern states have done so. Arkansas has been on the cutting edge of these liberal programs for years now – perhaps because we have more Democrats in this state than in all the surrounding states, and the Washington Democrats push our Democrats to implement their agenda. When Broadway sponsored the bill (SB7) in 2004 that provided the $10 million dollar study to determine the amount of money needed to provide adequate school facilities (with a resulting figure of $2.3 to $4.5 billion), only ten other states had acquired such control over the schools.

After all, the media always protects the liberals. How many articles have you seen the last few years on sustainable building design or green buildings or on this particular legislation?

For ten more research points, and for the Footnotes: see this link:

31 Reasons to Defeat Broadway for Lt. Governor

(Broadway Is A Democrat Running for Lt Governor against Republican Mark Darr)

(1) Senator Broadway voted for Sales Tax Increase that raised sales tax to 6% - 2003 Second Extraordinary Session HB1030.

(2) Sponsored the bill (SB7) that provided the $10 million dollar study to determine the amount of money needed to provide adequate school facilities. The study came back recommending from $2.3 billion to $4.5 billion for school buildings, and that study became one of the biggest boondoggles ever experienced in Arkansas.

Senator Broadway was responsible for hiring Randall Fischer, former Facilities Director and crook from Ohio who pled guilty to ethics charges in Ohio (as noted in several newspaper articles) as one of the main subcontractors on this facilities study. And there were numerous errors in the study. Agriculture barns on some campuses were evaluated as school buildings and repairs or replacement costs were estimated high enough to buy a barn and a farm. Then there were numerous estimates for specific repairs that superintendents and journalists pointed out such as the 110 doorknobs that needed to be replaced at Brookland where the replacement cost was, according to these experts, $439 apiece. The superintendent found them for $75 each. – Second Extraordinary Session SB7 by Broadway.

3. Broadway was the architect behind the State take-over of all school facilities in Arkansas in 2004 and voted for HB1009, an act to create the division of public school academic facilities. Schools can no longer build or remodel without permission of the state and according to state regulations. Seven new positions in the Arkansas Facilities Division have been approved by the Facilities commission. Ohio's Facilities Division started with one position and now has 50. Act 90 (HB1009 by Pickett Second Extraordinary Session of 2003.

The following figures are documented in newspapers. During the 2005 legislative session, $114 million was funded for facilities from the state revenue. During the April special session another $50 million was appropriated, Broadway said. The state's share of public school construction costs increased from the $265 million reported in June to $277 million in 2006 and $631 million in 07. ($631 million needed to fix school facilities by Seth Blomeley, March 7, 2007. This article quoted Broadway as saying, "the state must fund the needed projects regardless of cost to meet the court's directive."

Following is another quote on the facilities division: "Springdale school chief calls new rules wasteful" Sept 28, 2007 in Dem Gaz by Laura Kellams: " School administrators warned lawmakers Thursday that facility standards intended to create equity statewide will end up costing the state millions of dollars in unnecessary building space."

(5) Voted for tax on cigarettes and tobacco products - 2009 Regular Session HB1204 by Reep The tobacco tax is to be used for the ARKIDS First health insurance program. "The threshold for the ARKids First health insurance program moved from 200 percent over federal poverty to 250 percent. This means taxpayers will soon begin subsidizing the health insurance for children from families of four (two children) earning $55,000 annually — $64,000 (three), $73,000 (four), $82,000 (five) and $91,000 (six). Most lawmakers - especially those in the House - had no idea that their vote would essentially put the state in the business of providing middle class and upper-middle class families with a new health care entitlement. [Raising the income bracket for ARKids, Feb 2009 by David Sanders]

(6) Voted for tax on beer, 2005 Regular Session, HB1691

(7) Voted for tax on security & Alarm Services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(8) Co-sponsored and voted for tax on Mixed Drinks, 2005 Regular Session, HB2633

(9) Voted for tax on Fishing Guides Service, 2007 Regular Session HB2719

(10) Voted for tax Natural Gas Tax, 2008 First Extraordinary Session SB1

(11) Voted for Tax on Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(12) Voted on Tax on Mini warehouse and self storage rental services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(13) Voted on Tax on Pest Control Service, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(14) Voted on tax on Boat Storage and Docking, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(15) Voted on tax on Pet Grooming and Kennel Services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(16) Voted for tax on Locksmith services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(17) Voted for tax on Wrecker and towing services, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(18) Voted for tax on Collection and Disposal of solid wastes, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(19) Voted for tax on Cleaning parking lots and gutters, 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(20) Voted for tax on Industrial laundry services. 2003 Second Extraordinary Session, HB1030

(21) Voted for the Omnibus bill that implemented a government controlled curriculum in every school in Arkansas that has resulted in numerous additional state department employees to oversee and control the implementation of that curriculum in the local schools. By 2006, 61 schools had been put on probation for some minor infraction that allowed the State Department to consolidate the school, take over the administration and suspend or even oust local school board members. 2003 Regular Session, (HB2697)

(About 12,000 new education employees have been hired from 2000 to 2009. It takes a massive bureaucracy to control our schools to develop the curriculum and thousands of tests, to monitor teachers to make sure the state's curriculum is being taught in every classroom, and to make sure all the ADE rules are followed. Newspaper article, "Activist group blasts growth in state's hires" by Bill Simmons.)

(22) Voted to give $107 million dollars to Arkansas Department of Education for 32 new employees, etc. They supposedly consolidated the schools to save money by hiring fewer superintendents. $22 million paid the salary for every superintendent in the state in 2003, but this $107 million gift to ADE would pay for 1,070 superintendents at $100,000 for a year. SB91 (Act 98), 2nd extraordinary session, 2003.

(23) Voted for the bill that sent $456 million to facilities in 2007 from the surplus fund (this is like a hidden tax-taking money from the surplus that could be used for other things people will be taxed on later.). SB833, 2007 House Bill 2501 and Senate Bill 833. $104 million was appropriated for facilities in 2005 and the state's share of facilities was $277 million in 2006.

(24) Voted for every consolidation bill that went through the Senate, for closing schools with enrollment of 500 (which didn't pass); with enrollment of 350 (which did pass and closed 45 campuses by 2006); for closing isolated districts (legislators voted for the 350 enrollment the year before based on the promise they would not close isolated districts) He also voted for countywide school districts (supposedly would administratively consolidate only but the wording in the bill clearly gives authority for countywide school districts) SB132 of 2005 (This bill did not get out of committee in the House)

The consolidation resulted in more centralized government. Even though consolidation was supposed to save money by eliminating extra teachers in small districts and administrators, almost 12,000 new education employees have been hired from 2000 to 2009. Newspaper article, "Activist group blasts growth in state's hires" by Bill Simmons.

(25) Supported and voted for all the following bills: The most powerful liberal Democrat Senator Argue (Senate Education Chair for several years) gloated over the amount of money raised and spent, writing the following in a guest article in the Democrat Gazette May 15, 2005. "In the current school year we've added $380 million to the school system. Next year we'll add $170 million, and then in the 2006/07 school year, we will add another $98 million. In addition to these new operating funds, we've appropriated $104 million to begin our new school facilities program. This totals $752 million of new spending in our school system in the current and next two school years. Total K-12 spending is now 53 percent of total state general and dedicated revenues, an all time high."

Compare that 53 percent in Arkansas to Colorado "K-12 funding now accounts for 40 percent of the Colorado general fund budget."

For the state of education in Arkansas, since these bills passed, see red bulleted points in article at this link:

(26) Voted for SB 430 in 2005 providing for a statewide election on issuing tax revenue bonds (Referred Question NO. 1) This bill if approved by voters would have left "Arkansas in debt for decades to come," according to newspaper articles. Citizens soon learned that because of veiled language in the bill, the Highway Commission would have had power to re-issue bonds for maintenance of highways up to the $575 million cap as many times as it wanted without further voter approval. This veiled language was a slick move to get around the wording of Amendment 20 to the Arkansas Constitution that guarantees the voters a right to vote on any state indebtedness. The amount of interest and bonding fees would have been $217 million or 37%. Fortunately citizens were educated through the work of dedicated opponents and voted it down 68% to 32%, even though the bond issue was supported by the political establishment . 2005 Regular Session, SB 430

(27) Voted for Betty Pickett's alcohol bill that has allowed the ABC Board to grant liquor licenses to numerous so called private clubs in dry counties in Arkansas and circumvent the voters in those counties. There have been approximately 133 liquor licenses issued to so called private clubs, mostly restaurants, since this bill passed. 2003 Regular Session, HB2749

(28) Senator Broadway was designated by the liberal Arkansas Citizens' First Congress as one of the nine key legislators that sponsored their priority bills. Information taken from this link, page 41. For other liberal member organizations of this group, see page 45

(29) In 2005 legislative session Broadway received a 40% rating (putting him in the bottom 9 senators) from the conservative American Family Association of Arkansas; 30% was the lowest score any senator received.

(30) Voted to "TO ALLOW PUBLIC DRINKING OF ALCOHOL IN ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTS." 2005 Regular Session, SB1174 Failed in House

(31) Voted To allow Additional Forms of Electronic Gambling, 2005 SB999

Also see these two links for further information on Broadway Voting Record: "Obama and Broadways Net Zero Energy Dream House"'s%20zero%20energy%20home.htm
and "Research on Broadway's Sustainable (Green) Building Design Legislation (And Opinion) Broadway's Voting Record #3"

Saturday, August 07, 2010

ArkTimes Mockers and Mark Martin

There are a lot of mockers over at the Ark Times site, people who rail and jeer against others without regard to the truth. In many cases, the person they are mocking has lived a more exemplary life than they themselves have lived, but that does not stop them from mocking, because that's just the quality of their character. I do not refer to hitting people hard on policy- if a person holds a policy position that is ridiculous, then they ought to be ridiculed for it. But that is not what goes on over there.

Take for example, their material on the Secretary of State race. Republican Mark Martin is slightly up in the polls over Democrat Pat O'Brien. O'Brien ran Resident Barack Obama's presidential campaign in Arkansas. In a state that Obama lost and has plenty of Democrats that were backing Hillary Clinton, that's a problem. So what does Ark Times do? Do they attempt to refurbish O'Brien's reputation? Do they help him build bridges with resentful Democrats? Do they highlight his virtues? No, they mock his opponent. And they do it in a dishonest way over a photograph which they take out of context. Max even attacks Martin for trying to tie the race to basically a referendum on Obama. Trouble is, in the same paragraph he tries to tie Martin to Secure Arkansas.

Excuse me, O'Brien was the coordinator for Obama's Presidential campaign. Reminding people of that is relevant because it says something about who O'Brien is. What position does Martin hold with Secure Arkansas? Not that I am saying SA is bad, I'm saying the tie in with Martin is tenuous to the point of false, especially coming from people who take oblique shots at Martin for references to the very real and direct tie-ins between O'Brien and Obama.

Then they hurl mockery at Martin for the photograph above, without giving context for the photograph. Is Martin saying he has a spine while others don't? Is it saying he is a candidate with backbone? What is Martin trying to say with the photograph? Well, he spells it out on the site, in the paragraph above the photo....

"His company, PsyberSimula, provided computational bio-mechanical modeling and simulation services."

So what's the big deal about an engineer whose company performs bio-mechanical modeling appearing in a photograph with a bio-mechanical model? It's not what they make it out to be, but ole' Max and company would rather deride Martin than give honest context to their readership.

6 in 10 not sure Obama Born in U.S. (CNN Poll)

It has not gotten a lot of play, except at WND. I think its still the wrong question. The right question is "Is Barack Obama a natural born citizen of the United States." The answer to that question is "no", even if he was born here.

Breaking it down, 64 percent of Democrats believe he definitely was born in the U.S., leaving more than one in three Democrats not sure. For independents, 37 percent believe he definitely was born in the U.S., leaving some two in three unsure. For members of the GOP, not even one in four (23 percent) believes Obama definitely was born in the U.S.

Fully 41 percent of the GOP believe he definitely or probably was born outside the United States. That's nearly 30 percent for independents.

POW Net Radio; The Prop 8 Ruling

Mark's take on the Prop 8 ruling. The real meaning of "due process" and "equal protection", and why even an atheist libertarian evolutionist should be against homosexual marriage.

The 30 minute program is here.

Is Traditional State Education in Danger?

More money for education as the key to economic growth has been repeated as a mantra here in Arkansas. I have long thought the better way to promote economic growth was to right-size education to your economy. But is traditional state education in danger? Gary North thinks so. He claims state education as more important to the ruling elite than central banking. I don't agree with his conclusions about the death of higher education as we know it- in higher ed in particular there are too many majors that require special equipment and in-person direction. Still, he makes a provocative case for his main thesis.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Thomas Woods Recaps His Debate on Nullification

It's the Same Policies...

Rush Limbaugh was on the radio today challenging Resident Barack Obama over the latter's continuing to blame GHW Bush for our extreme fiscal situation. Rush pointed out that as a Senator, Obama voted for the budgets of the Bush administration.

He makes my point. In the broad scope of things, they have the same polices. Both DC-controlled parties are interventionist believers in the power of big government to do good. There may be some difference in the details of how growing government can make life better, but citizens who feel the central government is already to big, to intrusive, and too expensive have no serious representation in either organization.

People are furious with Obama now, so their option is to vote back in the bunch they were furious at four years ago. And when they fail, their option is to vote back in the Democrats with whom they are now furious. They go back and forth between two clubs whose fundamental policies are the same. The people's only choice is which gang will implement the next round of central government growth.

When will people wake up and face the hard truth? The root problems of our government will never be seriously addressed, much less fixed, until organic new parties, perhaps a separate one in each state, are organized and supported by the populace. I am not hopeful that the current crop of grassroots activists will ever see it. They may continue to be fear-driven and unable to process past the next election. They will keep pushing people to go for whoever they think "the lessor of two evils" is, right up until the day when our only choice is Hitler or Stalin.

Perhaps we need a few activists from the current group and then some people who up to this point have never been active in the political process.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

POW Radio: Ruling Class Congressman Addresses His Serfs

A member of the ruling class in a candid interview with his serfs. Plus, FOX NEWS
goes after former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, because he is doing something that the ruling class truly fears...
31 minute audio here.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Generation Gap On What America Is

My wife and I were commenting the other day on the vast generation gap that exists concerning the impression about what America is. The older generation sees America as a force for good around the world and through-out its history. And by "America" they mean both the actual country and its government. There was an expression that was around when I was growing up, "America, Love it or Leave it". That describes the attitude pretty well. They may not trust one of the two DC-based political parties who pick our leaders, but they cheer on the other with a full-throttled enthusiasm normally reserved for sports teams. The idea that America could be in the wrong is very disturbing to them. Their default position is that America is good.

I believe that this mind-set comes not only from our struggle against fascism and communism, but also from the way people were educated in prior generations. It has been said that the state will not hesitate to use the public schools to further its political goals. The goals of the leaders of that generation were to convince the populace that the country was good and its policies benevolent. That's what the public schools taught, and that's what the population believed.

But the people who controlled the school system changed goals sometime in the 1960s. They had a different agenda. They wanted citizens with a global, rather than a national, outlook. They wanted to de-emphasize American patriotism and American religion (Christianity). They were early examples of today's globalists.

With this new goal, the schools no longer taught that America was a beacon on a hill, an unmitigated force for good to whom all the world should look for guidance. They emphasized the things America did that were wrong, that were inconsistent even with our own ideals. Was it America bashing, or just correcting a previous imbalance toward a sort of patriotism which never questioned government action? I am not writing to decide that huge question, but rather the effects of this change. It has resulted in a vast generation gap on the question of "is America good?"

The younger generation is quick to believe that America is in the wrong. So quick that I would estimate that a majority of 17-24 year olds with an opinion on the matter believe that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by the government to incite popular support for a global military campaign. Almost no one over 50 believes that. The younger generation does not believe the government story about the JFK assassination, or almost anything else. They have been trained to be distrustful of all authorities, because they were being educated to reject the values and attitudes of their parents, their church, and their national institutions.

The globalists got much of what they wanted in reprogramming the next generation, but their plan may have some unforeseen consequences that they won't like. This campaign against traditional authorities worked, but it is now starting to boomerang back on it's creators. The globalists are now the authorities, and the younger generation does not trust them anymore than the authority figures they have been educated to mistrust. The young have been trained to believe in nothing, and so they don't even believe those who trained them! That spiritual vacuum can't last long, because the human heart is not made to live that way.

But the bottom line is that young people are turning to anti-authoritarian icons like Ron Paul, despite the desperate attempts to paint Paul as a nut. The globalists wanted to tear down traditional sources of authority to make way for themselves as the replacement. In terms of power, its working, but it's not turning out that way hearts and minds wise. A generation trained to doubt the good intentions of every authority only want to give authority to people who are anti-authoritarian.

Maddox for Mayor

Kind of like all of those pictures of current Mayor Steve Womack where he is not smiling.


Many people have asked me what I thought about Kurt Maddox running for Mayor of Rogers. Maddox is the man I endorsed for Congress, and for whom I did a little consulting work early in his bid. It's been crazy around here lately, and he did not consult with me before making the announcement. I found out for sure when he sent the email out, just like many of you did. It's not the first I have heard of the idea though. When I last spoke to him, he did mention that many people from Rogers were asking him to jump into the race, based on dissatisfaction with the two announced candidates.

I actually feel even better about Kurt Maddox as Mayor of Rogers than I would as Congressman for the 3rd District. My feeling about Washington D.C. is basically that it is under judgment from God and any efforts good men and women make trying to save it from itself is just getting in God's way. My feelings about national politics can best be summed by a quote from this article...

For the first time in 250 years, politics has become irrelevant. Not uninteresting or unimportant; obviously the way a society organizes itself matters to its citizens and its place in the world.

But today there are no policies left on the “possible” menu that will save us from what’s coming. So a rational person’s time is better spent preparing rather than debating.* (Later, when we’re trying to decide what to build from the rubble, the argument will get interesting again.)

My attitude to Kurt and Dawn about Congress was "are you SURE you want to do this?". At the time, I thought county Judge was a better option. Nothing has happened to change my mind about national politics, everything that has happened since has only confirmed my initial fears. I really think this is more what the Good Lord wants Kurt to do than the job he initially stood up for.

While Kurt made his decision to endorse Steve Womack for Congress without my input, he did describe at length the rigorous procedures he used to make his decision. I can report that there was not a hint of "quid pro quo" in any of it. The idea of Mayor of Rogers was not even on the radar from everything I heard and saw. If Womack supports Kurt Maddox to be his successor, its not because of any secret deal. There would not have to be. Those two connected on a personal and business level. That's why it is coming down the way it is.