Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking a Break

There is just too much happening right now. I am going to take a break from blogging, probably until sometime in June. Please check back then. My associates who make an occasional post may continue to do so.



Friday, April 15, 2011

Patriots on Watch: Directed Energy

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Mark Moore (Official Spokesman for Ron Paul's 08 Presidential Campaign in the state of Arkansas) talks about our captured government, and the best strategy to uncapture it. Plus, Gen. Wesley Clark called it (mideast intervention) years ago. And, the growing class divide (between middle class and lower class values).

Long Time Gone

"Because what happens in the next few weeks is going to say a lot about whether the government the Founding Fathers gave us is still capable of solving the country’s biggest problems" writes Steve Brawner. Steve, I only wish we still had the government that the Founding Fathers gave us! In that one, the powers of the central government were "few and defined." In this one, they tell us how many gallons of water our toilet is allowed to hold and what sort of light bulbs we are permitted to buy to illuminate our own homes with.

What is Wrong With You People?

Poll of Republican Primary voters shows that the leader is now....Donald Trump. Trump has 26% to only 5% for Ron Paul amongst likely Republican Primary Voters. What the Hades is wrong with you people? In Trump you have a self-promoter who inherited $500 million dollars and has had companies which have declared bankruptcy and whose wife could not trust him. Ron Paul has seen problems coming decades ahead and has lived a life of virtue. There is absolutely no comparison as to who is the better man in either who you can trust or who is the wisest at public policy. I am astounded that likely Republican primary voters would choose Trump over Paul 5-1. Even Obama has led a more moral personal life than Trump.

Somebody out there who thinks Trump is a better man for President than one of the Pauls, please enlighten me here. WHY on earth would you think that?

PS- is it the Birther issue? Obama is not eligible to be President, but The Donald is leading you up the wrong approach when he makes the issue where Obama was born. Obama is ineligible to be President regardless of where he was born because he is a naturalized, not a natural born, citizen under the 14th amendment as described by the original intent of the Senator who authored that portion.

That is, unless he was not born here, or never reclaimed his citizenship after becoming an Indonesian citizen. In that case he is not a naturalized citizen, but an illegal alien. Either way though, he is not eligible to serve as President under the Constitution. We know that, and we know that the other side does not care because they are barbarians who think its all about who has power at the moment rather than the rule of law.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

America Coming Apart at the Seams

From Rich Lowery at the National Review. He notes that working class and middle class are diverging based on fundamentals such as marriage, industriousness, and religion.

Patriots on Watch: Cave is a Four Letter Word

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A focus on the fradulent budget deal, and "pro-life leader" Mike Huckabee's assent to continue taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. Tea Party folk are starting to ask the right questions, here are the answers....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Now, He's Just a Socialist

After observing Huckabee's big-spending ways as Governor of Arkansas, many of us characterized him as "a pro-life socialist." Listen to his smarmy attempt to justify the GOP cave-in in the shut-down show-down. They could not even defund Planned Parenthood, and one reason is that "pro-life leaders" like Mike Huckabee gave them moral cover to do so.

Huckabee got lots of milage out of the pro-life issue back when he was politicing in pro-life Arkansas. But when it was time to actually save some lives and get abortionists out of pro-lifer's pockets, Mike Huckabee betrayed the cause. I used to think of Mike Huckabee as a pro-life socialist. Now, he's just a socialist.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Rock Milk Above EPA Radiation Limits

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Judicial Tyranny on Homosexual Adoptions

...says One News Now about the ruling. I have read the ruling on Tolbert. The legal "reasoning" indeed blows, but the One News Now article does not really spell out why. I am not going to spell it out either right now, because it's about two hours work and I am crushed this weekend. Maybe later.

Wesley Clark Called it Years Ago

No wonder his attempt to run for President got little attention and no traction. The elites who have captured our national government has a plan as far back as 1991 to attack seven nations. He knew about it and like most U.S. military men, he really did not want to send his troops to war for the sake of empire.

Fascinating video. It shows that no matter which of the two corrupt DC-based political gangs we vote for, we get foreign adventurism and war. No matter what platform the candidates we vote for run on, when in office, they give us foreign interventionism and war.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Huckabee Says Throw in the Towel to Avoid Shutdown

The "pro-life" "conservative" won't even stand firm on de-funding Planned Parenthood. Update: Republicans cave. If they won't cut that, then they won't cut anything enough to matter.

A Day in the Life of a Homegrown "Terrorist"

There was a time when having one’s name listed in the despised ranks of those villains that governments often categorize as “terrorists” involved quite a bit of leg work, as well as an ominous running resume of death, destruction, and general mean spiritedness. Of course, if one examines the history of every modern country which eventually disintegrated into despotism, the definition of who the “enemy” is tends to become rather broad rather quickly. That is to say, the more criminal the leadership of a country becomes, the easier it is for the average person to find himself labeled a criminal by that same leadership.....

rest of this excellent piece here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Patriots on Watch: Hoes for the Hos

Squeeze here to listen.

Mark Moore (Official Spokesman for Ron Paul's 08 Presidential Campaign in the state of Arkansas) on the benefits to the country of the ruling class trying their hand at home gardening.

Plus, global connections? 30% of the bankster bailouts went to overseas banks.

Also, the recent fiasco in the Arkansas Legislature on the implementation of Obamacare in the state serves as an object lession for legislators, and the activists who inform them, on how not to deal with the Democrats.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

In Favor of Congressmen Raising Vegetables

"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." - Thomas Jefferson

I recently started a small garden. The physical work of turning yard into garden gave me an attachment to the soil. The chopping away of the mat of grass and weeds on top. The breaking up and removal of rock. The building up of boundaries and laying in of good soil. All of these things nurtured in me an attachment to a piece of ground. It wasn't just "my land" as an idea. It was "my land" as a reality. I worked it with my hands. I smelt it.

I recommend that all of our political leaders start a garden as an aide to good government. And not just the office holders, but their aides, and the bureaucrats and pundits. The whole ruling class. Ideals are essential, but not total. The commitment to America as an ideal can only be enhanced and made more real by personally committing to the actual soil of her ground. Committing not just with words, but in simple and honest actions that give those words substance.

In our current economy, even big agriculture is done with methods that transform it into mere mercantilism of the sort Jefferson warned us about. As big money from global, not even national, corporations drives more and more of our political process, and captures the two major political organizations through which our leadership class must pass, the result can only be what we have seen. We have a leadership class without much real attachment to the country. They are attached only to ideas in their heads, which they suppose represents the country. But that's not the country, its their own heads.

By touching the soil, by working it, by coaxing it into producing something real, our leadership class can build up traits that will help them gain more character in themselves and more affection for this land. That assumes that these are still goals that they desire, and I am afraid the question is very much in doubt. Still, for those who gravitate to power centers like the Washington Beltway, for those who think they ought to be the ones shaping the whole world, it couldn't hurt a bit for them to see how hard it is for them to shape a mere 10 by 10 foot patch of rocky soil into a few pounds of fresh vegetables.

If their souls are any good at all, it will help put their grandiose ideas into perspective. If their soul is not any good, at least it will keep them from meddling in our lives just that much longer. Yes friends, I recommend that our ruling class pick up the mattock, and try some gardening.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Federal Reserve Gives Cash to Banksters for Defaulted Bonds

No wonder the courts had to force the Federal Reserve to reveal who got what at the Discount Window during the bailouts. It turns out the Fed let their friends trade in just about any "asset" into cash. This included bonds that had already been defaulted on! We have also learned that some of the biggest beneficiaries of the bailouts were foreign banks. That's right America. Republicans and Democrats alike joined hands to borrow money from the Chinese, put it on your children's tab, and gave it to some of the richest foreigners on the planet. Warms the cockels of my heart just to think about their globalist goodwill.

Here is a spreadsheet detailing the recipients. Looks like $2.76 trillion to Dexia -- a banking consortium. Another $2.56T to Depfa -- a German-Irish bank out of Dublin. Next highest is Bank of Scotland at $42.8 billion. Over 1/3 of the total went to foreign banks.

Conservative Legislators Got "Took" on Insurance Funding

HB1258 provides authorization for the insurance department to set up "health care exchanges" in order to comply with the federal health care bill known as "Obamacare."

It only took 51 votes to pass this bill in the house, but in order to fund the set up of the exchanges they had to pass an appropriation bill. That requires 75 out of 100 votes. The Democrats had to entice some Republicans who were dead set against Obama care to somehow vote to fund it.

The "deal" they offered was to put an amendment on 1258 that said if Congress overturned Obamacare or the courts ruled against it then 1258 would not be implemented. In addition, they sent 1258 to interim study rather than passing it. That got the Republicans on board for the vote to fund the state insurance department's budget- including $1 million to fund setting up the exchanges should HB1258 get passed.

If the appropriation bill had not passed, it would have shut down the Arkansas Insurance Department. To some Republican legislators, this was so unacceptable that they took the deal- vote for the Obamacare funding, but send the authorizing legislation to an interim study. Gov. Beebe got his votes.

On our facebook group "Friends of the Tea Party" I tried to warn euphoric activists that the Republicans were suckered on this one. Here is how I explained it there...

"I am not at all convinced that we won a victory in the insurance-Obamacare battle. I believe the legislators are about to learn that once they appropriate money, money with no purpose attached to it, to an agency, especially one headed by a Jay Bradford, that they will lose control over what that money is spent on."

When one of the more hopeful freshman legislators (who is one of the good guys) mentioned that they would still have "legislative oversight" I answered....

I hope that a year to 18 months from now you can (gently) remind me that my fears were unfounded. My fear is that you are about to learn how little legislative oversight you have once men like Jay Bradford have the money. They are going to spend it to set up these exchanges, and they are not going to wait for "authorization" from you to do it.

Well, we only had to wait more like 18 hours to see that my fears were well-founded. Listen to the 1st 20 seconds of the above video of Beebe. He is asked about a "deal" made in the funding of the insurance exchanges. He says "there is no deal as far as I am concerned." He also says "I told them no to any deal." He has the money, and he is going to implement it anyway.

Now that they have the funding, it will be an easy matter for them to call a special session and vote through the bill they just sent to "interim study". They need only a majority vote. Even that may not be needed, if you watch the rest of the video Beebe thinks he may have the authority to do this by executive order, but is not sure yet.

We are living in times where it may be necessary to shut down the entire federal government in the short term in order to force the spending cuts necessary to save it in the long term. In that environment, state house republicans should have had the grit to be willing to shut down one state department for a while until they agreed to strip the state Obamacare funding from the budget. Some of those fooled were freshmen. Let's hope they learn the expensive lesson....

In the Arkansas Legislature, don't "deal" with the bad guys, defund them.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Autism-Vaccine Link Theory Gains More Credence

This is something I have been onto for a while. Here is the story.

Famous Last Words

Soon to be ex-representative Greg Leding of Fayetteville writes about his decisive vote to annex that city to the 4th Congressional district. On the list- it would put the U of A in the same district as many other colleges in Arkansas. Great. Let's see how the U of A folks feel about being lumped in with U of A Monticello and getting the university influence concentrated instead of spread over more districts.