Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What a Surprise, Sabin Upset that GOP Voters Choose Conservatives

From his column here.

"On May 23 the Republican Party went back to its old ways, nominating conservative Northwest Arkansas candidates for the top three positions on this year’s ticket.

Only the lieutenant governor’s primary was even contested, underscoring the lack of diversity within the Republican Party. And that race was won by Jim Holt, a right-wing religious extremist from Springdale, over Chuck Banks, a better-financed moderate from Little Rock.

There is no question that Banks could have competed more effectively in the general election, but that did not seem to matter to the typical Republican primary voter. Of course, the typical Republican primary voter is just like Holt: a right-wing conservative from Northwest Arkansas."

For my de-construction of Mr. Sabin's "analysis" (for lack of a better word), click "Wednesday" below...

Clerks Crafting Their Own Ballots for Run-off Election

According to this Aaron Sadler article, County Clerks across the state are making up "home made" ballots on their office word processors in order to allow early voting to take place for the run-off elections. Unbelievable! The updated software for the ES and S machines has not been made available on time. Unacceptable!

This is turning into a fiasco. Only the hard work and initiative of individual County Clerk Offices is allowing voting to go on in some areas. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has some major explaining to do.

Paul Greenburg Sends Asa Ominous Warning

Greenberg just sent out an ominous warning to Asa in his recent column: If you don't fall in line, we will do the same thing to you that we have done to Senator Holt! (Article entitled, "Unlikely pair, Asa and Jim Holt" ADG 5/30/06.) And Asa knows it is no empty threat because Greenberg has already used one full article to blast Asa over his support of rural schools.

Greenberg shamelessly talks about Senator Jim Holt using fear tactics. Greenberg knows he has used fear tactics for years to whip legislators in line. Anyone that has been around the legislators knows how deep their fears are of the media and of Greenberg – that is unless they are left of liberal and then they know they are safe and don't have to fear the bashings that Greenberg dishes out daily.

Greenberg talks about how Holt doesn't like anyone different than himself, using the race card in an effort to shame Holt. The real truth is that Greenberg can't stand Holt because Holt is different. Holt dares to challenge the good-ole-boy system and the media; he doesn't play the game like the crafty politicians that Greenberg admires, he dares to represent the people rather than the bureaucracy; and he dares to fight for the little people – like the little kindergarten students who are now riding buses for 3 to 3 ½ hours a day. Because Holt walks to a different drumbeat, and Greenberg has not been able to whip Holt in line, it has driven Greenberg to a frenzy of hate. After all, if one legislator like Holt escapes Greenberg's tanks of venomous ink, there just might be many more that follow.

Now Asa has a choice. Does he stand tall and represent the people and the views of the majority of the citizens in Arkansas and win like Holt did. Or will he go the way of the bureaucrats and satisfy the media and lose. The choice is his. Which will he take?

There is no way Asa can satisfy Paul Greenberg and win on the Republican ticket. Greenberg continually praises such liberals as Senator Jim Argue and Joyce Elliott. He even has kind words for Vic Snyder and says Snyder is NOT radical.

The only real Republican value for which Greenberg supposedly stands is pro-life. Yet he continuously praises and endorses those people who are pro-choice. He endorsed Blanche Lincoln in the last race. Sen. Lincoln voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment and voted with John Kerry 86 percent of the time.

EMILY's list, a radical feminist abortion organization that supports gay activists candidates like California's Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein (and New York's Hillary Clinton), was Lincoln's top contributor in 1995-2000. Lincoln co-sponsored the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act favoring homosexuals and voted to add sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes, June 2002. She voted for the Hate Crimes Bill which passed the Senate (but not the House) in 2004.

So how can Asa gain the approval of a guy like Greenberg, who praises and endorses the most liberal politicians in Arkansas, and still get the votes of the Republicans in Arkansas? He can't. But he does have a great chance of winning if he chooses the people over the media. I know it is a hard place to be in. But what choice does he have unless he wants to lose the race?

Link to full article by Greenberg

Iris Stevens

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Democrat-Gazette Tries Fear Mongering to Divide GOP Ticket

The Democrat-Gazette's editorial pages have figured out that Senator Jim Holt is not afraid of their e'fete little candy-cabooses. They tried to smear, bully, and intimidate him, to no effect. They may have even figured out that the people have grown tired of their haurangs about how they "have to" vote. Either that or the people don't listen to their leftist drivel. So now they have taken to aiming their missives at the only audience in this state who might still take them seriously- the political class of both parties.

In today's editorial, the Daily Fishwrap tries to bully Asa Hutchinson out of campaigning with Senator Jim Holt. If Holt is not scared of them, and the people are not scared of them, then maybe they think Asa will be. They go on and on about how they THOUGHT Asa was a reasonable man, but if he supports JIM HOLT! then he can't possibly be!

Their heavy-handed efforts are as transparent as they are mistaken.

Of course, the folks who came out against the marriage amendment are having a hard time making the case that Holt is really "extreme" on anything, other than his devotion to the same values that most voters in Arkansas believe in.

Asa, Holt and everyday Arkansans should have the very same answer to the liberals at the Democrat-Gazette, regardless if a Phillips or Flathead type is used.

Conspiracy Theory on Illegal Immigration Deal

Some of this we know, other things we have to guess.

We know that New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson is a crook. The FBI searched his office and found $90,000 worth of bribes in his freezer.

We know that Speaker of the House Denny Hastert condemns the FBI raid. He seems to think that the Executive Branch should not be able to search Legislative Branch offices, even if it has a warrant from the Judicial branch. Of course this same Denny Hastert has no problem whatsoever with the same Executive branch searching YOU, even without the warrant from the Judicial branch.

We know that El Presidente Bush is determined to keep our borders wide open and provide corporate America with an endless supply of cheap labor, no matter the wishes or the cost to the American citizens who elected him. Speaker Hastert, wrong as he is on the searches, leads a group of men who are right in their desire to stop Bush's Border insanity. While the Senate has a bill that would let in a flood of aliens and give amnesty to the illegals already here, the House has so far refused to give in to the open borders stuff.

We know that President Bush has agreed to hold the raided documents for 45 days while he and Hastert have semi-secret "talks". We suspect that he considered giving the documents seized back, because the rumour is that AG Alberto Gonzales threatened to resign rather than turn the evidence back over to Jefferson.

Could it be that President Bush will use this issue to power-drive Congress to cave in on immigration? I am talking "I can either start raiding all of your offices if you don't agree to the Senate plan, or I can play nice and seal those documents for good and never try it again if you DO agree to the Senate plan."

Would it be outrageous? Of course, but the President's whole border policy is an outrage. What is one more? If the Congress winds up caving on this one, my "conspiracy theory" will look plausible.

State Spending Grows Faster than Incomes

Non-seasonally adjusted employment data reveals the upward trend identified by the Arkansas Policy Foundation in 1997 has continued. Federal employment has declined while Arkansas state and local government employment, including K-12 public education, has continued to expand:

December 1997

Federal Government 21,200
State Government 63,000
Local Government 104,000
State & Local Government 167,000
Total Government 188,200

March 2006

Federal Government 20,500
State Government 71,500
Local Government 119,500
State & Local Government 191,000
Total Government 211,500

Side notes by myself, not by the Policy Foundation, mega government lives in Arkansas.

23,300 New government taxpayer funded jobs in the last nine years

2,589 New government jobs per year created

Since 1980, state spending has consistently outpaced the rate at which Arkansans generate income. Arkansas' spending during that time grew by 57% and Arkansans' personal income grew by 40%. The state spends money faster than Arkansas families can make it.

Between 1992 and 1995 real growth in the state's general revenue was 19.5% and the rate of growth in personal income over the same period was 10%, showing that in recent years the state generates its income at twice the rate as that of its citizens.

According to State Policy Reports (SPR) Arkansas ranks first in the nation in per capita rate of increase in combined local and state tax burden; 40.9%, far above the national average of 27.3%.

Total state spending (inclusive of federal funds) has risen sharply over the last three decades. Analysis shows that in 1962 Arkansas spent $294 million. Today the figure is just under $8 billion. Adjusted for inflation, growth in state spending, from the mid 60s until now, represents a 452% increase. The sharp upward trend shows that since the mid 1970s spending has doubled every ten years. This raises an important tax policy question. How much longer can Arkansas' taxpayers sustain the continued expansion of their government at this rate?

Voting Problems Intensify in Run-Offs

Secretary of State Charlie Daniels seems to be up to the top of his thighs in alligators and can't wiggle out. Early voting for the run-off elections was supposed to start today, but counties are still recounting or otherwise completing tabulation of the May 23 results. The new touch-screen voting machines have not been reprogrammed for the runoff by their manufacturer, Election Systems and Software (ES&S). This firm was selected by Secretary Daniels to get the $15 million contract for the new voting machines against the advice of his own commission. Andy Crawford, who represents ES&S, is a contributor to the Daniels campaign.

Poster Cato on the ArkTimes blog reported that he went to the courthouse and discovered that they had no ballots! People were turned away.

Visiting the Cross-Marked Graves of the Unknowns

I am not sure that you can have such a thing as a "Christian Nation", for to be a Christian is to have a personal relationship with God, and that is done one heart at a time. Still, it is hard to deny when one sees scences like the Veteran's Memorial Graveyard in Fayetteville, that the heritage that led us to become the greatest nation on Earth was a Christian one. The headstones of unknown soldiers were graced with a cross, because the truth of the Gospel was assumed in that day, not attacked.

Masterson On Holt Poll Vault

In his latest article Mike Masterson again gets to the heart of the matter. Senator Jim Holt got 57% of the GOP primary vote while spending only 17% of the money. His nearet rival outspent him almost 4-1 ($205,000 to $57,000) while losing to Holt by 30 percentage points.

Holt is the best known person in the race from either party, despite spending only 2.6% of total dollars spent in the race.

How does he do it? Not by being wrong on the issues, that is for sure.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Remembering the Fallen

It is too easy to forget that we live in the greatest country Mankind has ever known. There are many reasons this is so, but among the essential ones is that men and women were willing to give their lives to sustain and preserve our Republic.

Today, I urge you to start a new tradition in your family. Maybe you could put flowers on the grave of a service member. Maybe you could visit a county seat that has a monument to those who gave their all and say a prayer for their families. Perhaps you could write a letter to a service member you know who is currently in the field.

Traditions can lead us astray when they become the end in themselves rather than a guide to help us in balanced and right living. But on the whole, Americans are tradition-poor rather than tradition-bound. We could benefit from more family tradition. Our circumstances may not be changed by observance, but our attitude about them will be.

Many have paid the ultimate price, but the dream of Liberty has been preserved unto our generation. Happy Memorial Day as we honor our Victorious Fallen.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Crack in the Establishment Dam: Idaho Eagle Forum Endorses 3rd Party Candidate for Congress

Idaho Eagle Forum endorses Paul Smith of the Constitution Party for Idaho's 1st Congressional seat.

We believe that Paul will best represent the wishes of the people of Idaho and stand for our GREAT REPUBLIC. He stands behind the Constitution and for our freedoms as a nation.

Idaho Eagle Forum is not leaving the Republican Party, we believe that Paul is the best choice of the candidates running for the 1st Congressional seat.

Many people feel that the Club for Growth has robbed Idaho. The Club threw in $483,000 to get Sali in because he was their choice and would further their pro-growth goals. We heard on the TV debates that Club for Growth spent $200,000 trying to defeat Butch Otter when he ran for Congress.

*** Club for Growth is for the guest-worker program that could bring in up to 193 million more people in this country by 2026. We are told that they want open borders and cheap labor.

*** Club for Growth is for NAFTA, CAFTA and the FTAA trade agreements that are destroying our economy. ( and Mexico's )

The national Eagle Forum and Idaho Eagle Forum are against the trade agreements, open borders and the guest-worker program. NOW YOU KNOW WHY IDAHO EAGLE FORUM CAN NOT SUPPORT BILL SALI.

After this last election we now have many Republicans that will leave our party or not vote at all.

We want to encourage everyone to consider and vote for Paul Smith, and not to feel that they have lost out. Paul stands for the same values as Idaho Eagle Forum.

I sent an e-mail out earlier today that gave an eye opening view of how our government is being controlled by special interest groups. Let us NOT ALLOW IDAHO to fall into their trap. We need to choose who we want to represent us not some special interest group with their POT OF GOLD !!!


Thank You,
Jane Lesko, Idaho Eagle Forum

LRSD Board Member Yells at Teachers, Tells them to "Shut Up"

Tony Rose, the LRSD board member most responsible for the change in hiring policy that would bring more gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and pedophiles into Little Rock classrooms went ballistic at a Little Rock school board meeting last week. The subject was upcoming negociations for new teacher salaries.

One eyewitness reports (from Arktimes blog):

"Yes, I was there at the board meeting fiasco last night. After comments about the disrespect being shown to teachers, Mr. Ledbetter [the CTA director] made a speech about the negotiations and the relationship between LRSD and LRCTA.

[School Boarde member Tony] Mr. Rose rudely interrupted him and then proceeded to yell at an audience of teachers, parents and community members to "Shut up!" and "That's the problem, you don't know who the boss is." In the next breath, he stated that teachers needed no protection from them or the administration. Yeah, right!

I'm sure you've seen the rest of the comments this morning in the DG. [School Board member Tom] Mr. Brock, in his intelligent remarks, compared members of CTA to "horses' behinds" and asked if being one was a qualification to obtaining membership in the organization. Someone needs to remind them that the people in that audience, including many teachers, are taxpayers and patrons of this district. They are elected officials and were elected to the board to represent all of the citizens in their zone. I think it is time to investigate recalling school board members. The total disrespect demonstrated last night for the teachers in the LRSD was appalling. It is no wonder the district is in the shape it is in and with the current leadership, will continue to go backward instead of forward."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Illegals to Get Social Security Benefits Obtained By Fraud Under Senate Plan

Under the Senate Bill, giving amnesty is not enough. Now it seems that our Senate wants to make sure that the people they are giving amnesty get rewarded for committing fraud. This after the Ensign Amendment went down 50-49. Senator Ensign's amendment, which was designed to insure that "persons who receive an adjustment of status under this bill (The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006) are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity."

If you or I gave false documents to federal agents in order to obtain social security benefits fradulently it would be a serious crime and we would do serious jail time. The Senate has determined that you should be held to those laws, but 11 million alien invaders should be given a pass. Social security is a lot more than retirement checks. There is a "disability" portion (like for alcohol or drug addiction) too.

The Senate bill is so bad that I now hope that NO immigration bill passes. The House version is a good bill, but when it goes to "conference committee" it will get made into a bad bill with senate provisions. Just enforce the law. Just write a bill dealing with strengthening the border. Write another one that beefs up deportations. You don't need a "comprehensive" bill that includes amnesty, guest worker programs, or raising the legal immigration quotas so high that everyone who wants to cross is just let in. I repeat, I would rather see NO BILL than this one.

For a list of those who voted in favor of doing this, click "Saturday" below.

Most Consolidated Districts Annexed (No representation)

Most of the schools that have been closed down have been black-majority districts. If a private employer laid of mostly black workers he would be likely to face a civil rights law suit. It seems the rules don't apply to the government itself however.

Another disturbing trend about school consolidations is that most of the closing down of facilities (even though this plan was sold as only an "administrative" consolidation) is done in such a way that the smaller district has no representation when the decision to shut them down is made.

This article lays out the facts. "Sixty-seven school districts were required to either be annexed by or consolidate with another district under the 2004 law. Of the 47 schools closed, the report said, 42 of them were annexed - an important point, according to the report, because annexations usually meant a loss of political influence for the smaller districts. "

Riding roughshod over people- white or black- is not the American way. This school "reform" is being conducted in a high-handed and unAmerican manner.

Maumelle State Rep. Primary Outcome Still In Doubt

Doug Ladner has asked for a recount in his GOP primary for State Representative. With only a few overseas ballots to be counted, he apparently lost by nine votes to Ed Garner. The district is one of the most upscale- and Republican- in the state.

Suprisingly, his opponent agreed with the decision to call for a recount. Here is his statement.....

" I just want to empasize the excellent job that the Pulaski County Election Commission has done under horrible conditions. And that the Pulaski County Clerk's office has performed admirably as well. Many voters may "carry over" some of the past problems at the Clerks office and attach their frustrations to Pat O'Brian and his workers but it should be clear that the lack of performance rests with the Secretary of State in not having adaquate timelines in place for the performance of the vender hired to do the job. Unfair to the County employees, many of whom went without sleep and operated under extreme stress... yet pushed on out of a real sense of duty to the public. Unfair to the voters, supporters of the campaigns involved and unfair to the poll workers. Above the personal stress as a candidate, I couldn't have been more proud of the fight that these people waged to get it right.

ES&S shouldn't recieve a nickel of State Funds.....

I have just been informed that my opponent has called for a recount. Given his personal sacrifice and the efforts of his supporters, I think that is entirely appropriate.

This horrible rollercoaster has been engineered by the Secretary of State and ES&S and I hope it ends soon so we can finally focus on issues and challenges facing the people of District 41 and the people of the State of Arkansas rather than this sideshow."
Ed Garner

Friday, May 26, 2006

Unconventional Wisdom Thread

Folks we would like to start a thread on the "Unconventional Wisdom" show with David Sanders representing the mid-right and Warwick Sabin representing the left. This week featured State Republican Chairman Gilbert Baker vs. State Democratic Chairman Jason Willett. It was on at 6:30 on AETN. Lots of great fireworks about Asa and Holt. Click here to see it on REALPLAYER.

So what did you think of the show? Who do you think won the debate?

Vote Count Still Incomplete: Runoff Voting a ?

The election was Tuesday. This is Friday. The vote count is still not complete according to this Rob Moritz article, and the machines may not be completely ready to go even by early voting for the runoffs. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels picked ES&S to get the state's $15 million contract to install electronic voting machines, rumour has it that this decision was against the advice of his own people.

ES&S has fired its Arkansas team. Now the question is will the people of Arkansas do the same to Mr. Daniels?

Report any voting nightmare tales here.

Lincoln, Pryor Double Talk on Illegal Aliens

Senators Pryor and Lincoln voted for the Senate bill on illegal immigration that President Bush also favors. As this story puts it, "Arkansas' senators on Thursday voted in favor of sweeping immigration legislation, saying they supported its tougher stance on border security while integrating undocumented immigrants who are already in the United States"

The reality is that the Senate bill is a surrender to those global and corporate interests who want an endless supply of second class citizens to drive down wages. That is why the article quotes companies like Wal-Mart and Tyson who are urging passage of the bill. You may remember that Tyson shut down nine of it's plants on the May Day illegal alien protest this month.

(continued, click "Friday" below for article)

Party of Traitors

Excerpt from this Illana Mercer column.:

What is wrong with American conservatism? Hardly anything at all. From tax to immigration to judicial philosophy, conservatives are beginning to set the agenda of public debate. Whole stretches of popular culture are objectively conservative – talk radio and the blogosphere, for example.

While there is no dispute as to which tradition belong "The Incredibles" and "The Passion of the Christ," I would venture that "South Park" and "The Simpsons" are conservative-cum-libertarian. They lampoon liberal elites and regularly slaughter the sacred cows of political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and radical environmentalism.

"There is now in this country a conservative movement – and I include libertarians in this movement – more passionate and agreed in substance on what needs to be done than I can recall. All that is wrong with [American] conservatism is that it lacks a conservative party. The problem with the [Republican Party] and its associated media is that its function has been less to advance conservative interests than to neutralize conservative opinion" – a function evinced by the Bush immigration betrayal.
************* Go to link for rest of article *********

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Demo-Zette Editorial: People Who Disagree With Them are Divisive (Barf Warning!)

"Generally the one clear thing about Tuesday’s results was a lack of clarity. But there were some clear winners here and there. Jim Holt’s sweep of the Republican primary for lieutenant governor without needing a run-off means the stage is set in the fall for one of the meanest-spirited campaigns in Arkansas politics since the bad old days."

Yes, and the mean-spiritedness is coming straight from the pages of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, desperately using its power to try to flog its readership into line with old-school liberal thinking. Too bad, we have outgrown you. The hate is not coming from Holt, but those who want him stopped even at the expense of the truth.

"We’d hoped those days when Arkansas made the worst kind of headlines were long past, but the state’s reputation is likely to suffer a similar blow if Jim Holt, state senator and font of ill will, continues to run hard against illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and Them in general, meaning anybody who’s different from Us."

Hey Demo-Zette Character Assassins: YOU are the ones who make up what the headlines say. And you are also really the ones to be a font of ill will against anyone who sees things differently from you- a group which includes a majority of the voters in this state. To describe Holt as a "Font of ill-will" is so absurd to those who know him that there are no words to describe how wrong it is. Please see the Dana Kelley article which describes how surprised he was to meet the real Jim Holt after having only the liberal media's frothing hate rants to judge him by.

"The state senator from Springdale calls himself pro-life, but he would deny prenatal care, among other state services, to expectant mothers who don’t have the right papers—and to the Americans-to-be they’re carrying. There’s no room at his inn for such."

Here they lie like a rug. Holt woud not deny anyone access to emergency treatement, even if we had to pay for it, nor would he deny even routine treatment to illegal aliens. What he would deny is access to YOUR POCKETS to pay for routine, non-emergency medical care, like pre-natal vitamins. The writers know or should know this, as this article provides overwhelming documentation which the media has been made aware of. In fact much of the article was traded e-mails with a reporter on the effects of SB206. The Demo-Zette has to know that they are being untruthful when they say it would deny TREATMENT to anyone. It would only deny access to your pockets to pay for non-essential treatment. They know, but they don't care. They are not out to provide information, but to defame character. Their goal is not to enlighten their readers, but to bully them.

" At a time when this state, like this country, needs to be united, he is the symbol, essence, and product of divisiveness. So fasten your seat belts, fellow Arkies, it’s going to be a bumpy ride till November, if not beyond. "

It seems that if you or I hold opinions that differ from those of the hidden editorial writers why then WE are the problem. We are the troublemakers. Somehow WE are the "divisive" ones.

Wicked King Ahab once tried to pin that rap on the Prophet Elijah because he preached things that the establishment did not want to hear. Elijah did not accept Ahab's label, and neither should you or I accept the one that the Demo-Zette is trying to put on us.

Double Standard On Searches


This is one of those cases where the mask drops off and it becomes clear that our "two party system" is a fraud. The reality is that it is us against them.

Crooked Congressman William Jefferson of New Orleans got his office raided by the FBI and they found evidence that he had taken bribes. The search was done with a warrant approved by a judge, and that warrant described in detail the exact things they were looking for.

Jefferson is a Democrat, but Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert has complained about the raid and insisted that the Executive Branch return the documents gathered in the raid. This same Denny Hastert has said nothing when the same executive branch engaged in wiretapping of American citizens WITHOUT a warrant, as well as random data collection on all of us regarding our phone calls and e-mails.

Groups whose function seems to be legitimate political protest are getting investigated. I disagree with the political leanings of some of these groups but that is not the point. The point is they have the same 4th amendment rights I do. Hastert is not concerned about any of that, only about legitimate searchers with Judicial branch approval, that are performed on Congressmen.

Congress is not above the law. Nor are the people beneath its protection. If Speaker Hastert, William Jefferson, or any of the rest of them have forgotten that then it is time they be sent home. If both parties have forgotten that then it is time for one that has not.

Will Banks Endorse Holt?

This snippit from today's Wickline column caught my eye:

"Banks, who has said Holt is out of the GOP mainstream, said he wants to meet with Holt to clarify Holt’s stands on issues before deciding whether he’ll support him in the Nov. 7 general election.

Matayo said he’ll support the Republican ticket. "

Comments on that?

Halter or the Hanging Judge for Matchup with Holt?

There has been lot's of buzz lately, Brummett's column today alluded to it, and the Arktimes blog is all over it, about which Democrat has the best chance against Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor. The majority opinion in those quarters is fear that Holt has a good chance to beat Halter and that State Senator Tim Wooldridge AKA "The Hanging Judge" for his bill to bring back public hangings, matches up better against Holt.

That may be or it may not be. If it goes down that way, with Wooldridge the nominee, I know I am going to have fun. I am going to have fun watching the liberal media try to paint Wooldridge as the "moderate" in this race and Holt as the "Extremist". Wooldridge also sponsored a bill that many feel would have allowed Deltic Timber to pollute Little Rock's water supply. For every eltist Republican who can't bring themselves to vote for Holt, there are two environmentally conscious central Arkansas liberals who won't vote Wooldrige. If the Green Party gets on the ballot then instead of just leaving that ballot spot blank, the liberals really have a place to send a message.

Hang in there Senator Wooldridge! This could be fun.

Voting Machine Company to Change Project Manager Over Errors

Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has told ES&S that he wants a new project manager after their electronic voting machines were not ready as promised in many locations for Tuesday's primary. Daniels said the machines may not be ready for early voting in the run-off elections either. Problems with the machines have been widespread.

Rumour has it that Daniels over-rode the reccommendation of his own commission to select ES&S over Diebold and others. ES&S representative Andy Crawford is a donor to the Daniels campaign.

Dana Kelley on "The Holt Phenomenon"

EXCERPTS FROM The Holt phenomenon
by Dana Kelley
Appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette May 19, 06 (som
Reprinted by Permission of author

Here Kelley deals with the question of why an "extemeist" like Holt keeps getting validated at the polls over candidates who are alledgedly more "mainstreamm".

..So the question being begged here is: How do you explain the paradox ? If the press, mainstream and liberal, is doing everything it can to negate Holt’s appeal, where does it come from ? Here are a few possible answers.

First of all, by going so far overboard on Holt so often, editorialists and op-ed writers have probably helped his cause. Any good salesman will tell you it’s always better to underpromise and overdeliver. Too many times, a candidate is oversold in the media, and when voters actually get to meet him or her, it’s an underwhelming experience.

The exact opposite happens with Holt, whom I’ve met only one time. But once was enough for me to be surprised at the gap between all I’d read about him and what I actually encountered. Holt had been undersold. He didn’t have horns. In fact, he seemed a lot like a lot of other people I know. I’m sure the same dynamic plays out over and over again as he meets and speaks with others.

It’s always nice to exceed a negative expectation, but that alone can’t explain a 45-point lead over credible opponents.

(continued- click THURSDAY below and scroll down)

It is Starting to Sink In: Holt IS Mainstream on Issues

The media is finally starting to get it. As usual, they are behind the people because they mostly talk to each other and "movers and shakers". These are ultra-conformist subcultures within our society. That means they all tend to look at things the same way within that group and see their group's viewpoints as the only possible rational and legitimate view.

After Holt rocks-their-world with another strong election showing they get stunned out of their illusions for a while and print articles like this excellent Doug Thompson piece where it is admitted that Holt can't be that far out of the mainstream after all. Why maybe, just maybe THEY are the ones out of touch with the common citizen.

Of course they are stunned right now, but as they go back to their insular lives, without any election to pop their bubbles, I predict they will revert to form and start calling Jim Holt an "extremist" again. This can only mean that the Republican Party of Arkansas is extremist, since they have twice voted Holt in with solid majorities, and this time against quality opposition with big bucks.

So I expect them to go to sleep for a few nights and then wake up pretending it never happened. They will return to their insular world where everyone is satisfied with the status quo. A world where the solution to the illegal alien crisis is to just make them all "guest workers" and sign them up for social programs until the money runs out. A world that can't be bothered with the blood of innocent babies and abortion. A world where it is perfectly OK if government continues to grow faster than people's incomes, and the state makes all decisions for all schools. They are unconcerned that homosexuals are becoming foster parents, and they usually agree with the liberal agenda that judges are imposing on this country.

I expect them to revert to form, forget this ever happened, and go back to calling Jim Holt an "extremist" very soon. They will return to their dreamworld and remain there- until November.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jim Bob Duggar: All class and a witness for his Lord

Former state Representative Jim Bob Duggar of Springdale narrowly lost to State Representative Bill Pritchard of Elkins in the Republican primary for the dist. 35 senate seat. Jim Bob was frankly outspent and outhustled in the race. Modern politics takes a relentless focus on self that many good men find very difficult, and Duggar is one of those.

When Jim Bob congratulated his opponent, Pritchard mentioned that he was leaving the country immediately to go on his wedding anniversary. Duggar at once offered to collect Pritchard's signs for him- a difficult task on many levels.

Win or lose the political race, you are a winner in the true race that you run. The gospel for which you witness shines brightly.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thread II : Live Election Thread

The Secretary of State Website is just now reporting it's first totals.

KATV live election results

KARK live election results are far ahead of the SOS in reporting. They also report slightly different totals even when reporting the same percent- they may have people in different counties.

So far, many key counties have not reported in.

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Live Election Night Thread

We are posting this a few hours early so that word can get around it is out here. This is a place for YOU to post results as we get them and provide commentary on what they mean.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

KTHV-Survey USA Poll Released on Lt. Governor's Race

KTHV Channel 11 Little Rock has just released the results of the their poll in the Lt. Governor's race. The poll was conducted this past Friday and Saturday. On the Republican side it looks like this.....

Holt 58%
Banks 15%
Matayo 10%
Undecided 17%

On the Democratic Side

Halter 40%
Hathorn 20%
Wooldridge 17%
Martin 9%
Undecided 13%

It looks like the Democrats are in for a runoff while on the Republican side Holt looks strong- and this poll was taken BEFORE his automated phone messages went out to insure that the polling support converted to voters in the booth.

Make Your Primary Election Prediction Here

The primary is tomorrow. Make your predictions for the elections here....and don't be a chicken, use your real name!

I will start us off.....

Republican Lt. Governor's Primary:

Holt will win with no less than 60% of the vote. If I had to pick an exact percentage I would say 62.5%. Turnout will be on the heavy side with about 75K voter turnout and 68K of those will vote in the Lt. Gov. Race.

Your turn.

Matayo Puts "Undecided" on Scholarships for Children of Illegals for Family Council Survey

I can't believe the chutzpah. This guy is slicker than a catfish in a jar of vaseline. You have to watch Republican Lt. Governor candidate and State Representative Doug Matayo real, real close to catch him trying to sneak one over on you. He's good at it. Those are the dangerous ones.

The biggest issue of this campaign regarding Matayo's record is his support for HB1525, which would have provided taxpayer funded college scholarships and in-state tution rates for persons in this country illegally. Matayo voted for that bill and went to the well of the House to speak for its passage. He pushed hard for it. Only the strident objections of consevatives in the Senate, teamed with voter outrage, stopped it from passing.

Senator Jim Holt has been making sure everyone knows Matayo's record on this issue, and early in the campaign Holt claims Matayo said (at a U of A Fayetteville College Republican Event) that he would "never back down" from his position.

But on page 92 of this Arkansas Family Council candidate survey. .....

(continued- click "Monday" below for rest of article and scroll down, or if sent straight here just scroll down).

Animal Farm: Pigs and Farmers Look Alike on Illegals

In the famous read "Animal Farm" the animals had a revolution and kicked out the farmer overlords. Over time though, the Pigs manipulated their way to the top of the animal heap and exploited their subjects in much the same way as the farmers had done. By the end of the book, the Farmers and the Pigs got together in a room to negotiate peace, and they wound up all looking alike to the betrayed farm animals.

So it is with the illegal immigration issue. In this John Brummett column, we have Brummett actually praising Karl Rove, the Bush Administration, and Ted Kennedy together. The day John Brummett praises a "conservative administration" is the day you know that the administration is not conservative.

JB assures us that the people want border control and citizenship for illegals "simultaneously". In a bit of revisionism, he notes that the failed 1986 amnesty only gave citizenship, it did not control the border. True John, but at the time they PROMISED to control the border, just like this time. It was supposed to be a "one and only" time deal.

This is one of those really important "core issues" where the people are granted only the illusion of choice- and if they choose "wrong" they must choose again. There is big money for some big people riding on this one. On this one, the Pigs and the Farmers all look alike.

Long Election Night Coming- Machines Not Ready

In this article by Rob Moritz, Jefferson, Sebastian and Scott counties report they were not expecting to have electronic voting machines ready by Tuesday.

In addtion, electronic machines also are doubtful in Arkansas, Bradley, Desha, Drew, Izard, Jackson, Phillips and Pope counties. Only eight counties had machines fully set up and tested in time for the start of early voting. It sounds like we are in for a long election night Tuesday, as some key counties will be using the slower paper ballot method. In a worst-case scenario, the electronic machines malfunction and it is not caught until voting is well underway or completed.

The E,S&S voting machine contract has been a headache with the potential of being a disaster. Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has to be hoping that the voters have a short memory after Tuesday. Republican Secretary of State candidate Jim LaGrone has critisized Daniels for ignoring the advice of his own commission to pick E, S&S for the voting machine contract- a company whose lobby has donated to the Daniels campaign.

Two other notes: The article leaves Republican Treasurer candidate Chris Morris off the list of candidates on the ballot, and quotes someone incorrectly maintaining that all of the Lt. Governor candidates are looking for higher office down the road. Lawyer Chuck Banks of Little Rock has maintained that this is his "last rodeo".

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A View of the End

Eschatology is one's view of what the Bible has to say about the end of the world. Until I was 40, I did not realize that Christsendom had more than one view on it, I just knew that I was a hypocrite, because my eschatology said it was useless to try to make this world a better place until Christ returns, but in my life I could not in good conscience sit idly by while the world full of people I cared about went down the tubes.

(Continued- click "SUNDAY" below for article).

Poetry Corner: "Graduation Day"

The teachers were smiling, another job well done
'Cause flowers are for blooming in the last week of May.
The children smiled too, they knew that they had done it.
All of 'em knew that it was graduation day.

Papa said 'Mama, let's attend the celebration.'
And the preacher was there, cause they wanted him to pray.
All except for that lawyer, way back in the corner
Who said 'Let's take it to the judge, and see if it’s OK.'

News anchor with raised eyebrow, he gave us the story.
Said "I don't see why these Christians persist."
We even had a scientist look in his laboratory.
If God's not there, then He must not exist."

The Judge wore a scowl, along with his black robe
He said "I forbid you. In fact I insist.
The Constitution says be neutral, in matters of religion.
That means we slap you down, and support the athiests."

Graduation was over, but Papa was a thinking
And all of his friends, they were thinking too.
About Constitution Pollution, and reporter-distorters.
Yeah, Papa cleaned his gun, and wondered what to do.

Anecdotal Evidence of the High Cost of Cheap (Illegal) Labor

I went to play basketball this afternoon with some of the twenty-somethings that I can rarely keep up with today. One of the semi-regulars came in with a bandage on his knee. I kidded with him a bit about going after some "crash cash", but when he told me the circumstances surrounding the incident it really bothered me.

It turns out the guy who rear-ended him only spoke Spanish and seemed like he knew nothing about how things work in this country. Someone else also hit that driver after the first collision, my friend seemed to think the fellow had no brake lights. The Spanish speaker attempted to leave the scene of the accident, and my young friend had to reach in the guy's car and forcibly restrain him. He then told the people behind them to call the cops. The cops came and took the Spanish speaker directly to jail.

I am going to go out on a limb and say the fellow was an illegal alien. I hope whatever company hired him up here is real happy with the dollar or so an hour they saved by bringing up this poor guy. If there was any justice, they would put the employer in the same cell as this illegal. It will be $5,000 worth of damage to my young acquaintence's car, I don't know how much to the other two. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Our current system is not even fair to that illegal alien that is sitting in the Benton County jail tonight. He has been lured up here, with winks and nods from our duplicitous government, with hope of gain that has blown up in his face.

The border is still not secure, 6,000 more national guardsmen to shuffle papers by 2008 won't fix it either. Workplace arrests have dropped to almost nothing. A guest worker program is not the answer. People like this young Spanish speaker simply are not prepared to navigate urban American life and they should not be allowed to- for everyone's good.

"Big-Box Mart" Online Cartoon is Comedic Genius!

If you are ready for some good laughs, with some poignant jabs, click here and catch this animated video about "Big-Box Mart"

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Illegals to Get Social Security Benefits Obtained By Fraud Under Senate Plan

Under the Senate Bill, giving amnesty is not enough. Now it seems that our Senate wants to make sure that the people they are giving amnesty get rewarded for committing fraud. This after the Ensign Amendment went down 50-49. Senator Ensign's amendment, which was designed to insure that "persons who receive an adjustment of status under this bill (The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006) are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity."

If you or I gave false documents to federal agents in order to obtain social security benefits fradulently it would be a serious crime and we would do serious jail time. The Senate has determined that you should be held to those laws, but 11 million alien invaders should be given a pass. Social security is a lot more than retirement checks. There is a "disability" portion (like for alcohol or drug addiction) too.

The Senate bill is so bad that I now hope that NO immigration bill passes. The House version is a good bill, but when it goes to "conference committee" it will get made into a bad bill with senate provisions. Just enforce the law. Just write a bill dealing with strengthening the border. Write another one that beefs up deportations. You don't need a "comprehensive" bill that includes amnesty, guest worker programs, or raising the legal immigration quotas so high that everyone who wants to cross is just let in. I repeat, I would rather see NO BILL than this one.

For a list of the 50 Senators who sold you out, click "saturday" below and scroll down.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another KTHV Poll For Lt. Governor?

Word is that there is another poll being conducted by channel 11 and the results may be released as soon as tonight. Would someone care to tune in and give us the poll results?

Team America PAC Endorses Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor

Well, OK, so it is not that "Team America", but one founded by Congressman Tom Tancredo and former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan.

"Bay Buchanan, chairman of Team America, a political action committee founded by Congressman Tom Tancredo that is dedicated to securing our borders endorses Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor of Arkansas.

Holt has clear grasp of the issue and is a fierce opponent of amnesty and mass immigration. Unlike many candidates, he is not a Johnny-come-lately who just recently took on illegal immigration for political gain. Holt backs up his talk with a consistently pro-enforcement voting record. While in the Arkansas State Senate, Holt proposed Senate Bill 206 in 2005, which would have strengthened voter identification and denied taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens. He was instrumental in defeating House Bill 1525 in 2005 , which would have given scholarships and in-state tuition to illegal aliens. If elected, Team America is confident that Holt will be an asset to those who wish to enforce our laws and secure the border."

Bay BuchananTeam America
501 Church Street,
Vienna, VA 22180

In 1981, President Reagan appointed Bay Buchanan Treasurer of the United States making her the youngest person to hold that position since it was established in 1775. She is the sister of Pat Buchanan and managed his three campaigns for President.

Matayo Flyers Worse than Pulled Ads

Frontrunner Jim Holt is getting attacked from all sides in the hysteronic final days of the Lt. Governor's race. Now there are reports of "attack flyers" being handed out door-to-door by supporters of Representative Doug Matayo that make the attack ads that Chuck Banks was compelled to pull seem downright accurate. Matayo himself distributed the flyer's at Republican events. The flyer's make claims like...

"Holt Says one thing: Record Says Another

Holt says he wants to deny illegal immigrants state funded health care but Holt sponsored SB 991 of 2005 which would have expanded state services for illegal immigrants to have their children delivered by midwives at taxpayer expense."

Now the truth is that Holt did not want to provide midwives ONLY for illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense, but for everyone now using medicare. Matayo's position is as ridiculous as saying that since illegal aliens use roads if you vote to fund a highway then you are giving taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens. It is absurd as saying that since you voted to improve fire protection, and the firement would rescue even illegal aliens, then you are for taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens.

(continued- click "Friday" below for rest of story and scroll down)

He's Baaack! Banks Attack Ads Part Deux!

The Lt. Governor's primary has returned to form on the GOP side. After running attack ads against Senator Jim Holt that were so outrageous that even the Democrat-Gazette admitted they were off base, Chuck Banks pulled the ads and attempted to stay positive for a few days. Now it seems that the personality of the psychopathic movie doll has once again possessed the soul of the Bank's campaign.

These ads, unwittingly- which is the way that much of Mr. Bank's campaign had been conducted- highlight just how out of touch Mr. Banks is with the Republican grassroots. For example, the ads highlight that Mr. Banks is a supporter of Pre-K programs and unlike Senator Holt has a "sensible plan for immigration". The Republican base is not in favor of Pre-K and considers "sensible plans for immigration" to be code words for a "guest worker program" which are code words for "amnesty". And they are right. These are two issues that the leadership of the party is aggressively attempting to hammer down the throats of the protesting grassroots. Holt is the guy standing up for the people tired of being pushed left.

Bank's also made a point to stay on the Demo-zette's good side this time by noting that the Demo-zette thinks Banks is a likeable guy and that they think Holt is a terrible legislator. Once again, the Banks folks are phoning the campaign in from another galaxy relative to most Republican voters. They know the Demo-zette, who actually opposed the marriage amendment, is not their buddy. The people read those things upside down.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Green Party to Jump In 2nd Dist. Congressional Race?

We are going to give this to you as we got it:
"Longtime Little Rock based political activist Glen Schwarz will formally announce as a Green Party candidate for the Arkansas District 2 U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Congressman Vic Snyder, at the Green Party State Meeting, being held at the Clinton Community Center, Saturday May 20, at 12noon.

"This is the northernmost frontier of my district," Schwarz commented. "Truly an appropriate locale and time. With me in the race there is an outside chance that Congressman Vic Snyder will be brought home for a term. Then either I or the Republican will be sent to Washington, whichever of us wins a plurality of the votes. So it is important that a decent Republican wins the primary vote next Tuesday. For this reason I'm voting in the Republican primary and endorsing Tom Formicola for the nomination. I also like Chuck Banks for Lt. Governor."

Is this tip true? If it is, it could have several titanic consequences up and down the ticket.

(continued: click "thursday" below and scroll down for rest of story, or if sent straight here, just scroll down)

Establishment Media Gives Puff Pieces to Favorites

Did you see the nice endorsement that Dan Greenberg got in his state rep. race against Kurt Hetherington? This Greenberg guy must be awesome to get a full editorial column endorsing him in a state rep. race!

What you say, he is Paul Greenberg's son? Well, they did mention that, but I still question the propriety of it. I honestly don't know which of these two men would make a better state representative. I have heard nice things about them both. I do know that I don't want to spend the next two years reading articles from the Democrat-Gazette pumping up young Greenberg's achievements into the stratosphere.

Then there is the Stephens media group. They basically ran Representative Doug Matayo's press release announcing that he is pro-life! What a news flash! The headline was "Matayo Would Support Abortion Ban". Only he wouldn't. He would only ban most of them. The text of the article said, "Matayo said he would favor a ban that provided exceptions to save the pregnant woman's life and in cases of rape or incest - a more moderate stance than lawmakers in South Dakota, which passed an abortion ban this year that only allows an abortion to save a woman's life.

(continued, click "thursday" below for rest of story)

Matayo Gets NRA Endorsement: Revenge a Motive?

Whoa, the NRA just endorsed Rep. Doug Matayo over Senator Jim Holt in the Republican Primary for Lt. Governor even though both have had straight "A" ratings.

I will tell you what this really means. It is straight up payback. Holt called them cowards two years ago when they were one of the conservative groups that left him twisting in the wind against Blanche Lincoln. She had a poor rating but they did not want to make her mad so they did not endorse Holt.

I say they can't find one pro-gun bill that Matayo supported that Holt did not. This endorsement is not about who will best protect your 2nd amendment rights, it is about revenge. Normally they only want to endorse sure winners so they can brag about what a high percentage of their picks win (if that is all they normally do, do we really need them?). This time they endorse a man at 12% in the polls a week before election day. The reason? "Get Holt, he blew our cover".

NY GOP Establishment Rallies to Block Conservative (Sound Familar?)

It is happening Coast to Coast Folks-Republicans Hope to Block Conservative Candidate (RINOs want to stop NY Conservative John Faso)
NY Times ^ | May 18, 2006 | PATRICK HEALY and JENNIFER MEDINA

Prominent New York Republicans took steps yesterday to derail John Faso's bid for the party nomination for governor by assailing him as an extremist conservative who would drag down the entire Republican slate in the November elections.

The onslaught against Mr. Faso, a former assemblyman, could help prepare the way for a major development, several New York Republicans said: Gov. George E. Pataki's endorsement of another candidate, William F. Weld.

These Republicans, who are close to Mr. Pataki, said he would like to endorse Mr. Weld but could do so only if Mr. Faso was seen by Republican voters as an out-of-touch extremist who would not win enough support from moderates and women to beat the likely Democratic nominee for governor, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. These Republicans were granted anonymity to disclose political strategy that they were not authorized to discuss publicly.

"While the governor thinks John has been an outstanding candidate, he has significant concerns about his voting record and the ability to raise the funds to overcome it," a Republican close to the governor said. But, this Republican cautioned, "It is incumbent upon the Weld campaign to talk to party leaders throughout the state."

The attacks on Mr. Faso's conservative record have been unfolding for days now, at the same time as his campaign has picked up steam with important endorsements and a rise in the polls. Those attacks intensified yesterday when Republicans released a letter from William L. DeProspo, the party chairman in Orange County, to other Republican leaders criticizing Mr. Faso's voting record in the Assembly.

Republicans said that if the attacks on Mr. Faso succeeded, Mr. Pataki might announce in the coming days that he was urging voters to support Mr. Weld for governor and, perhaps, Mr. Faso as his running mate.

Joseph L. Bruno,...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will Jim Argue Head Bebee's ADE? One Statewide School District?

Will Senator Jim Argue be Beebe's ADE Director?

We usually send out only information that can be documented. However, I feel the following rumor is worthy of introspection. A Democratic senator reported that Senator Jim Argue has a commitment from Mike Beebe to make Argue his Director of the State Department of Education if he becomes governor. Argue would be replacing Ken James.

We were wondering if Senator Argue has the legal qualifications for this position and if anyone could substantiate this rumor or could get Mike Beebe to deny it or confirm it. Of course we know the rules can be changed in 24 hours for the qualifications if the powerful elite decide to do so. We also know that denial of this rumor could also be useless, but it would be interesting to see if Mike Beebe will say "yea" or "nay" to this question.

If the past actions and decision by Senator Argue are not enough to give chills to the school districts and citizens of Arkansas, the excerpts included below from an article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette should.
(click "Wednesday " below for rest of article)

Endorsements For State Supreme Court

"Stick the hook in real deep"
Supreme Court Nominee D. Corbin Says

You must vote in the Primary May 23 to vote for the Supreme Court Justices
They are non partisan so you vote on them in the Primary not the General Election
Early Voting is in Process at this time

There are four Supreme Court positions to be filled in next week’s elections. Arkansans only have a choice in two of those positions since no one is running against two of the incumbents.

Please Vote For These Two Supreme Court Justices
Roger Harrod
Paul Danielson
(See reasons, click "Wednesday" below)

Holt Radio Spot.

Huckabee's Anti-Citizen Mood

"Huckabee: Anti-Alien Mood has Racist Strain"

That was the title of this Paul Barton article. Normally I don't consider the Democrat-Gazette a reliable source of information, but Barton's articles have been correct and these comments are all too typical of things that Governor Huckabee would say.

Barton quoted Huckabee as saying, “If I were to say some of it is driven by just sheer racism, I think I would be telling you the truth,” Huckabee said as he shared sandwiches and salad with close to 20 national and regional political reporters.

“I’m not saying everybody who is very, very angry [about immigration ] is a racist. I want to be very clear about that. But I’ve had conversations with people, and it became evident what they really didn’t like is that people didn’t look like them, didn’t talk like them and didn’t celebrate the holidays they do, and they just had a problem with it.”

He said many politicians take advantage of that. “We’ve got people in my own state certainly that have used this as a way to fling red meat out at crowds,” he said, without mentioning names."

(Continued- click WEDNESDAY below and scroll down for rest of article, or if sent directly here just scroll down)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Holt Secures Endorsement of Taxpayers Association


After careful consideration of all the candidates for Lt. Governor, the Arkansas Taxpayers Rights Association (ATRA) has decided to endorse Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor. In a world of moderate-to-downright liberal Republicans who don’t know what the people of Arkansas want, Senator Holt stands alone as a conservative voice. Deception, at first, made some candidates appear better than they really are. Their proposals reveal their true agenda, whether or not they actually vote for these proposals.

Arkansas Taxpayer's Rights Association strongly encourages all 105,000 unheard voices who helped ATRA by signing a petition in 1998 or 2000 to vote for Senator Jim Holt. The enemies of the1st amendment now have to listen.
Senator Holt has put forth a plan, or initiative, to be introduced and voted on by the citizens of Arkansas to prevent any tax increases except those approved by THE PEOPLE. It is modeled after Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) which has been quite successful.

Senator Holt is sincere about keeping down government costs. He even voted against his own salary increases on three separate occasions. Now that’s leadership by example!

Arkansas ranks 4th nationwide in percentage of income paid in total taxes. In other words, Arkansans pays a larger portion of their income in all taxes than do 46 other states in the nation. It’s time to stop living beyond our means. It’s time for new leadership.

ATRA is asking Arkansans to carefully consider voting for Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor in the Republican Primary May 23. Early voting started May 8.

John A. Vest, State Co-Chairman
Arkansas Taxpayer's Rights Association (ATRA)
1314 Villa View Drive
Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

Monday, May 15, 2006

Live Thread on President's Speech

I thought I would post a thread where you could put your comments on the President's Speech tonight on Illegal Immigration. Some folks like to almost make a "chat room" out of it as the speech is occuring. Just hit "comments" below to leave your sound off.

Leak of KHTV Poll for Lt. Governor

Arktimes blog's Warwick Sabin reports...

"Data Collected: 05/12/2006 - 05/14/2006

Democratic Primary: In a Democratic Primary for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor today, 5/15/06, Bill Halter wins comfortably, according to a SurveyUSA poll of 491 Likely Democratic Primary Voters conducted exclusively for KTHV-TV Little Rock. The Primary is in 8 days, on 5/23/06. Halter gets 41% of the Democratic Primary vote. Tim Wooldridge gets 20%. Mike Hathorn gets 14%. Jay Martin trails with 6%. 20% of Democratic Primary voters are undecided. Since an identical SurveyUSA KHTV-TV poll 5 weeks ago, Halter has gained 8 points, Wooldridge has gained 5 points, Hathorn is unchanged."

UPDATE: Republican Numbers-

Holt: 57%
Matayo: 12%
Banks: 12%
Undecided 19%

Senate Immigration Bill Would Change Character of America

The Senate Immigration Bill is designed to greatly reduce illegal immigration, by letting in 100,000 million people legally! I kid you not. The traitors-without-borders in the senate are actually propose letting in that many people- instead of the 19 million that would be let in under current immigration laws- over the next 20 years. And one senator opposed to the legislation says that the actual number could be twice that.

Any blather about securing the border or sending down some National Guardsmen is just window dressing. The main point of this legislation is to let them all in "legally" so that none of them will have to cross "illegally". It would be like ending all drug crimes by making crack and the rest legal!

(Continued, Click "MONDAY" below and scroll down to read from the Heritage Foundation report, or if sent directly here just scroll down).

Cloaking Economic Self-Interest in Noble Language (Illegals)

The Bible says that the human heart is deceitful above all else. What that poetic language means is that we kid ourselves about why we do certain things and hold certain positions.

What that means for the illegal immigration issue is that many of the people who claim they are against enforcement of the law out of "kindness" and "mercy" are actually just acting in their own economic self-interest. They are choosing to be "compassionate" to one group (at the expense of another) when being "compassionate" costs them nothing and gains them a lot. In other words, it is phony liberal compassion made all the more disgusting when it is displayed by those loudly claiming to be "conservatives"...

(continued, click "Monday" below and scroll down for rest of story, or if sent straight to this article, just scroll down).

Laura Bush Says Don't Make Gay Marriage an Issue

AP ^ | 05/14/2006 | By NEDRA PICKLER

Posted on 05/14/2006 12:28:06 PM PDT by notes2005

WASHINGTON - Some election-year advice to Republicans from a high-ranking source who has the president's ear: Don't use a proposed constitutional amendment against gay marriage as a campaign tool.

Just who is that political strategist? Laura Bush.

The first lady told "Fox News Sunday" that she thinks the American people want a debate on the issue. But, she said, "I don't think it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously."

(continued- for rest of article click "Monday" below and scroll down, or just scroll down if sent directly to this article)

Comparison Clinton/Bush on Worksite Arrests of Illegal Aliens

Employer Investigation Efforts of U.S. Immigration Authorities:
Year/ Worksite Arrests / Notices of Intent to Fine
1993... 7,630..... 1,302
1994... 7,554 ..... 1,063
1995 ... 10,014 ..... 1,056
1996 ... 14,164..... 1,019
1997 ... 17,554 ..... 865
1998 ... 13,914 ..... 1,023
1999... 2,849 ..... 417
2000... 953 ..... 178
2001... 735 ..... 100
2002... 485 ..... 53
2003 ... 445 ..... 162
2004 ... 159 ..... 3

Worksite arrests comparison, graphically depicted:

The average annual worksite arrests under Clinton was 9,329 arrests. The average annual worksite arrests under President Bush is 456. This is a 95 percent reduction in average annual worksite arrests under President Bush.

The average annual notices of intent to fine employers of illegal aliens under Clinton was 865. The average under President Bush is 79.5. This is a 90 percent reduction in average annual notices of intent to fine employers of illegal aliens.

And then there is 2004 where, under President Bush, only 3 notices of intent to fine employers of illegal aliens were done. 3!! But that was President Bush's worst year. Let's compare best years then.

Under Clinton his best year for Worksite Arrests was 1997 with 17,554 reported. President Bush's best year was 2001 with 735 worksite arrests reported. This is a 99.7 percent reduction in worksite arrests under President Bush when comparing best years.

Friday, May 12, 2006

All 50 States Get Failing Marks on "No Child Left Behind"

Even though the Constitution of the United States gives the Federal Government no role in Primary or Secondary education, Leviathan has slipped his chain and the Feds have now presumed to lecture the states as to what Washington thinks constitutes an adequate education.

Even though Ronald Reagan proposed eliminating the Department of Education (which did not even exist until the 70's), the new "conservatives" in the Republican Party have more than doubled its budget and vastly increased its powers.

At issue is the "No Child Left Behind" requirement that all teachers will be "well qualified". The opinions of the local principal, school board, parents and students about how well qualified a teacher is no longer matter. Instead, wisdom will come down from above in the form of a federal checklist. It indicates that a "well qualified" math teacher is one that has X, Y and Z math courses. By this standard, the feds say that all 50 states are failing, and that the answer is to make teachers take more college courses.

Folks, I have known teachers that have doctors degrees that could not teach their subject to save their life. I know others that have only a minimum of formal education in their subject but more real knowledge than the doctor, combined with an ability to teach everything they know.

The federal check list is a stupid idea that is more about enriching liberal universities and giving government educrats papers to shuffle than it is about educating young people. In fact, the added requirements are going to make the teaching talent pool worse, not better. The reason is simple. There are already too many hassels and hoops to jump through in order to teach. Telling teachers that they need to give up lots of money and the next four Summers taking classes that are next to useless is a sure way to push out some of the best teachers- the ones that have other options. By adding requirements, you drive out talent and actually wind up with worse teachers. But educrats either do not understand the free market or do not care about anything but growing their program.

Add to this that the requirements threaten rural schools the most. Many of them have teachers that teach two or three subjects. If they need three more classes in each subject they teach to be "well qualified" then that is nine classes. That is a strong disincentive to remain in the profession.

My rant is over, but the No Child Left Behind Idiocy continues, and it will continue until the American People wake up and reject statist answers instead of accepting whatever idea comes down from D.C. as long as it is advanced by a self-proclaimed "conservative".

Ethics Complaint on the Way for Daniels?

Arkansas Watch has heard rumors that a possible ethics complaint will soon be filed against Secretary of State Charlie Daniels. Details are sketchy at this time.

Mr. Daniels is having his share of trouble with the voting machines from ES&S. One account of the decision to use this company says he had a committee look into what machines to buy, and then ignored the recommendation of his own committee. They tried to steer him to Diebold or another firm and warned him about ES&S.

Banks Drops Attack Ads

Arkansas Watch has learned that Republican Lt. Governor candidate Chuck Banks has decided to drop his radio ads that refer to Senator Jim Holt as a "promise breaker" and a big spender.

The ads were widely panned even by media outlets not normally friendly to Holt. It is unknown at this time what approach Mr. Banks will take for the remainder of the campaign.

Election day is May 23rd. Early voting is already underway.

President Bush to Address Nation On Illegal Immigration Monday

Are you satisfied with Mr. Bush's efforts to secure our borders? Do you think that we should start a path for illegal aliens in our country to become citizens, whether it is called "amnesty" or by some other name? Is anybody willing to bet me money that they are going to secure the border FIRST and THEN begin the "process to make illegal aliens citizens but it is not amnesty"?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Republican Rumble In Springdale Tonight!

We would like to use this thread for people to report on what they saw and heard at the Republican Rumble in Springdale Tonight

(Holt vs. Banks vs. Matayo)
(Duggar vs. Pritchard)
(Woods vs. McFetridge)

Please keep it civil and let God decide who is saved and who isn't tonight!

Washington County To Start Zoning?

I have gotten a semi-anonymous communication urging me to report on the efforts of the Washington County Quorum Court to begin zoning. The source notes that the county's own plan contains a goal of ...
"Goal 5: Establish Land Use Plan Stressing Use Compatibility

Develop a land use plan consistent with other jurisdictions that:

  • stresses uniformity in uses;
  • resolves conflicts among competing uses;
  • minimizes the adverse affects of “rurbanized” sprawl and
  • ensures adequate protection of uses in areas of transition between rural/urban or other areas of differing development intensities."
This was taken straight from Taken straight form

The meeting to discuss adding zoning requirements is going on right now. Obviously, Arkansas Watch believes in the right of individuals to control their own property as they see fit with minimal government intervention. Everybody understands that when you buy property in a city you are subject to zoning requirements, but rural residents never signed up for that deal.

AW is opposed to adding in restrictions on land use after the fact, so long as what you are doing is not hurting your neighbor's land (as in dumping toxic waste in the water table).

Someone give us a report, go there to sound off, or a little of both!

Republican Rumble In Springdale Tonight!

Senator Jim Holt will be debating Chuck Banks and Doug Matayo in Springdale tomorrow at the Springdale Holiday Inn!

Here are the details:

What: Washington County Forum

When: Thursday, May 11 at 7:00 PM

Where: Springdale Holiday Inn

Who: Lt. Governor Candidates: Senator Jim Holt, Chuck Banks, and Doug Matayo.

State Senator Candidates Dist. 35: Jim Bob Duggar, Bill Pritchard (For the seat currently held by Jim Holt).

State Representative Candidates Dist. 93: Jon Woods vs. Kathy McFetridge.

Election Woes- ES&S Lobbiest Donated to Daniels Campaign

This blog has documented some of the election woes that have come to this state as a result of our new electronic voting machines being unready. It has been reported that many counties are begining early voting with paper ballots, and in at least one case (Greene County) no Republican ballots were available for voters when early voting began. The Secretary of States office simply did not send them the ballots!

Many have questioned why Secretary of State Daniels chose ES&S as the firm to provide the voting machines when another firm was getting most of the business nationwide. Don't get me wrong, both firms sell good equipment, but the other firm is developing a reputation as the best- and their stuff comes on time, with training support.

Some have speculated that lobby guru Andy Crawford is responsible. While Mr. Crawford is a big influence both at the Secretary of States office and at the ABC board (the board has gotten very big-alcohol friendly), our sources remind us that ES&S once took the more direct apporach.

In 2002, ES&S contributed through their lobby firm, between $700 and $1,000 to the Charlie Daniels for Secretary of State Campaign. If they gave that amount through the lobbiest, there is no telling how much money Mr. Crawford has been able to move into the Daniels campaign through executives of the company and other individuals.

Just as it is inappropriate for AG Bebee to take contributions from the utility firms he is supposed to be regulating, it is also inappropriate for the Secretary of State to take contributions from 1) the firm that is over-budget renovating the Capitol dome, and 2) the firm that is behind in delivering our new voting machines.

There is a pattern in both offices of taking contributions from people that the state does business with. While the legislative branch is controlled by the same party, they are unlikey to perform rigourous oversite. We need divided government so that they are fighting each other rather than colluding to defraud us.

Member of Violent Mexican Gang Involved In Rogers Murder

The Demo-Zette's Michael Bradford reported that one of the three persons involved in the road-rage murder of 32-year old father of four David Francis is an illegal alien and a member of a violent Mexican gang that is increasing its presence in Arkansas.

His report said "Camacho-Ambriz gave police three different names. Police said he has a lengthy criminal history, including a charge of shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle in California.
He has a tattoo of the number 13 on his right forearm and is active in the Sureno-13 gang, the affidavit states.
Steve Metheney, chairman of the Anti-Gang Task Force of Northwest Arkansas, said police have linked graffiti and drug crime in Rogers to Sureno-13.
The gang has ties to southern California and originates in Mexico.
“It’s a violent, dangerous gang that operates in several states across the country,” said Metheney, who is also a Benton County sheriff’s deputy.
“Sureno-13 activity has been picking up in Rogers lately. They’re really trying to make a name for themselves.” "

(click "Thursday" below for the rest of the story)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Should Arkansas Watch Also Cover National Issues?

We are considering adding national issues to our format here at Arkansas Watch. In the past we have stuck with state and local issues. In making this move, we hope to add national stories without taking away from our state and local ones. In other words, we hope this would increase the number of articles.

We hope the effect will be to make us a bit more like an alternative version of the Democrat Gazette online (though I doubt we will have a sports section). They have state and local news, but also cover national stories.
What do you think, should we expand our scope? We welcome our readers constructive input on this question.

Huckabee Is Right on Rebates

I was heartened to read that Gov. Huckabee was considering returning some of the surplus, the amount that the government has overcharged the tax payers, back to the people. Some might claim this is just grandstanding, but I remember when he first assumed office he talked about a tax rebate on a per person basis in lieu of a food tax exemption. I thought it was a good idea then and I think its a good idea now. In 2006 he cites high energy prices as a reason for the rebate. Either reason is find. What is important is that the amount of money in the hands of government goes down, and the amount in the hands of families goes up.

Arkansas has one of the lowest deductions for individuals and dependents in the nation. That is anti-family and it would be nice to see us brought to parity for tax exemptions, if only for a year.

Who is Behind Internet Dirty Tricks on State Rep. Candidate?

Cephus Richard is a law school student at the U of A Fayetteville who filed to run against Rep. Lindsley Smith, a liberal Democrat. Someone put up several insulting websites depicting young Mr. Richard as a gang-banger and the like. The sites and images have been taken down now, but a semi-anonymous source claims that all the sites can be traced to one Tyronne Adams of Youngsville LA.

The same source provided several links to images that they claim.....


( "Wednesday" below for rest of article...)

Is Halter Eligible?


Judge Mary McGowan will rule today on whether Bill Halter is eligible to run for the office of Lt. Governor. The Constitution of Arkansas says that you must be a resident citizen of Arkansas for seven years to be eligible. Halter meet that requirement, but not as an adult. After age 18 he left the state for college and has rarely been back since. Still, the Constitution does not specify that the residency requirement can only be met as an adult, and Halter has always been registered as an Arkansas voter. My prediction is that this part of the lawsuit will go nowhere. It is only designed to highlight that Halter got out of Arkansas as soon as he could and now only returns to be our Lt. Governor.

More interesting is that the constitution requires that candidates for the state Senate and House must have lived in the state for at least the four years prior to being elected. The Lt. Governor is also referred to as "the President of the Senate" and casts a vote in the Senate in the case of ties. Lt. Governor is a crossover office with both legislative and executive branch duties. Can a man be President of the Senate who is not Constitutionally qualified to serve in the Senate? I hope judge McGowan examines that question today.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Greene County Without Republican Ballots for Early Voting!

From the Jim Lagrone for Secretary of State Campaign:
Moments ago, we confirmed a report that as of this moment, Greene county does not have any Republican ballots for the early voting primary. Republicans literally showed up to vote, and were turned away due to the fact that there was simply no ballots to vote with. Greene county election officials are stating that they are still waiting for the ballots to be shipped from Little Rock. They claim that "hopefully" they will receive them tomorrow. We have also received a report that Craighead county Republicans are in this same predicament. We are still waiting for confirmation. If there are voting issues in your county, please call us at (501) 374-0560, and notify your local media. Rest assured, we are working hard to expose these major infringements of your voting right.
This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a democracy issue. Jim Lagrone has expressed that the integrity of the ballot is essential to our fundamental rights as Americans. Charlie Daniels stated in November of 2005 that " If I made the wrong decision, the buck stops here..." regarding his decision to purchase voting machines from ES&S. We feel that today, the buck also stops once again at the desk of Charlie Daniels.

Chucky Goes Negative

After spending the first six months of his campaign saying he was running "for Lt. Governor and not against either of these two fine gentlemen" and that he was a "Reagan Republican" (whose famous 11th commandment said "thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican"), Chuck Banks has chosen to spend the last two weeks of his campaign running the most outrageous attack ads of the season on Senator Jim Holt.


Continued....Click "Tuesday" below for text of ad and scroll down, or if sent straight to this page just scroll down.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Anti-Gambling Group Files Suit to Stop Casino

(Little Rock) – The leader of an Arkansas group spearheading a legal challenge that seeks to strike down a state law that expands gambling in Hot Springs and West Memphis, said today they are prepared to take their case to the State Supreme Court if necessary.

Jerry Cox, director of the Family Council Action Committee, said in response to this week's lower court decision to overrule their case in Hot Springs, that his resolve is strengthened and he looks forward to seeing this case through to the end.

“I’ve said from the beginning that we’ll take this case as far as we need in our effort to see justice done,” Cox said. “We lost in Hot Springs. If we win in West Memphis, then we have no need to appeal. If we lose in West Memphis, then we will most certainly appeal. Before the lawsuit was filed, we knew we had to prepare for a fight all the way to the State Supreme Court, and believe me, we’re ready for it.”

“We knew this would not be easy,” Cox said, “but when justice is at stake, it doesn’t matter how difficult the work is. The cause is worth it. It is still very much our contention that the Legislature should never have given two private businesses, Oaklawn and Southland racetracks, the authority to call for local elections on the expansion of gambling and determine who would be allowed to vote in that election. That’s wrong on every level.”

“Because of ACT 1151, the law we seek to strike down as unconstitutional, an Indian tribe is poised to build a casino in Fort Smith without any consent of the local people or government. Because of ACT 1151, casino style gambling will be coming to Hot Springs and West Memphis, without any consent of the people who live outside those city limits. It’s an egregious injustice that the will of Oaklawn and Southland is being forced on every citizen outside the city limits of Hot Springs and West Memphis. They have had no voice in something absolutely critical to them. That’s who we’re fighting for, and this fight is far from over.”

Paron High Closed Down Despite Protests

A huge crowd of parents and children from rural communties like Elaine and Paron was jam-packed into the lobby of the Board of Education building to see how the board ruled on whether it will kill their schools or not. Protestors were holding signs like "Save Our Schools" and "If you want to save money, shut down your government buildings, not our schools" and "Do our elected officials drive two hours to work every day?"

The voice of the people was not heard. The board voted to close down Paron High anyway. Paron had higher test scores than Bryant, even though they spent less per pupil. Students who ride the bus will now endure three hours a day on the bus to go to Bryant. The only reason is was closed was that the state mandated that each high school campus offer a certain set of courses. No student at Paron wanted to take one of those courses. The educrats did not care, the standards said that each course had to be offered so if no one in the school wanted to take it then consolidate the school!

Who will be next?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Huckabee Wants More Like Harrelson, Does not trust Sumpter

Reporter Seth Blomeley got resourceful in his article about the behind the scenes manuvering Gov. Huckabee and his team employed in their successful effort to ban smoking at private work places around the state. The ban begins July 21st. Blomeley could not FOI the Governor's own email or working papers, so he FOI'ed the people the Governor was writing to.

The results reveal that team Huckabee did not allow anyone in the office to use the words "anti-smoking" to describe the legislation. Instead, it was to be referred to as "clean air" legislation.

The Blomley article also revealed the Governor's affection for left of center House Speaker Steve Harrelson and his distrust of Representative Denny Sumpter. To quote the article, "Huckabee replied that “we’re gaining steam” but demanded staff get “firm commitments” from legislators, especially Rep. Denny Sumpter, D-West Memphis. Three years ago, Huckabee alleged Sumpter broke a pledge to support a sweeping reorganization of state government, something Sumpter has denied.

“Get Sumpter’s in blood,” Huckabee wrote Thompson. “He can’t be trusted.”

The same day Huckabee thanked Rep. Steve Harrelson, D-Texarkana, who has recently been chosen as Democratic leader for 2007, for supporting the bill.

“I’m so very proud of you !” Huckabee wrote. “I am indebted to you and hope to find ways to show it. With 99 more like you, we’d take Arkansas to the top !”"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Minuteman Caravan to Rally on Capitol Steps Sunday

The founder of the Minute Man group, James Gilchrist, is taking his protest against illegal immigration across the country. He will be in Little Rock Sunday May 7th at 8PM on the steps of the Capitol.

Here is a website with more details. Anyone tempted to check it out?

Lines Drawn in Pine Bluff Governor's Debate

Early reports indicate that Attorney General Mike Bebee did not enjoy his debate with Asa Hutchinson that was hosted by the press club in Pine Bluff. Bebee tried to do the rope-a-dope on abortion. Asa was comfortable on the issue with a fairly strong pro-life record.

Unless you are so powerful that there is no chance they would dare cross you, it is irrational to vote for a pro-abortion politician. If they are willing to trade away the unborn's rights in order to get votes, then they will trade away your rights when they can get away with it. Usually that takes place behind closed doors.

The other defining issue was the degree to which each candidate expressed a willingness to protect rural schools. Bebee stayed evasive on the rural schools issue while Hutchinson repeated his willingness to protect rural schools that are performing.

If you have any other input on the debate, this is the place to put it.

Five State Legislators Endorse Banks

The following state representatives have officially endorsed Chuck Banks in his candidacy for Lt. Governor:

Shirley Borhauer (R-Bella Vista)

Marvin Childers (R-Blytheville)

Horace Hardwick (R-Bentonville)

Michael Lamoureux (R-Russellville)

Roy Ragland (R-Marshall)

Their contact information is as follows:

Representative Borhauer 479-855-9696

Representative Childers 870-763-2109

Representative Hardwick 479-271-0656

Representative Lamoureux 479-968-7300

Representative Ragland 479-750-7697