Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tea Party Net Radio Tonight


It was likely our best program yet. Click on the link below to get to the archived page.

Tonight from 9-10PM central (archives available). Panelists include Laurie Masterson, Jason Sheppard, and Jeannie Burlsworth of Secure Arkansas. Topics include the upcoming rally, sovereignty resolutions, and a "game changing" proposed change to election laws called "instant run-off voting". Also tonight, your calls.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tennessee Governor Signs Sovereignty Resolution

The Governor of neighboring Tennessee has just signed a resolution declaring that state's sovereignty under the 10th amendment. Five other states, including neighboring Oklahoma, have had similar resolutions pass in their state legislatures, but Tennessee is the first state where it has been signed into law.

"CONCURRING, that we hereby affirm Tennessee’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a committee of conference and correspondence be appointed by the Speaker of the House and of the Senate, which shall have as its charge to communicate the preceding resolution to the legislatures of the several states, to assure them that this State continues in the same esteem of their friendship and to call for a joint working group between the states to enumerate the abuses of authority by the federal government and to seek repeal of the assumption of powers and the imposed mandates.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a certified copy of this resolution be transmitted to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker and the Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, and to each member of Tennessee’s Congressional delegation.

The New Priorities of Government (Benton County)

Benton County Judge Dave Bisbee
Benton County Judge David Bisbee is in the midst of controversy again. This time, the subject is over how certain federal grants were spent.

When the county first got a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, Judge Bisbee told folks he would use it to start a “reverse-911” service in the county. A reverse-911 system is when the government calls the residents of a given area to warn of an emergency situation. As an example, when a tornado is about to hit the ground the county can mass-phone call people in the projected path of the funnel and warn them to take cover. If a dam breaks people in the flood plain below the dam can be warned to seek high ground. If dangerous criminals are loose in a neighborhood, residents can be warned.

It sounds like a good idea, and the Mayor’s of both Pea Ridge and Bella Vista were looking forward to the implementation of this economical life-saving system. One of them asked Judge Bisbee about the status of the project at a recent meeting. According to reports in the Benton County Dailey Record, they were surprised to learn that the project had been cancelled and the grant money instead used to mount security cameras around the county court-house. The terms of the grant were loose enough so that this was not a violation of its conditions.

Where do I begin when I write to you about the objections I have with this whole mess? Let me start with the existence of the so-called “Department of Homeland Security”, which is turning into an expensive bureaucracy which wastes tremendous resources monitoring law-abiding citizens while our borders remain far too open to illegal immigration. The 2nd Amendment was the original Department of Homeland Security for the United States, and it worked very well until our ruling class decided that there were so many places that the common law-abiding citizen should not be permitted to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment was a lot less expensive than our current DHS, and it did not violate anyone’s privacy either.

Protecting innocent life should be the first duty of any legitimate government, but the moving of funds from a reverse-911 system to more security cameras on government buildings is a perfect example of the government’s changing priorities. Government at all levels is increasingly less interested in protecting the lives and property of the common citizen and more and more concerned with protecting itself, its physical plant, and its agents.

When it does expend resources on what it says is our “security”, such expenditures almost always take the form of increased monitoring of the local population and/or restrictions on what formerly were our freedoms. Try to protest a President, any President, these days. You will be, under the excuse of “security”, herded into designated “protest zones” far out of eyeshot of the man himself. This is in direct violation of the Constitution, but if you take it to court a Federal judge will tell you that the Federal government is within its legitimate powers to do so.

I also object to the fact that this change was made without the input or even knowledge of the mayors in this county- mayors who were originally led to believe that the reverse-911 system was coming. I would also like to know where the data from the cameras ends up. Is it kept here locally, or does it go to some DHS collection point? Did the real impetus for this change came from Washington, or did Judge Bisbee make this change solely on his own initiative?

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Poster-Boy for Homosexuals Adopting Children

Meet Duke University Professor Frank Lombard. Mr. Lombard is a homosexual who was able to use the power of the state to gain access to children through adoption. He stands accused of trying to persuade a person, who he did not know was an undercover police officer, of traveling to North Carolina to have sex with his five year old son. He adopted the child as an infant. Lombard also bragged of having molested the child himself, after drugging him.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feds Want to License Homemade Breadmaking and Garden Sales

Home Bread, a federal matter?
Well, the job that you used to have,
They gave it to somebody down in El Salvador.
The unions are big business, friend,
And they're goin' out like a dinosaur.
They used to grow food in Kansas
Now they want to grow it on the moon and eat it raw.
I can see the day coming when even your home garden
Is gonna be against the law.

-Bob Dylan "Union Sundown"

If HR 2749 becomes law, those lyrics may soon reflect federal policy. This according to a report from the Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health.

An excerpt, :Q3: I have a garden and sell produce at a road-side stand on my property. Would HR 2749 apply to me?

A3: "Yes, you would now have to follow federally-established standards for growing produce. [3a] Produce not grown as required by these standards would be considered as adulterated under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). [3b] Further, you would be required to make your business records available to FDA inspectors. [3c] The inspectors would have the power to show up unannounced without a warrant to search your records without any evidence whatsoever that you have committed a violation of the law. If you refuse to let the inspector see your records, you would be guilty of adulteration under FFDCA. [3d]

* [3a] Section 104(b)–pp. 38-41
* [3b] Section 104(a)–p. 38
* [3c] Section 106(a)–p. 48
* [3d] Section 207(a)–pp. 119-120

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tea Party Radio Tonight

Join us from 9 to 10PM tonight as we talk health care, moving past divisions, the Democrat-Gazette coverage, central model versus network model, and who some of the best and worst state legislators are, and your calls.

Panelists: Laurie Masterson, Iris Stevens, Debbie Pelley, Bob Porto

Brantley: "Jerry Cox was right on lottery"

Arkansas Times editor Max Brantley is well known in this state for his cranky doctrinaire liberalism. At the same time he wants government to grow, he paradoxically has seen too much to not be skeptical when it does. A complex individual to be sure. Today he said "Jerry Cox was right" about claims that the lottery would expand government-sponsored gambling far beyond the weekly scratch numbers game that House Speaker Robbie Wills and others once implied.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ron Paul, Obama, Right on Iran

Iran, surrounded by U.S. bases. Who has better cause to feel the other side is an aggressor?
With former Governor Mike Huckabee chipping in on Iran, and the House voting 434-1 (Ron Paul was the only dissenting vote) for a resolution condemning the Iranian government over those elections, I feel compelled to inject some fact and reason into all of the hysteria.

While I am sure both sides tried to cheat where they could, there is no credible evidence of wide-scale fraud in the Iranian elections. Certainly not enough to change the outcome. Ahmadinejad appears to have legitimately won this election by about the same margin he won the last one. Reports of a close race early on were overblown, and Ahmadinejad dominated in the Presidential debates which followed those claims.

Democracy does not insure that other countries will pick the rulers that our rulers and media want them to. This is especially true of Islamic populations, which show a strong tendency toward heavy-handed rulers. The Palestinians elected Hamas. The Iraqis elected the party that once controlled the Badr Brigade and was involved in various acts of terrorism. It now appears that the Iranians have elected Ahmadinejad again.

One might argue that just speaking up and condemning the Iranian government won't hurt. They reasoning is that we are not committing our troops or dollars, just issuing verbal support for the protesters and against the government. The "empty feel-good gesture" argument does not take into account the fact that mainstream Iranians regard our policy of global military adventurism as a serious threat. Our condemning the government of Iran only strengthens their stature in the eyes of these people. It would be like Saddam Hussein speaking out against a candidate in our elections- the result of those words would be to bolster support for that candidate.

So while voting for this resolution may make someone "feel good", it actually makes the situation worse for those we claim we are supporting. It is another case of bad politics but good government. We should mind our own business. We have plenty of troubles here to tend to. President Obama (if indeed he is actually a citizen of this country) is continuing, and expanding, the same disastrous policies of the Bush administration. For once he is right about something, and we should leave off him about it.

ABC Board Ron Miller's Tirade at ABC Board Hearing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

These pictures were taken of Ron Fuller (Chair of ABC Board) at a hearing of the ABC Board where the Attorney was appealing the Board's decision to grant a private club liquor license to a public restaurant in a dry county - Sai Thai Cuisine restaurant in Jonesboro. Below see a transcript of one of Ron Fuller's tirades at this hearing that reflect the same attitude as his pictures do.

The attorney was trying to verify whether or not this public restaurant did indeed qualify for a liquor license under the laws of Arkansas. The tirade below aimed at the attorney by Chair of the Board Ron Fuller reflects the same attitude exemplified in the pictures that he has for those opposing the permits. 142 private club licenses for liquor licenses have been granted in dry counties in Arkansas in the last seven years.

About middle way through the approximate 2 hour hearing:

Question by Attorney. Schmidt: "I have not seen an actual amendment to the by laws other than just a brief minute that explained they wanted to apply for a permit."

"Ron Fuller angrily: Well it is not their requirement to send you one!. It is your requirement if you want to dig anything up, call up here and ask us. Okay.

"It is not our job to make your case for you; it is our job to listen to what kind of restaurant this is going to be and vote for the man with the alcohol permit. And if I seem a little disgusted, it is because I am. Our attorneys have gone ahead and looked at all of this and approved it.

"You haven't been here before. I have been down this road ten years, okay . Almost everybody on the board has been here 20 years. We see a lot of that. And I realize that you are new on the scene here for Bob. And I realize that you want to make your record and what have you. And Bob gets in here and tapes everybody so he can take it back and show everyone how disgusted we all look. Well, we probably do sometime because we hear this constantly. And 99.9% of the time it has nothing to do with the permit. And the permits get either approved or disapproved based on whether we think we have a good applicant. So make all the points, but there will be some point I am going to direct you as being repetitive on this stuff and move forward. I am not going to do it yet, so go ahead and let's get through. We have another hearing at 3:00, and I don't want Bob to have to get back to Jonesboro at 10:00 tonight. "

For full transcript of section of this hearing see this link: http://www.wpaag.org/ABC%20-%20Ron%20Fuller%20Transcript.htm For 24 pictures see this link: http://www.wpaag.org/ABC%20Bd%20-%20Ron%20Fuller%20pictures.htm

[Fuller is personally ridiculing Bob Hester (who has been there opposing them many times )throughout this tirade. He made several other sarcastic remarks about Bob in the hearing. It is quite clear as evidenced by the pictures above that they are only listening because it is required of them. They don't plan to pay any attention.]

Note the following comments about the ABC Board at the Dry County Coalition Rally on the Capitol steps at Little Rock with about 1,000 people present that also verify the arrogance of the ABC Board and their disdain and contempt for the people trying to keep liquor out of their dry counties.

Attorney and Judge Paul Gant:
(Describing His Experience with the ABC Board)

One of the things that I require in my court is some form of order, some form of right, some form of due process that is guaranteed to each and everyone of us. As soon as I asked a question of the applicant in an adversarial way, J. J. Vigneault [ABC Board Member] attacked me like an animal. And it was obvious that he could not spell "due process," and he did not understand that I had a right to ask this applicant any question I wanted to.

Larry Thomas Alcohol Rally May 30, 09:

"Let me explain how we did come into existence. We came into existence because of something that happened in Cleburne County that had to do with the Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) - when all of the city officials of our community in Heber Springs and Cleburne County signed a petition, and some went before the ABC Board and testified against the Club that was about to be granted a license, or we assumed that it would be. And because, in my opinion, of the rude treatment that they received when they were there, I am talking about Chiefs of Police, talking about County sheriffs, I am talking about Mayors; I am talking about Councilmen that we don't believe got a fair shake. And the only reason they were there was because of the safety of our citizens in Cleburne County, and that is why they took their stand for that and suffered because of their stand immensely. … and their testimonies were not considered as it should be in the laws of our land."

"I don't know how many attorneys I have talked to in our state that told me it is useless; it is a waste of time to go down there any more. We don't carry any weight. Mayors don't carry any weight. Sheriffs don't carry any weight. Police chiefs don't carry any weight. We have no clout. They make their rulings, and it is hopeless."

"They are supposed to take into consideration the law says, the testimonies of policeman, county sheriffs, mayors, of councilmen, etc. but I am going to give you example after example where those were thrown out the window. "

Dr. Pollard, Professor at Harding University, Alcohol Rally May 30, 09:

The ABC Board and the politicians who support them have no regard, I want to emphasize, no regard for the people who vote in dry counties and have done it over and over and over.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Income Growth Reported In State

A recent media report noted that Arkansas experienced growth in average incomes from a year ago. I do wonder how results were calculated- for example did it consider unemployment or just the average income of people who still have jobs? The main thing that stood out for me was where the tiny income gain came from.

The increase came from Military pay, State Workers, and farm income. The last one is a true positive, although not a sign of recovery because people have to eat to live. Military pay and state worker income are no way to build a recovery either. You have the private sector which generates wealth, military and police who should protect it, and government workers whose job is increasingly to redistribute it. You can't have lasting growth when your earnings gain is from increases in protecting and redistributing wealth rather than by creating it.

Huckabee - John Stewart: on Abortion

Watch it.

My take is that Huckabee accomplished his goal of making Mike Huckabee seem like a nice, reasonable guy to people leery of Christians. He did not do a good job of advancing the pro-life position. I know that many pro-lifers are just happy that there is anybody out there taking their side at all. Still, Stewart successfully threw the Gov. off track every time he started making progress in the discussion. Plus, Huckabee let Stewart go with this "let's find common ground" crap. Common ground that always seems to wind up with a million dead babies a year without government protection.

The problem with pro-aborts is their anti-God premises. Human life does not just "have value", but it is sacred because it is created in the image of God. People who don't share that premise are not going to treat the inconvenient helpless the same way as those who do. The bottom line is whose premise are we going to accept- liberal's premise that human life merely has some unspecified amount of "value" for some unspecified "reason", or that human life has enough value that it deserves the protection of the law because the foundation of our culture and government in that the right to life is unalienable and God-given.

Mike Huckabee was trying to be popular, not evangelize. The problem is that our culture desperately needs to be evangelized. John Stewart knows what a baby is, and he still wants to leave them to the scalpel. Civil discussions are a good goal, but they are not an end in themselves. Truth should be the end. That was a barbarian Huckabee was talking with the other night. A well-spoken barbarian in a suit and a tie, but a barbarian never the less.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

U.S. Military Teaches that Protestors are "Low Level Terrorists"

"Those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent protest inevitable"- President John F. Kennedy

I'm with the ACLU on this one. Efforts to re-classify protest as terrorism are completely unacceptable in a nation which claims to be a free society. The highest law in the land, the Constitution, recognizes the right of the people to "peaceably assemble and petition the Government for the redress of grievances". In other words, to protest. Increasingly, our rulers are violating the Constitution which legitimizes their position by cracking down on peaceful protest.

The traditional role of the military is to protect our country from foreign invasion, and some would argue, defend freedom around the world. It appears the Goldman Sachs-D.C Beltway bunch wants to add a new mission to our servicemen and women- suppressing the members of the population who dare to protest their misrule.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Duggarmania- It's a girl!

Ouch! Arkansas Bank to Take Big Hit

Chambers Bank

Mark Friedman of the Arkansas Business Report has a story about another developer bankruptcy. Every one of these stories is a personal tragedy, and in this case I knew and liked the families of one of the principles involved. The main statistic that popped out at me from this story was the potential size of portfolio loss of an Arkansas Bank- Chamber's Bank.

The story says that Chamber's has a 26 million dollar secured loan with the developers. They likely will get the subdivision, but how much will it be worth? The article notes that their entire allowance for loan losses this year was only 12.66 million dollars.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did the Japanese Try to Dump $135 BILLION in US Bonds on the Black Market?

The most important and tantalizing financial story that you have not heard.

Update: sources now say they were forgeries. That would be good news.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Our government lies to us constantly. It now appears that the two Japanese caught trying to smuggle 134 BILLION dollars in Treasury Bonds in a suitcase with a fake bottom have been released. IF they were forgeries, why release the men who smuggled them in? The only reasonably explanation is that some government- likely Japan, has lost confidence in the dollar and is trying to get rid of as much of their pile of dollar-denominated assets as possible without notice.

Tea Party Net Radio Tonight

Tune in to the Arkansas Unite, Tea Party radio on the net. It is tonight from 9 to 10PM.

The panel tonight includes me (Benton County), Laurie Masterson from Washington County, Bob Porto from Pulaski County, and Mayor Frank Gilbert from Grant County. Topics include the state-wide coordinator's meeting in Russellville last Saturday, upcoming events, the death of small towns, something from the government run amuck files, and the actions of one Tom Cox, which leads to the million dollar question of who "leads" the Tea Party movement in Arkansas. The last half of the show features your calls.

State's Childhood Vaccination Policy is Sick

Drug companies have a very strong lobby and are always at work somewhere trying to get "just one more" vaccination on the "mandatory" list. It is astounding the number of vaccinations that a baby born in this state is supposed to have in their first six months of life. At some point, I have to wonder if their little immune systems will rebel against the repeated injection of foreign material into their bodies.

That's why we decided to go slow with our daughter. It is not that we refused any vaccines on the schedule, we just wanted to go "half-speed" on them. That does not apply to the MMR. When it is time for that one we intend to seek a religious exemption because the human diploid cells used in the vaccine were gleaned from aborted fetus(es) (see also here).

Anyway, up to this point we had not refused anything. We simply were alternating rounds rather than giving them two rounds each month. Well, the daughter turned six months old two days before her last appointment. The nurse brought us a form that she said was "required by law" for us to sign. The form said that we were "refusing" vaccinations. Not only that, but the vaccinations checked off on the form, the ones that we were allegedly "refusing" to give our daughter, were vaccines that we had already given her. That's right, the state wanted us to sign off that we were "refusing vaccinations" for vaccines that she had already been injected with. The state wanted us to have two rounds of these vaccinations by six months and we had only gotten to one round because we were going "half-speed".

Not only that, but the form we were supposed to put our name on had a paragraph that said something like "I understand that by refusing these vaccinations that I am endangering the health of my child and anyone that they might come in contact with". No doubt such forms can be used as evidence later when the state decides to grab the children of parents who hold "antisocial" political views. "Well, you signed right here that you knew you were endangering the health of your child" the DHS worker will purr. While decent folks might never think of using the form in this context, you have to think like they do in order to protect yourself.

IMHO any parent confronted with this form once their child reaches six months should either 1) line through the offending paragraph indicating non-agreement or 2) don't sign your real name, make up a non-sensical one indicating your non-agreement or 3) go across state lines for vaccinations where they still might have some sense.

That's between now and January of 2011. By then hopefully we can get the legislature to undo these ham-fisted gestapo tactics.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tom Cox Announces for United States Senate

Tom Cox, self-professed "Leader" of the Arkansas Tea Party.
Tom Cox has removed the reference to his site being "the official website of the Arkansas Tea Party", as well as the picture of him on a boat which refers to him as "the leader" of this organization.
Tom Cox reserved the website "arkansasteaparty.com" which he calls "the official website of the Arkansas Tea Party". Strangely, those of us around the state in the Tea Party movement did not seem to know that we had a leader. In fact, we have had a couple of state-wide meetings and one thing we strongly came away with was that we do not want a centralized state leader, just a network of local groups who work together when needed.

At any rate, Mr. Cox used a rally he organized at the Little Rock Amphitheater this evening to make a surprise announcement: He is running for United States Senate against incumbent Blanche Lincoln. My guess is that many of the attendees were caught off-guard by the switcheroo, but we should have a live report on Tea Party radio tomorrow night about what went down.

His announcement was played up big by channel 4 and even got a mention on CNN. Here is what stunned me. CNN reports "He also argued that because the Tea Party movement is "center of the road" on social issues and is primarily concerned with fiscal responsibility, his campaign will be primed to appeal to Democrats and independents."

I invite you to listen to this net radio show where he is interviewed by a pastor. Here he references the Lord so much that even I begin to find it off-putting. Tell me if you think it sounds like someone who is center of the road on social issues.

It looks like the movement has been put in an awkward position by personal ambition. I hope I am wrong about that, because we need a candidate against Lincoln.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bizarre Furniture Commercial Highlights Racial Unity

This is for real, it just doesn't seem like it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dillard's Just Following Standard Corporate/Government Practices

"The Last Official Act of Any Government is to Loot the Country". Congressman Ron Paul sponsored HR 1207 to find out who is getting the bail-out money.

This week shareholders of Dillard's filed suit against the Dillard's board. Yell county resident Billy Berry's suit alleges that members of the Dillard family use the Little Rock department store chain as "if it were a private company." In this and another similar case, the plaintiffs seek damages not for themselves, but for the company. In other words, from their perspective they are trying to stop the Dillard family from using their positions of control to loot the company.

The suit alleges that the family members are paid well in excess of executives in comparable positions (which is saying something these days). All twelve board members are named, including newspaper magnate and banker Warren Stephens. The plaintiffs might wonder if all the newspaper ads Dillard's purchased in the Stephens' papers was a motivation to look the other way on potential excessive executive compensation.

While I don't want to weigh in on this particular case because I don't think I have enough facts to give an informed opinion (some may be asking themselves when that has ever stopped me before!). I do want to look at the possibility of such misconduct in the context of how our economy has run for the last 20 years.

Simply put, even if guilty, the Dillards are only doing business the way big business in this nation has routinely been done for the past two decades. We are in a looter's economy. Instead of succeeding by providing products that people want with good service and competitive price, the new executive class makes its money by the following program: Get people on the board whose interest is in turning a blind eye to your scam; cook the books and over-leverage your assets to make it seem like you are worth more than you really are; then use the friendly board and phony numbers to get yourself enormous compensation. When the scam has reached its peak, cash out on all the stock options.

This is the all-too-common path to riches in our distorted economy. Top executives are looting their companies instead of working for their real well-being. The shepherds who are supposed to be paid to guard and grow the flock instead enrich themselves by fleecing and eating them. That is the way it is done nowadays (Wal-Mart appears to be one of the exceptions).

What really gets me is that many people actually seem to have admiration for this process. I hear people say that they are looking for political candidates who "will run government like a business". They are! They are constantly expanding into new markets, and using debt-financing and accounting tricks to make their books look much better than they really are. We need people who WON'T run government the way (big) business has been run lately- with fraud, duplicity and avarice.

It has often been said that the last official act of any government is to loot the country. It may be later than we think, and the bailouts may represent the ruling elite's efforts to loot us just before national collapse. Why else would they send secret trillions of dollars to their friends while the average Joe is starved for cash? Goldman-Sachs and company are sitting on piles of it, purloined from the Treasury. Perhaps they are simply waiting for Main St. America to collapse a little harder, get a little more desperate, so that they can swoop down and buy us all out for pennies on the dollar.

It's the same thing with churches. My stomach wretches at how some of these pastors adopt "business models" to run their churches more like the corporate world runs things. The big winners in the corporate world (with some exceptions as I have noted) got that way by looting their own companies or using the government to tilt the formerly level playing field their way (see drug companies getting Texas Gov. Rick Perry to vaccinate all 11 year old school girls in the state schools for a sexually transmitted disease). Did Jesus go to the moneychangers so he could study their model for business success in the religion industry? Nope. He turned over their tables and drove them out of the Temple with a whip! Even the Prince of Peace can get riled up by these people.

I avoid churches that are going after the big-bucks crowd, and trying to emulate a spiritually defective corporate world to do so.

The 2x4 of reality is about to hit the forehead of this nation. I don't want this to happen, I merely fortell. When it does, perhaps some good will come of it. We may learn to reject false paradigms for "success" and crooked paths to "prosperity".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holcaust Museum Shooter Neo-Pagan Socialist, Not Conservative Christian

Odin, the Teutonic God of War.
Neo-Nazi James Wenneker Von Brunn entered the Holocaust Museum and shot dead a security guard before being gunned down himself. Many in the media, including Alan Combs, insinuated that Von Brunn was part of the conservative right in this country, near to the bloggers who visit "Free Republic" (A site I have been banned from because I would not tow the Bush-neocon line, but they don't deserve that sort of smear).

This is another effort to impart guilt through false allegations of association. As this thorough article in Front Page online documents, Von Brunner was not a right-winger, not a conservative, and not a Christian.

Von Brunn was a neo-pagan who believed that when the Germans gave up their worship of the pagan gods for a Jewish Messiah they lost their "virility". Indeed, in his contempt for the God of the Bible, Von Brunn sounds like a lot like the secularists who belittle the christian right.

Here is a sample of Von Brunn's writings from the Front Page story:"JEHOVAH, like Alley Oop, says whatever the scriptwriters print in the blurbs. Those who find it compelling to believe Yahweh created a flat earth, circa 5000 B.C., spoke from a burning bush, bared his buttocks, parted the Red Sea, and loves JEWS above all other nations,.... (p. 32.)"

Christianity is not spared from Von Brunner's wrath. He disses it almost as harshly as secular leftists do....."The Big Lie technique, employed by Paul to create the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, also was used to create the HOLOCAUST RELIGION ... CHRISTIANITY AND THE HOLOCAUST are HOAXES.

"Christianity" destroyed Roman Civilization. The "Holocaust" Religion is destroying Western Civilization. The Aryan gene-pool dies, "unwept, unhonored and unsung."

Just as the original NAZI moniker was a shortened form of "national SOCIALIST", the neo-nazi Von Brunn was a socialist of sorts. Not the soviet kind, because he believed that the Jewish Karl Marx distorted "good" socialism. "WESTERN SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West, and the end of JEWRY on Western soil." Von Brunner wrote.

Some on the left are attempting to use the deeds of the few to silence the free speech rights of the many, or intimidate us into silence. I categorically refused to give in to such bullying. This is especially true when the perpetrators of said violence are actually closer in their world view to the people who insist I should shut up than they are to my own views.

Posters for Nationalized Health Care

See other entries here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hidden Messages from Evolutionists Crying for Help?

"There have always been ghosts in the machine." Dr. Alfred Lanning from "I, Robot" tries to send a subtle warning that things are not as they seem.

The overwhelming integrated complexity of just about every stage of biology continues to amaze scientists. In the movie "I, Robot", Dr. Alfred Lanning attempted to send subtle messages (which his watcher would not detect but hopefully someone else would) that something was wrong. "There have always been ghosts in the machine" he mysteriously warned. A couple of recent articles make me wonder if even biologists who claim to believe in evolution have secret doubts, doubts that they are attempting to convey by subtle means in their reports.

Take for example, this recent article about the development of eggs and sperm in plants. Oh sure, the article made the usual assertions that the findings of their study help fortify their understanding of evolution, but a look at the language of the researchers themselves reveals a different story.

“The big question in our field for the past 50 years or more has been: How does this process happen in such a beautifully orchestrated pattern?” It’s been clear that there’s a program here telling the plants exactly what to do, and that it is working not on cells, but on nuclei.” Dr. Sundaresan says. Note the language he uses. "orchestrated", "program". That is not the language of an evolutionist, but of someone who believes in Intelligent Design or Creationism. Yet increasingly, scientists lack the language to convey what biology is doing without using such terms.

Another example, “It’s amazing that even though the split supposedly happened over a hundred million years ago,” Sundaresan said, “all these nuclei still have the capacity to become egg cells.” Did you catch that? Supposedly? Does Dr. Sundaresan dare entertain thoughts of departing from the High Holy Orthodoxy of Evolution? Off with his tenure! Lock up his funding!

The article also mentioned that the process by which flowering plants evolved was not documented in the fossil record.

Another recent article cast severe doubt on the fictional but widely-believed evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds. It seems that thigh muscles in birds serve not for locomotion so much as to operate their unique avian baffle-type lung system. None of the "bird-like dinosaurs" had anything like that system. "The finding means it's unlikely that birds descended from any known theropod dinosaurs." Science Daily reports.

They at last were free to point out some of the same objections that Creationists and Intelligent Design adherents have been saying about the supposed link: "For one thing, birds are found earlier in the fossil record than the dinosaurs they are supposed to have descended from," Ruben said. "That's a pretty serious problem, and there are other inconsistencies with the bird-from-dinosaur theories.

"But one of the primary reasons many scientists kept pointing to birds as having descended from dinosaurs was similarities in their lungs," Ruben said. "However, theropod dinosaurs had a moving femur and therefore could not have had a lung that worked like that in birds. Their abdominal air sac, if they had one, would have collapsed. That undercuts a critical piece of supporting evidence for the dinosaur-bird link.

"A velociraptor did not just sprout feathers at some point and fly off into the sunset," Ruben said.

Ruben doesn't sound much like an evolutionist here, although the article does take pains to say that birds and dinosaurs surely evolved from something, somewhere!

"We aren't suggesting that dinosaurs and birds may not have had a common ancestor somewhere in the distant past," Quick said. "That's quite possible and is routinely found in evolution." May not have had a common ancestor somewhere in the distant past? It's possible, not certain? The High Priests of Naturalism better perform an exorcism quick, there is a whole nest of heretics out in Oregon!

Ruben even utters the unthinkable truth, that some publicly accepted portrayals of evolution are driven by politics rather than science. "Frankly, there's a lot of museum politics involved in this, a lot of careers committed to a particular point of view even if new scientific evidence raises questions," Ruben said.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Brummett Says Amen To A World Without Cars

(Somehow I never pictured Brummet advocating the Amish lifestyle)

I recently sent out an email entitled "Lefitists push for society without cars," quoting from a Michael Moore article and from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and New York Times. John Brummet wrote an article in response to that email. Brummet used about one third of his article to attack the messenger, describing me and other conservatives in his typical liberal, genteel, unbiased, and tolerant manner as extreme, delusional, zany, right-wing, paranoid, fear- mongering, screeching, conspiratorial alarmists–for being concerned about the leftists' push to do away with our cars. Link to my article: http://www.wpaag.org/Obama%20-%20Carless%20Society.htm

(By the way, John, in your world I am probably considered zany. But in my world, you are the zany one. And on this issue of doing away with our cars in the name of sustainable transportation and global warming, I believe I have at least 85% of the people in my corner.)

Brummett, then in the typical double speak language of liberals, confirms the information in the article I wrote was indeed true. In his words: " Let me be candid: I know some liberals very well and these expressions of Michael Moore reflect exactly how they talk among themselves. They believe government policy can compel better and more responsible human behavior and force us, if that’s what it takes, to operate more co-operatively and efficiently [doing without cars]. They think cars are destructive to the earth both in what is required to run them and in what they emit." Link to Brummet's article http://arkansasnews.com/2009/06/06/world-without-cars-amen/

And why are we right wingers nutty for being alarmed about this matter? Because according to Brummett, "[T]hese kinds of things take time." So we need not worry. Brummet also says "[T]he only substantive advocacy I've see for doing away with American automobile travel on anything resembling a short term basis-- a fine if utopian idea, generally impractical and specifically out of the question – was an essay of typical agitprop by the liberal documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore."

Brummet describes all the liberal policies quite well in that statement, "utopian , impractical and out of the question" . But we are now seeing utopian, impractical, and out of the question policies being implemented en masse at every turn - using force and coercion - since the Democrats took control; so that is no longer anything new. The liberals have now shown their hand to the world, and all but the leftists are shocked. So referring to our conspiracy theories doesn't have quite the ring it did before the leftist started playing their hand. I have been thinking about writing about this push for a "carless" society for more than a year but didn't write on it for just that reason – that it might not be believable. But now it is.

And how can liberals talk about conservatives being fear mongers when the liberals are using the biggest fear tactic in history under the guise of sustainable development, sustainable transportation, smart growth transportation, and global warming in order to coerce people to yield to government control, higher taxes, and exorbitant increases in the price of energy?
And since Brummet is only aware (or so he says) of one substantive advocacy for the world without cars on a short term basis ( Michael Moore's article), let me provide some research on that matter.

Some liberals may only be talking about a world without cars, but others are hard at work. Follow the links below (or google the words in bold in the former paragraph) and you will find numerous articles that show how rapidly the plan to do away with cars, which Michael Moore described in his essay, is being developed.

One need only look at Fayetteville Mayor's home page to see how close at hand this movement is. The Fayetteville Mayor has won international accolades for "discouraging sprawl and auto-dependency." Earning international praise means he has made some radical steps toward a society without cars. Of course, it is all hidden for now behind language most people don't understand, but Michael Moore laid it out in plain language in his article.

For link to Fayetteville Mayor website and other articles on the planning for a society without cars, see this link or click Tuesday below. http://www.wpaag.org/Obama%20-%20Carless%20Society.htm

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Tonight from 9 to 10:00 PM! A panel of Tea Party activists from around the state discuss the dangers of a Con-Con, where we go from here, how to avoid getting the movement hijacked, and take your calls.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another Teachable Moment on Taxes

The goose that laid golden eggs. "It's what's for dinner" thanks to the medieval mindset of our terrific leaders in state government!

Do you remember that special session back in the Spring of 2008 to raise taxes on natural gas production? It raised the tax rate to 5%, about 100 times higher than it had been. That's right folks, it averaged out to roughly a 10,000% tax increase. Prior to that, taxes on natural gas production had been very low in part to encourage drilling companies to invest in our state. That was working. They were coming to our state and making some of us wealthy. And those wealthy people bought stuff from the rest of us and that helped make the rest of us wealthy, or at least securely employed. But all of that money coming in became an attractive target to plunder.

So the state raised the tax rate. At the time many people, like me for example, attempted to warn our rulers that raising the tax rate would hurt growth and wind up costing us money. We could not count on high natural gas prices forever. Because so many business decisions are made "at the margin", a five percent loss of revenue can be a disproportionate deal-killer to a businessman who has a hundred different options he can invest in.

If costs of production are 75% of sales price then a five percent tax actually eliminates 20% of profit. That well just became a lot less attractive as an investment risk. A well that produces lower volumes or is harder to work might have production costs that are 90% of sales price. A five percent tax takes half of all profits and leaves the investor with a return comparable to a CD. That is a well that will be shut down or never drilled.

Well, the numbers are in and the result is painful if predictable. The market for natural gas softened just as taxes on production skyrocketed. Wells shut down across the state and new projects dried up overnight. After raising the tax rates 10,000% we find that the following year tax revenues decreased 10.5%. That's right. The tax rates went up, but the revenues from the taxes went down.

Those numbers can only mean that natural gas production and drilling went down far more than 10.5%. The state not only lost its 5% when the well shut down, but the other 95% of the money was lost to the rest of us. The jobs that would have been created from all of that activity were lost as well. Raising taxes in a softening economy is a recipe for disaster. It is a fact obvious to most but forgotten by those in government. It is forgotten because the thrill of spending other people's money is too strong a narcotic for all but the strongest of character to resist, and we the people have forgotten to put character first when choosing our elected officials.

The tax increase was good politics but bad government. In these immoral times, it is good politics to take money from one narrow group (natural gas producers) and spend it on a larger group. The money went to roads. Principles of good government demand that money taxed from a narrow group be spent on costs associated with that narrow group- in this case a good example would be environmental monitoring and clean up to protect the environment from damage associated with natural gas production efforts. That wasn't done.

The insiders will continue to give us good politics but bad government until we are all reduced to ashes and ruin. They aren't going to change the status quo. If you want it changed, then we are the ones that are going to have to change it.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Doctor Says 50% of Physicians Would Quit Under Socialized System

Excerpts from Transcript of doctor's presentation who spoke at the Jonesboro TEA Party Opposing Government Takeover of Health Care May 28, 09 . Name not given to prevent any negative consequences.

"Really, kind of off the cuff I was just asked to speak. Apparently there was another speaker who was supposed to be here who didn't catch his flight. One of the ladies was helping organize this asked me if I would say a few words, and I am glad to.

"What would happen here in this community, and I will tell you right out. I will just be frank with you. We would lose about half of our doctors right off the bat if we went into a totally socialized system. The most experienced doctors that we have in Jonesboro are in their 50's and 60's and they are still practicing medicine basically because they love what they do. They don't have to do it. Most of them are financially sound; they could retire; they could do what they want to do. But they will quit. They will quit. I know it. I have talked to enough of them, and I believe what they are telling me.

"So if we lost one-third to one-half the physicians right off the bat, who is going to provide health care? I heard one of the candidates running for president actually say he wanted a system where every single person in the United States got a complete physical every year. Folks, that is impossible. There are not enough physicians or advanced practical nurses, or nurse practitioners together combined to do that. What has happened is our politicians have promised something they are not going to be able to deliver on. And we actually have men in Washington who are so out of touch with reality that they think they can do it.

"It literally just turns my stomach when I hear the stories. Go to You Tube and put in a search on socialized medicine, and you will see hundreds of videos of personal testimonies of people in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France – all these countries that have been mentioned that have a completely socialized system.

"Fox news had a story on about a month ago, I believe it was; and it is posted on You Tube on a gentleman in Canada who ended up in Oklahoma City because he had Atril fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response. [I think this diagnosis is spelled correctly] They wanted to treat him with medication, and it was going to be eight or nine months before he was going to get in to see a cardiologist. And if he needed a procedure from an electro physiologist – we have one here in Jonesboro right now – it was going to be probably another eight or nine months before he could have anything done and a pace maker placed. In the meantime, he would have had a stroke and ended up in a nursing home if he didn't kill him. Well, he came to Oklahoma City and he was seen, hospitalized, treated and his story ended up on Fox News. I wish everybody could see that because that is exactly, exactly what the people of Washington are talking about doing for us.

"And I will tell you what. I put in more hours than a lot of physicians do here. I am an independent physician, and I am on call 24-7 pretty much. I have to get up and go to the hospital, and I never know when I am going to be called to the emergency room. In matter of fact, before I got up here to speak, I had to walk around the edge of the audience and call in some orders for someone to get him in the hospital. He has a bad kidney stone; and when I leave here, I am going straight to the emergency room. That goes on 24-7. I am literally worked to death as it is right now. I can not do more than I am doing.

"If we lose a lot of physicians and people like me, stuck in the system still trying to provide care – folks, it is going to be an impossibility. "

For rest of article see this link: http://www.wpaag.org/Tea%20Party2%20-%20Speeches%20Transcript.htm or click on Thursday below.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Leftists' Long-Term Goal: A "Carless" Society

The takeover of GM is just one step toward the leftists' long-term goal – a "carless" society.

As Michael Moore says in his article, "Goodbye, GM," June 1, 08, "The things we call cars may have been fun to drive, but they are like a million daggers into the heart of Mother Nature. To continue to build them would only lead to the ruin of our species and much of the planet."

If this idea of a "carless" society seems incredible, then consider how unbelievable the things Obama is doing now would have been ten years ago. See Moore's entire article at this link: http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/message/index.php?id=248

Michael Moore continues by outlining several steps he would ask President Obama to implement. Below are three of those steps.

"Thus, as GM is 'reorganized' by the federal government and the bankruptcy court, here is the plan I am asking President Obama to implement for the good of the workers, the GM communities, and the nation as a whole……. Number 1. Just as President Roosevelt did after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the President must tell the nation that we are at war and we must immediately convert our auto factories to factories that build mass transit vehicles and alternative energy devices…. The products built in the factories of GM, Ford and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar icecaps."

Number 4: "Initiate a program to put light rail mass transit lines in all our large and medium-sized cities. Build those trains in the GM factories. And hire local people everywhere to install and run this system."

Number 5: "For people in rural areas not served by the train lines, have the GM plants produce energy efficient clean buses." [Can you imagine catching a bus in a rural area to go buy groceries, to buy parts to repair farm equipment, house repairs, for doctor appointments, etc. especially for the elderly]

Recently, May 17, 09, our Arkansas state paper, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, published an article taken from the New York Times entitled: "Residents of German district adopt car-free lifestyle" The first paragraph reads,

"Residents of this upscale community [Vauban] are suburban pioneers, going where few soccer moms or commuting executives have ever gone before: They have given up their cars….. Vauban, completed in 2006, is an example of a growing trend in Europe, the United States and elsewhere to separate suburban life from auto use, as a component of a movement called "smart planning."

The following quote from the article exemplifies the gist of the article:

"'When I had a car I was always tense. I'm much happier this way,' said Heidrun Walter, a media trainer and mother of two, as she walked verdant streets where the swish of bicycles and the chatter of wandering children drown out the occasional distant motor."
Link to the entire article: http://www.nwanews.com/adg/National/259856/

Now just why would an Arkansas paper print such an article with such a positive slant? Even the word "car-free" in the headline indicates a positive slant to doing away with cars. Isn't it the beginning of preparing people for just this lifestyle of a "carless" society like leftists always do when they start their propaganda for a change they plan to implement? Remember a number of years ago when liberals started talking about the advantages of a nationalized health care, it was originally rejected with venom. Now it is so acceptable that people who oppose it are called radicals.

Taking over the auto makers will exponentially increase the price of cars. The government has never run anything efficiently. The new fuel-efficiency and tailpipe-emissions standards will drive auto prices even higher. Then the alternative fuels required will make driving a car so expensive that people will no longer be able to afford them.

We can then be like the third world countries that all of us have dreamed about living in. And all that will be called PROGRESS. And Obama will no longer have to apologize to other countries for our nation's indulgence. And we won't be that mean old country that uses more than our share of the world's energy. And no one in the other countries will be any better off. We will just be reduced to their poverty as we burn up our food for alternate fuel.

Then who will help all those countries during their times of crisis as our country has so many times for so many years?

Ron Fuller of ABC Board and Unprofessional Demeanor

From the WAAP site: "These 24 pictures were taken of ABC Board Chair Ron Fuller while hearing an appeal to the ABC Board's decision on allowing a liquor license for a restaurant in Jonesboro Arkansas which is in a dry county. The man on the left is the attorney representing those appealing the decision. The pictures are a true reflection of the disdain the Board exhibits toward the attorneys and those who appeal their decisions. These pictures were taken by some women who came to the hearing and were so appalled they wanted other people to see them. The pictures are on three different pages"

Again, see all 24 here!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Unseen Hand on Lottery Director Applications?

House Speaker Robbie Wills seems to think that there is an unseen hand directing out-of-state applicants to apply for the position of lottery director. The experience of such applicants no doubt was a factor in the withdrawal of Will's favorite candidate, Tom Courtway.

Wills writes "I wonder if the same folks who were so down on Courtway will now turn their attention to the many other “non-industry” applicants who, unlike the handful of applicants who’ve worked for a lottery organization, have the temerity to think they’d do a good job through innate talent and leadership ability. Or delve into what - or who - inspired the out-of-state lottery candidates to submit their applications."

The pay for this position is an outrageous $350,000 a year, so the unseen hand might be that of Adam Smith's free market at work. Or, it could be a behind-the-scenes move by Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, a man who spent almost all of his adult life outside the state until returning to run for Lt. Governor. Courtway could have been counted on by the good 'ole boys to run the lottery the way they wanted, leaving Halter on the outside looking in at a lottery that he initiated.

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Tea Party Activists from around the state will come on one at a time to talk about the latest. First, Laurie Masterson from the Washington County Tea Party joins host Mark Moore to talk about their emerging organizational structure. Is it a good template for use in your county? Second, Jeannie Burlsworth from "Secure Arkansas" will be on to talk about their organization (which has contacts in all 75 counties) and talk about other matters. Then the panel will be joined by Pulaski county's Bob Porto, who will update us on Tea Party activities there. And finally, your calls.