Sunday, January 30, 2005

Democrat-Gazette pours on the inneundos

State paper Compares Holt to David Duke

The reason I keep sending you these articles when they bash Senator Holt is because the battle is so important. If the media can pick off each individual that dares step forward and initiate conservative legislation, then they can keep anyone else from coming forward and doing the same. It is rare for a legislator to have the courage to step forward in the first place. The media knows they must stop them or others will follow. We that believe in the Christian principles in which Jim believes must engage in the battle with him. Because I know how important this battle is, I have made it a goal to pray for Jim Holt every day. I pray that you will do the same. If Jim can come through as a winner, then other legislators can see the battle can be won. That is why each of these conservative battles listed below is so important and why we must encourage the legislators and hold them up in prayer. At the national level we have talk radio programs, Fox news, etc. to defend our national leaders. In Arkansas we don't have that, and that leaves the liberal media wide open to crucify them unless we as the people do something.

I know that Jim Holt agonizes and hurts as he works through each step he takes. However, I talked to him today, and he said three weeks ago he was ready to call it quits but now feels refreshed, invigorated, and great. He says he feels the prayers. He said he is seeing some fruit in different areas and that some reporters have even expressed a desire to get to know him better.

Please e-mail the writers of this editorial. You can copy and paste their e-mails in the address box and send to all three at one time. I also encourage you to write letters to your local paper and also send to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and defend Jim and Christ. Remember if one hears something often enough they tend to believe it whether it is true or not. Letters to Arkansas Democrat Gazette need to be no more that 250 words. Most local papers allow 350. The address for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette letter is Voices, ArkansasDemocrat Gazette, P. O. Box 2221, Little Rock, Ar. 72201

To encourage Jim Holt and offer him your support, send e-mail to

A daytime storyDon’t try reading this at night
HE WAS well-built, blond, and nice looking. You know, he kept in shape. Oh, heck. Let’s face it: He was downright handsome. The women at his campaign events called him gorgeous. The menfolk just admired—and envied—him. He was a born-again Christian, and made a point of saying it early and often. Too often, it seemed. Like he was trying to explain away the obvious contrast between Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and the dark forces he was stirring: Hey, I’m not a hater. I’m a Christian. I’m a good man. I’m just telling you the truth, and how can I help it if the papers don’t understand? They’re too liberal, anyway. You know I’ll always tell you the truth. Even if it hurts or offends. I can take the heat. But I’ll still always tell you the God’s honest truth. You can trust me.

His just-finished bid for the U.S. Senate was closer than anybody’d expected. Heck, he was supposed to get trounced! Not only did he not, he had such a respectable showing that his political stock soared. He was eyeing the Governor’s Mansion. The media were against him, he’d tell you in a heartbeat, but the people—The People!—were for him.

Like him, the people had common sense. Like him, they knew that all this illegal immigration was hurting their state. They could see it happening all around them. They were out there working and sweating, but those eggheads in their Ivory Towers, what did they know? To him, Immigration was a kind of 11-letter four-letter word. And he knew how to fling it around. Like a bullwhip. From his legislative perch in the statehouse, he Told It Like It Was. Or, at least, like it would be if They took over. You know who They were. People with darker skin. Dirty, shifty-eyed people from another place, and another race. And They were lazy, and They were just here to eat up as much tax money as possible so the rest of Us were left without. And the newspapers apparently wanted it that way, ya know, because why else would they write all these editorials denouncing his efforts to solve the problem? Heck, every time this good ol’ Christian boy opened his mouth, one of Them Lyin’ Newspapers would chime in, using that snotty way of theirs to belittle his legislation, or twist the truth, or make it out to be something different from the fine, upstanding thing it was.

He was in the same party as the Governor, but the Governor shied away from him, too. Our handsome young man was just so. . . controversial. The governor—a controversial Republican himself—didn’t like to get too close. But, hey, the governor wouldn’t be governor forever, right? (In fact, it would be the governor’s last term.) The people, you see—The People!—would always be there for our handsome, Christian man. After all, wasn’t he just trying to give the people what they really wanted? That is, the people didn’t want the state to keep feeding Them, day after day, and giving Them shelter, night after night. The people could see how the whole state was being taken over, and they weren’t going to put up with it, not any more. And here was this shining white knight who was going to lead them. . . . —————The year was 1990. The man’s name was David Duke. And Louisiana still hasn’t got over all the damage he did.

This story was published Saturday, January 29, 2005

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Of Race-baiting, Demagoguery, and Jesus-juice

by Mark West

Quite a stir is mangling the thick air of Little Rock. City officials of all levels have voiced dismay at a piece of legislation recently brought before the Arkansas Senate by Senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith who are both Republicans. Senate Bill 206, also known as The Arkansas Citizen And Taxpayer Protection Act, is designed to create real enforcement of laws that are already on the books. SB206 would enforce identification standards for voting and receiving certain, yet unspecified, public services.

The problem is that some see the bill as unfairly targeting Hispanics. The mayor of Little Rock and a leader from a national Hispanic organization together spoke out against the law questioning its fairness. While their complaints were anticipated, the comments by an alleged ally were denigrating and spiteful.

Governor Mike Huckabee-R recently announced an agenda that seeks to protect and reward illegal aliens who…broke the law when they illegally crossed the United States’ border with Mexico. These will get pregnant, intentionally, in order that their unborn child can secure them citizenship by its own citizenship without the due naturalization process. I’m not certain which is sadder, that an illegal immigrant’s unborn child has better legal status and more rights than the unborn child of a legal citizen or that the reverend is an advocate of rewarding those who break the law strictly for his own national political gain. What do you think?

The Reverend Gov decided to put Senators Holt and Altes in his sights and went on the hunt. The Right Reverend accused them of legislation that was little more than “inflammatory race-baiting and demagoguery.” If anyone doubted the Rev Gov’s national political aspiration, these comments quelled their doubts. Why is it that liberals in conservative clothing always play the race card when called on their blatant disregard for the rule of law? Rev Gov’s agenda needed a reprimand for its disregard to the law of the state of Arkansas. Rather than honestly face the reprimand, the Rev Gov went on the offensive. However, we haven’t gotten to the worst part of his comments.

The Right Reverend also accused Senators Holt and Altes of “bearing false witness,” for the non-Christian reader, that means “lying,” and went on to say that he didn’t drink the same “Jesus-juice” that the Senators do. In one statement he accuses his opponents of demagoguery and then follows the accusation with religio-demagoguery of his own. He definitely has a knack for national politics. Basically, Rev Gov is putting opponents of his agenda into the category of being un-Christian liars.

But what’s up with the Jesus-juice? Isn’t the Rev Gov aware that Jesus-juice is tied to the allegations of improper conduct toward children that pop-star Michael Jackson now faces? Couldn’t the talented Rev Gov come up with a better analogy than that? I hope he does decide to run for President because I want to see that phrase attached to the headlines about his failure of a candidacy.

I’m amazed that the Rev Gov doesn’t lead by example and drop the harsh rhetoric. Isn’t there something in the Bible about loving thy neighbor as thyself? Should the Rev Gov be insulting his neighbors for political gain? I guess if you drink his Kool-Aid, oops, I mean Jesus-juice, you might not have a problem with an elected “Christian” leader who will pronounce unfair and unjust insults for the sake of furthering his own illegal political agenda.

I’m not touching that Kool-Aid, umm, Jesus-juice. But I will say that I am deeply regretting my vote in 2002. I believed myself to be voting for a true believer who was above such petty and mean-spirited treatment of his fellow believing brethren. Whosoever has no sin, cast the first stone!

Mark “The True Patriot” West

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spend Your Own Money!

by Mark West

Who should foot the bill? A question answered by millions of Americans daily. A variety of issues must be taken into account when answering this question. Cost, benefit and agreement should all be considered.

How is this question answered in Arkansas? I guess we will have to wait and see. State Representative Jeremy Hutchinson R-Little Rock introduced House Bill 1006 that would force the political parties to decide their candidates for President of the United States by the first Saturday in February. HB1006 is aimed at giving Arkansas more influence in the selection process for Presidential candidates. Arkansan and General Wesley Clark’s failed run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004 is cited as evidence for the need to move to a Caucus or Primary election in February. The Arkansas native was out of the race before a single Arkansan cast a vote in a primary.

A lot of Arkansans see this as a terrific idea. What’s the hold up? It’s a simple question! Who should foot the bill? Prima facie HB1006 seems like a no-brainer. Any effort to invigorate the national political clout of Arkansas is worthy of applause. Yet, the Democrat Party of Arkansas’ chairman Ron Oliver has directed the state’s democrats to oppose this legislation. His reason…cost. Hide your surprise, but Mr. Oliver and democratic leaders believe that parties themselves shouldn’t foot the cost. Nope, he believes the people of the state of Arkansas should!

Many Arkansans, especially the politically independent, take issue with the politically dependent (pun intended) getting benefits at their expense. It would be like my wife and I going to our neighbor and asking them to foot our bill for dinner and a movie…oh and to watch our two children while we’re out. Maybe we should apply a little common sense as we decide who should foot the bill.

When it comes to deciding who will be paying the cost we must determine who will receive the most benefit from HB1006. Arkansas’ parties will definitely benefit most from this bill. They will have more influence in the decision of who their national party’s Presidential candidate will be. Even if it is requires a closed Caucus or Primary, I think the parties themselves should pay the bill. I realize that it is a maddening concept for many but reality bites.

It’s time for State Congress people to stand up to their respective party leaders. Spend your own money!

Mark "The True Patriot" West

School Facilities Report Full of Mistakes

By Debbie Pelley

These are the errors I have run across, most of them reported in the paper. They are only summaries of main errors, not all errors. Note the first one (I have included no name because it has not been publicly reported.) I am sure we can count on the State Department or DeJong & Associates to publish a list of all the errors once they are finished!!!

With the exception of the extra football, baseball, soccer fields and tennis courts that our report had like most of the other reports, the only corrections I had to make in my meeting was their not giving our District credit for doing about six different repair/replacement projects (roofs, floor tile, and HVAC projects). [No big deal to this superintendent who defended the people working on the facilities report. I wonder if it would be different if his personal property had been assessed with that many mistakes and he had to fork out the money to make the repairs. Oh, but this is just taxpayers' money.]

Camden Fairveiw : -Forget about elevators for one-story structures. My favorite was the $18 million, air-conditioned barn recommended for the open-air classroom for agriculture education classes in the Camden Fairview School District. Journalist Moseley article.

Charleston: Over in Charleston, a beautiful, $6 million high school opened just last fall, but according to the "consultants," that campus needs $490,000 in repairs and additions to be up to their standards. The school has closed-circuit television throughout and a keypad security lock system, but it just wasn't secure enough. The consultants also felt the need to urge expenditures of $419 per room for dimming lights, $176 per room for telephones, $2,000 per room for additional writing surfaces (although every teacher was given every bulletin board and writing surface he or she requested). Then there were the recommendations to spend $109,000 to improve the football field and $135,000 for the existing baseball diamond. Moseley

To replace the 10 air conditioning units in the Charleston elementary school, the comic strip facility "consultants" from Planet 9 - or someplace else out in space - say the cost to replace each unit should be about $33,000 for a total estimated expense of $297,000. Interestingly, Charleston school officials checked with a local air-conditioning contractor and were told he would replace the units, which do no need replacing, for just $6,000 each. Moseley

...continued in Comments section

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Democrat-Gazette Editorial Hit Piece on Holt

One of the best signs that a legislator is for us is when the editorial pages of the Democrat-Gazette are against them. Whenever an elected official dares to make a stand against the big-government establishment they pile on with a series of condescending remarks that drip elitist snobbery. That is supposed to intimidate us, and the legislators, into shutting up.

State Senator Jim Holt of Springdale has again drawn their ire - this time for proposing common-sense measures to deal with the invasion of illegal immigrants who are flooding our state. The people of Arizona have already passed a proposition similar to the bill Holt has introduced. You may remember Holt as the man who drew 44% of the vote for U.S. Senate last year despite 1) being outspent 70-1 by incumbent Democrat Blanch Lincoln and 2) being virtually abandoned by the cowardly GOP party establishment, and 3) being relentlessly attacked and libeled by the old print media for eight straight months. The only reason he continues to survive, and even prosper, is that he is doing what the people of this state have long wanted their elected officials to do- stand up for conservative ideals no matter what the press says about you. Most folks are catching on -when the Democrat-Gazette says ugly things about you then you are doing something right.

The editors of the mighty Dem-Gaz feign shock that our elected officials should even concern themselves that non-citizens are voting in our elections. Instead, the Demozette editorial writers suggest that they should devote themselves full time to raising our taxes in order to expand government!

They then go on about how Senator Holt is an "ineffective legislator". This about the man who was the only senate sponsor of the bill that demanded financial transparency for political parties. That bill passed, and the subsequent increased reporting requirements showed that the state Republican party was involved in a serious string of financial irregularities. I still don't think the FEC is through with them. If anyone else had sponsored that bill, they would have been a champion of the press. Because Holt did it, they pretend he has never accomplished a thing. He also rooted out corruption among the senate staff, but you never heard about that either.

To a conservative, a good legislator is not measured by how many programs or taxes you can vote for, but rather by what you vote against. Jim Holt has voted "NO" to expanding government. They take that as a sign that he does not "help get things done". That is right, he does not help tax increase get done. He does not help centralized big government get done. Because of that he is actually doing the most important thing any elected official can do- protect citizens from ever larger, more stifling, and more expensive government. If he has failed in any way it is a failure to get more legislators to vote with him against big government. But of course, any such legislator will take heat from the very same leftists in the Demozette editorial room that attack Holt.

First they define "progress" as advancing elitist goals. That allows them to accuse anyone who tries to stop them as being against progress. They are the ones preventing Jim Holt from being more effective at stopping big government because they slime anyone who tries to do it! Ladies, it would be like your husband tracking in dirt and trash to your home everyday and then using the mess to accuse you of being an ineffective housekeeper.

They even insinuate that Holt and Denny Altes ( a courageous co-sponsor) are not good Christians ( I would that they knew enough about the subject to have an informed opinion) because their bill would deny automatic tax money to pay for illegal aliens sneaking across the border and having babies in America. Though the courts have ruled for now that anyone born in the U.S. is a citizen, the Constitution actually grants citizenship only to those persons born in the U.S. that are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Illegal aliens don't meet that requirement, thus so-called anchor babies are not really citizens of our country.

Everyone knows that illegals are abusing our generosity and flooding border hospitals with hordes of expectant mothers. They expect the U.S. taxpayer to foot the bill for free medical care as a reward for invading our country. The Demozette editors act like it is preposterous to even suggest that we deny the invaders unlimited access to our pockets vis-a-vi "free" medical care. The thinking seems to be that if the government is not in charge of charity then it does not count. The truth is, if the government is forcing me to be "charitable" then it is not really charity. To get more real charity, we need to get rid of the phony, government-mandated kind.

I'd bet my next pay check that Jim Holt would be more inclined to stop and help a sick person legal or not, than would any member of the Demozette's editorial board. They are confused. To them charity is not something that one caring person does for another, it is just a check you write to the government. That way you can tell yourself and others that you are more caring than Jim Holt without having to actually be around all those nasty poor people. After all, there are programs and bureaucrats to care for them, right?

They accuse Holt and Altes of passing a law that does not allow for unforseen circumstances, but current law is what does that. By mandating that all illegals have unlimited access to health care (read your income) no matter what, they are producing an invasion. The Holt-Altes bill would still allow individuals to perform acts of chairity, real charity, for illegals. All it would stop is the mindless lack of discrimination that is destroying and overwhelming our health care system in some areas of the country.

Let's pray to God above us and in us that more legislators find the faith and courage to stand up to the bullies in the establishment press of this state.

Watchdogs Gone Bad

"When the Watchdogs of the Media Become the Attack Dogs of the Establishment, the Common Citizens must unite to defend themselves against otherwise unaccountable power, unjustly wielded."

Who is the biggest bully in your town? Who in your city has the power to hurt people, and uses that power regularly? I think I know- its the media. This bully has the power to humiliate you and your neighbors. The power to make most people in your home town think you are a bozo, an anarchist, or whatever other label they want to put on you. Those were just two of the belittling words that powerful media member Max Brantley used to describe a mild-mannered lady who teaches in a small town, and others who agree with her. Her crime in Brantley's eyes was to, for the first time in her life, become an activist. In this case it was regarding the school consolidation issue.

It could have been any issue. You are not supposed to speak out you see. Stay between the lines, the lines set by them and their backers, and you won't get slimed. O sure, you still have your right to free speech, but you had better not use it unless you are simply repeating what they tell you. They have the vast power of the press in an information age, and some of them are taking a perverse delight in making and breaking people with a few strokes of the keyboard. The watchdogs of the media have become the attack dogs of the media.

From time to time they do get it right. Sometimes the people they call nuts really are nuts. But in a disturbingly large number of cases the people they label as nuts have lead long, stable, productive lives. They have happy marriages and loving children. They are intelligent, articulate people with interesting positions on various issues. The Attack Dogs of the media no longer bother refuting those ideas in any meaningful way. Instead, they hurl insult, personal abuse, and invective at those who dare to speak their own mind. They try to win the argument by discrediting the messenger, while avoiding the salient points of the message.

It had often been said, "Never pick a fight with people who buy their ink by the barrel." That is sage advice, to be sure. But it doesn't say anything about what to do when the people with the ink pick a fight with you. And I mean you. You sitting there reading this article. When they do this to people the implied threat is that none of the rest of you better step out of line, or you could be next!

Thankfully, we live in times that are as wonderful as they are terrible. The ink by-the-barrel bullies are living in the days of the internet now. We don't need ink to stand up to these bullies, we have electrons! One thing we do need though, is you. We need you to forward our articles to all of your friends and ask them to do the same. If we stick together, we can make humiliating decent people a lot less fun than it used to be for the hired pens.

Not that we will give them their own medicine. Not precisely. We want to avoid descending into the gutter with them. We will make a supreme effort to appeal to logic and reason- while we will not be afraid to call them what they are, we will strive to avoid personnel attack as a substitute for reasoned reporting.

This project is sponsored by the Constitution Party of Arkansas, but we will not spring to the defense of our own members only. We want to help all people who have been unfairly held up for public ridicule by a press machine that is losing its moral compass. In the process, perhaps the machine will right itself. Maybe there will be a more thoughtful approach in editorial rooms around the state. No one would be happier than myself if this project went out of business because the media took the high road. Isn't that the whole point of deterrence? We have a response mechanism on hand, in hopes that because we do, that mechanism will rarely or never have to be used.

If you have an example of media transgression, please feel free to submit it to our editor. At the least, I urge you to subscribe today, and encourage your friends to do the same.

With Respect,
Mark M. Moore