Sunday, December 11, 2016

Early Nominee for Most Anti-Freedom Bill of the Session

******* UPDATE *******************************

Rep. Brown has agreed to pull the bill as soon as the session starts. It is still disturbing that a legislator would be so out of touch as to even sponsor such a bill, but the way for an out of touch person to get in touch is to listen, and it appears that she listened.

Would be Karilyn Brown's (R) Sherwood bill to remove the philosophical and religious exemptions for vaccination for Arkansas School children, as well as added a slew of new mandatory vaccinations. The bill could have been written by Merck it is so pro-vaccine. Many people repeat the lie that it has been proven that vaccines do not cause autism. Not true. They studies that show there is no link tend to ask the wrong questions or if evidence of a link is found the evidence is destroyed and the test groups altered so that no link is found. Courts, even vaccine courts because vaccine companies in American actually have their own special courts where these cases get tried in, have found that there is a connection and who knows how many settlements like it are under a non-disclosure agreement?

Once upon a time we were a one party state of Democrats. Now we are close to a one party state of Republicans. Not even the Democrats gave us rules that are this anti-freedom. Power corrupts. If you want corruption, keep putting all of your political eggs in one basket. If you want good government, you cannot just trust a DC based party to handle it for you, you are going to have to work for it. It won't happen on its own while you are busy doing other things. For more information check out Arkansas Neighbors.

Arkansas Supreme Court Not Crazy Enough for Homosexual Culture Warriors

The Arkansas Supreme Court recently overturned a lower court ruling that same-sex couples could have both of their names listed as "parents" on the birth certificates of children that one of them gave birth to. Obviously with our current state of medical technology two lesbians cannot both truly be the "parents" of a child which one of them gives birth to. But that "truly" thing is the problem, The left is waging a war on truth. They are trying to stamp it out as something that is outrageously offensive to them, as are people who won't redefine what is true to fit whatever feelings they have at the moment. The left wants a world where feelings determine truth. The wise want a world where people have trained themselves to desire what is true so that truth and feelings can work together.

The lefties at the Arktimes are of course outraged that the Arkansas Supreme Court refused to say that people who clearly cannot be parents of a child are legally recorded as parents of the child. That is, the court refused to legally codify untruth as "fact". When untruth is legally codified as legal "fact" the laws become insane, and the same person is either forced to lose their respect for the law or their sanity.

Their main complaint is that the Arkansas Supreme Court did not follow the tenor of the Federal Supreme Courts in the Obergefell Decision to its ultimate conclusion. Notice I did not say the "logic"of the Obergefell Decisison because the Arkansas Courts did not violate the logic of that decision, as twisted and erroneous as it was. Rather the tenor of the decision was that the courts were going to impose untruth as truth by judicial fiat. The left now expects every court to make the same commitment to deny reality in every matter as it relates to promoting the absurd lie that homosexual relations are in every way equal to heterosexual ones. That the courts refused to deny the reality that both of those people cannot actually be the parents of the child infuriates the left, who expect reality to yield before their feelings.