Sunday, July 19, 2015

USA Today Propaganda Instrument of Ruling Class Posing as Newspaper

I was travelling and the hotel I stayed in offered free USA Today "news"papers. I found them to be over-priced. It is no wonder our nation is in the state it is in when much of the population is manipulated into thinking that they are being "informed" by reading such blatant propaganda. The above the fold article is a story about Bill Clinton and George W. Bush talking about Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton running against each other for President. This was the July 10-12 2015 issue.

Excuse me, aren't they getting ahead of themselves? The primaries are months away and almost nobody likes either of those two people, yet the paper pretends like its a done-deal and November will come down to "Jeb" and "Hillary". It is a puff-piece for the safe establishment favorites, plain and simple.

The center story is celebrating the Confederate flag coming down. For a nuanced, thoughtful look at that story, don't look at USA Today. Even my blog post on the issue has more substance.

The far right column claims that the "Feds Foil July 4 Terror Plots".  Almost all the terror plots "foiled" on American soil appear to be some government informant enticing an idiot into trying to do something they otherwise would not or could not do. This is often so the informant can get a reduced sentence for other crimes.  Thus, FEDGOV manufactures much of the "terrorism" it claims to stop

It appears to be more of the same here with their "10 plus suspects." The FBI told of one "plot" which consisted of three men having a conversation about building a pressure-cooker type bomb. No word if they ever took any steps to actually build such a bomb, much less made any plans to hurt anyone with it. They mentioned another suspect, Fareed Mumuni, who attacked an FBI agent with a knife during a search of his apartment. That man said he intended to leave America and "had intended to join ISILs ranks abroad." If he was unable to travel he "intended to attack law enforcement officers." OK, he is a dangerous man no doubt, and I am glad he is under arrest, but I am not sure his vague ideas that he had apparently not taken any steps to execute qualifies as a "terror plot."

The rest of the arrests were so week the Feds would not even give any details. The spokesman "suggested some of the arrests involved lesser charges than actual terrorism offenses, as investigators sought to quickly disrupt the alleged activities." Please, the first three guys just talk about building a pressure cooker bomb, and the other guy spontaneously attacks an agent searching his apartment. The rest of the "terror suspects" apparently did not even do anything that rose to that level. But since the FBI had warned us about terror attacks they had to come up with something right? 

Meanwhile, below the fold (not visible in the picture above) is a story about homicide rates surging in many American cities. Milwaukee for example, has had 84 homicides so far this year. I think that's a little bigger deal than a conversation about what it would take to build a pressure cooker, and maybe even a bigger deal than a suspect "losing it" and going after an FBI agent during a search of his apartment. 

The police chief was quoted as saying that "absurdly weak" gun laws contributed to the increase in killings. The story cited increases in other cities too, some with strong gun control laws and some with weak ones. Chicago for example, has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation and homicides have risen their by 19% this year. The article did not point out that cities with oppressive gun control laws have also seen increases, they just let the comment by the Police Chief stand.

Friends, when it comes to anything you read or hear from national media entities like USA Today, please remember Moore's Media Maxim:'The establishment media does not exist to inform the public, it exists to protect the establishment.' And its corollary: 'Any nation which has businesses which are "too big to fail" is going to have big media which is "too connected to the system to tell you the truth".'

Here is Greg Hunter's analysis of USA Today, which he calls a "thought-control rag".

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Rapert vs. Hutchinson

Senator Jason Rapert sends a frank email to Governor Asa Hutchinson over the latter's tepid performance on freedom of conscience / religious liberty issues. I am just going to have to swallow hard and agree with the Senator (I feel so dirty saying that) on this one. Full story here.