Saturday, January 28, 2006

The End is Nigh (John Brummett says some nice things about Jim Holt)

Surely the end of the world is near at hand, for John Brummett hath indeed spoken well of State Senator Jim Holt of Springdale in this column.....


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

When I read John Brummett's words, "Please understand that Holt is not a bad man and he's not a dumb man. A lot of what you read and hear about him is a caricature. He is a sincere man and a competent man." I was in shock. I knew it was true, and I knew that Brummett knew that it was true, but to read him admit it hit me with the force of a waffle iron to the gut, or maybe even a little lower.

Ok, I take back the last 100 nasty things I said about Brummett. It still leaves me plenty to say grace over! The subject of the column was ethics reform. John Brummett supports what Holt is trying to do, but can't seem to quite separate that from the man who is doing it.

Mr. Brummett further opins, "I do not think his ethics advocacy is altogether tactical, a mere ploy to enhance his electability. I happen to know that he's had this notion for at least three years. He happens to deem the time and climate and politics right, considering what's going on in Washington with Abramoff and all."

That is exactly right Mr. Brummett. If you were right about something else that day you match the record of a stopped clock. But then, it is not about what you know, which is a lot, it is about what you are willing to admit.

Brummett returns to form by saying, "But he is so obsessively and simplistically devout in his fundamentalist and evangelical religion that he simply does not understand or accept the premise that he should practice that religion for himself rather than for the rest of us through a constitutionally separated government. "

I don't recall Holt ever calling for a government church. I don't ever recall the Constitution forbidding it, except with respect to Congress. Heck, most states had a formal tax supported denomination when the Constitution was penned. Holt does not want that. If Brummett wants to bash some "fundamentalists" he should just bash the majority of the Founding Fathers, who were even to the right of Holt on these issues!

John Brummett ends with this devil's bargin, "If Holt would accept and practice the separation of his religion and our state, then I would accept the separation of this man and his idea. I would agree to go forth in praise of the idea and in frightful resistance to the man. How about it Jim, deal?"

What John Brummett fails to understand, or excuse me, is not yet willing to admit, is that it is exactly BECAUSE Holt takes his faith into his duties so completely that prompts him to take the stands he does- uncluding this one that Brummett so admires.

You can't separate the faith of Jim Holt from the appeal of Jim Holt, because it is his faith that drives the desire for clean government. It's the faith that leads him to stand against the prevailing currents, against the inside crowd, and yes, sometimes against the establishment media, when they are trying to push something on people that is wrong. It drives the desire for smaller government, allowing more room for bigger churches and families. It's all tied together.

It is written "When a man's ways please the Lord, He shall make even his enemies to be at peace with him." He will still have enemies, but they will be at peace with him. Are we seeing scripture proving true before our eyes?

The end is nigh, but so is a chance for a new begining in Arkansas.

10:44 PM, January 28, 2006  
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