Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cost for Pre-Natal Care for Illegals 5 Times Estimates

This Nell Smith article does an excellent job of outlining the background of our welfare program to provide pre-natal care to "undocumented immigrants". The cost so far is five times what it was estimated to be only two years ago. I think you will be astounded at the process they used to arrive at the estimate. A child could have told them that they were leaving important costs out.

This is a good lesson in how government growth works. They added this "benefit" administratively. The legislature did not get a chance to vote on whether you should have to pay for pre-natal care for illegal aliens. They sold it on a ridiculously low estimate of what it would cost, then cememted the program in place. Of course once in place they are really hard to cancel, but Sen. Jim Holt and others will certainly try to end this inducement for illegal aliens to come to Arkansas at your expense.


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