Thursday, June 08, 2006

Demo AG Primary Too Close to Call

The Channel 11 Survey USA poll has State Rep. Dustin McDaniel with 48% and Little Rock City Attorney Paul Suskie with 47%. The margin of error was 4.8%, which makes the race a statistical dead heat.

Previously, the polls had reported that Bill Halter was leading Senator Tim Wooldridge, AKA "The Hanging Judge", 58% to 34%. Since that time, Wooldridge unloaded some shocking dirt on Halter, enough to destroy anyone in a Republican Primary regardless of their lead. They have been documented elsewhere in this blog. We will see if that is enough to erase Halter's lead, but most pundits are saying that it will not. Since the run-offs have a higher percentage of "party hacks" than other elections, it might even have a back lash within that tiny group.

In both those races, and in the fairly close race for Treasurer between Mac Campbell and Martha Shoffner, the real key is TURNOUT. Getting those who have already voted for you to go to the polls one more time. Expending resources on getting new voters or going after your opponents base is a waste.


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