Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lynch: Halter Needs to Run From Holt

This this ADG column, media personality Pat Lynch has some advice for Bill Halter in the Lt. Governor's race: Stay away from Jim Holt.

Lynch has done radio interviews with both men, has spent a lifetime measuring aspirants for public office, and is in a good position to know who would win in a side by side comparison. This is what he says on that....

"It doesn’t take an advanced degree in political sorcery to figure out that Halter and Holt must never meet in the same forum. Halter needs to stay busy, far too busy for town hall meetings and other pain-in-the-rear-end joint appearances. This is not about good government. It’s all about winning. Holt has everything to gain in a public match-up. Halter gets nothing but a black eye. "

Lynch's advice to the Halter campaing is avoid going overtly negative on Holt, instead going "soft negative" with innuendo and suggestion. Pretty sneaky, but it might work. Jason Willett has accomplished nothing with his over-the-top attacks on Holt other than to make himself look ridiculous. Lynch said Halter has to "pray that the editorial writers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette do not beat the Holt campaign back to life with yet another epic denunciation." Lynch has caught on that real people- this does not include the Little Rock political class- either pay no attention at all to the ADG editorial page or read it "upside down". That is, if the ADG says someone is bad, then they are likely good.

Lynch also noted, "His Republican counterpart, Asa Hutchinson, has an advantage in his perceived closeness to Jim Holt, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor."


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