Saturday, November 11, 2006

Will State GOP Listen to Brummett or Dobson?

Focus on the Family President Dr. James Dobson has some advice on how to fix the Republican party, and so does acerbic liberal columnist John Brummett.

A Washington Post article on the weakening of the Evangelical vote for the GOP quoted three well known Christian Conservative leaders on the reasons for the erosion of support:

"Evangelical Christians are "fed up with the Republican leadership, particularly in the House," said the Rev. Richard Land, head of the public policy arm of the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention. "They're disgusted that Republicans came to Washington and failed to behave any better than Democrats once they got their snouts in the trough."

Roberta Combs, chairman of the Christian Coalition, said responsibility for the GOP's loss of the House and Senate "goes right back to the leadership, the corruption among Republicans."

And James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, issued a statement saying that "many of the Values Voters of '04 simply stayed at home this year" because the Republican Party has "consistently ignored the constituency that put them in power.""

The always-colorful Brummett had this to say, "Here’s my advice: Look outside Northwest Arkansas for your candidates. Look outside the right-wing churches. Look outside people with toxic political names such as Hutchinson and DeLay. Give people more than pictures of gay people kissing. Quit lying about my columns. Quit doing smears and start talking about how to make government better from a fiscally conservative and reform-oriented point of view."

You know John, as long as activist judges and militant homosexual activists are attempting to re-define marriage to accomodate their deviancy, you can expect it to be an issue. If they quit trying to force it down our throats, we could- and would be delighted to - quit talking about it. But I agree with you in one sense, OUR FEAR BUTTON IS BROKEN. Republicans can't just ignore their base for four years, govern in a corrupt manner, and then expect to get our votes just because "the other guys are worse". They can't just keep hitting the fear button. They have to govern well.

Time will tell if GOP leaders in Arkansas and elsewhere will listen to the John Brummett's of this world, the James Dobson's of this world, or will take the best advice of both.


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