Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This is a tale meant to be told in the form of a "Graphic Novel". I don't have an illustrator, so I must request that you use your imagination in setting the scenes.

Scene: Congressmen Mic Mawby’s office. There are two Senators, Chambers and Knox, with him.

Chambers: Look Congressmen, the other five congressmen from our state are on board with this immigration reform bill. I am going to level with you. This is something the big boys want and want badly. You need to get in line.”

Mawby: Senator Chambers, our constituents don’t want this bill. No matter how you spin it, its amnesty. They want the country protected.

Chambers: They need to be educated.

Mawby: The more educated they are about this bill, the angrier they get! Your demands make no sense to me. Senator Knox, you have announced your opposition to this bill, why are you here asking me to vote for it?

Knox: We are both up for re-election next year, but you are in a safe seat. You could buck the home folks on this one and still get re-elected. I’ve made a number of votes that have got people, uhh, stirred up. As long as there are enough votes in the Senate to pass the bill, I can lay low on this one and pretend I am against it.

Mawby: So you actually want the amnesty bill to pass?

Chambers: Get your terminology right. It’s not amnesty. We don’t use that word to describe the bill.

Mawby: We can change the law Senator, I didn’t realize that we could change the definition of words.

Chambers: Grow up. Don’t pull that dictionary crap on me. We live in a day of mass media. We can tell people 200 times a day what a word means for today. Then next year we can tell them 200 times a day that it means the opposite. And they’ll accept it, because they hear it 200 times a day. How the H*ll is a dictionary going to stop a tidal wave like that? Mass media determines what so-called “reality” is every day.

Mawby: But dictionaries define words.

Chambers: Dictionaries are irrelevant, they get shouted down by the media. And if you insist on sticking to some definition you read in a dusty book somewhere instead of what the big boys are calling it today, then you are going to be buried. The people changing the rules aren’t going to be seen as odd for redefining things. You are going to be seen as an odd by the average slob on the street who doesn’t even own a dictionary.

Mawby: But words mean things.

Chambers: You’re not listening boy. Words don’t mean anything other than what the power brokers say they mean. And the big boys have made it clear that we are to tell people that this bill is not amnesty until they accept it.

Mawby: How can you talk to the people? How is meaningful communication possible when words mean different things on different days?

Chambers: Meaningful communication? We don’t want to communicate with those average idiots on the street, we want to bullsh*t them. Most guys around here are sharper than you. We don’t have to spell it out for them. We don’t work for those dumb-as-rocks slobs buying tube socks at Wal-Mart. We just have to make them think we do. And that means we have to project a certain image. And projecting a proper image takes lots of money. Ergo; we work for the people who write the checks in this business.

You’re a former quarterback at the university. You got some name ID and it got you this far, but you are going to have to learn how this game is played if you want to stay in it.

Mawby: My image is my reality. I don’t have to play games.

Chambers: Hah! I’ve seen dozens like you come and go in my time here. They thought they could buck the system too. Your image! These people can make your image into anything they want it to be. Your image will be worse than Hitler’s in 2 years time if you don’t wise up. The party backed you when you were a fresh face that people liked, but if the folks who pull the strings don’t start getting return for value then you are done. You are going to find yourself running for office with no monetary help, no endorsements, and a whisper campaign that will destroy you. They won’t complain to people that you are against this bill, they will tell people that you want to take away their social security, that you are mentally unstable, that you are corrupt.

Mawby: God help me to never get like you.

Knox; Let’s all just calm down here. Mic, look I like you. I want the best for you. The truth is, almost all of us are for this bill, including the majority of those making noise like we oppose it. The folks who write the checks are going to let me oppose this one in public, but in private I have to do every thing I can to get it passed. That includes this talk with you today. If you play ball on this one, you will get political capital. Capital to spend on some of these other things you want done. To do the good you want to do, you have to work within the system we have. This will be a feather in your cap.

Mawby: It’ll be a knife in the back to the people who sent me here. Your system stinks, and I’ve had enough of your good-cop bad-cop routine. Get out of my office.

Scene: Leaving the building.

Knox: We need to hammer him and fast. Can you believe that guy? That Dudly-do-right sh*t head. I never did like the jackass.

Chambers: Me neither. When he begs the bosses to back off and promises to play ball, I’m going to enjoy it when we get to tell him it’s too late.

Knox: Me too.

Scene: Mexican Consulate, State Capital

Consulate: Senor Murta, the transfer of your associate is being arranged, but it remains a delicate matter.

Murta: My associates are playful bunch, sometimes maybe even a bit rough, eh?

Consulate: Rape and murder are not matters of play. Especially this time. The woman was a respected citizen.

Murta: These Yankees are weak to respect women.

Consulate: Her husband was also a well respected science teacher.

Murta: Ha! These fools respect all the wrong things. No wonder they are falling all over themselves to turn their country over to us.

Consuate: In his younger days he was also a well respected soldier. Five medals for bravery in the first Gulf War. I am not sure what branch.

Murta: That is different! Hey! If he is still that much man, he should be able to find another women or two.

Consulate: You take this matter too lightly. We are for the time being still guests in their country. The governor of this state invited our consulate to be here, and even provided Yankee taxpayer dollars to build it. When your gang runs wild in the streets, it causes us problems.

Murta: You don’t seem to object when the dollars my men produce go through you and back into the home country.

Consulate: Your activities are very profitable, especially the narcotics, and we do want to cooperate with you. We appreciate your cash remissions back to our country. But you are not the only ones who can siphon money out of their economy and into ours. We have large numbers of ordinary laborers that can also do this, and when we help them we have the favor of the business interests which run the government here. Your activities are proving so troublesome that even the large amount of money you provide is not worth the problems.

Murta: I expected this compadre. So what amount would be worth the problems?

Consulate: An additional twenty percent would be acceptable, provided your men are more cautious in the future.

Murta: For that I could have you replaced with a whore who would provide me even more services for my money. Not even half of that. I will pay seven percent more. And as far as my men goes, for the type I need, this sort of thing is just a cost of doing business.

Consular: My government has instructed me to accept no less than a 12% increase.

Murta: My sources in the government tell me that it was to be 10%. Perhaps you want to keep a little extra for yourself, eh?

Consular: No more than the customary amount, to insure good service.

Murta: Ahh. The high cost of good government. Very well, 12%, but I am envious. You government people are the real criminals.


Scene: Inside a Catholic Church, panning to confession booth

Aaron Storm: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

Father: What sin burdens you Aaron Storm, so close after your sorrow?

Storm: I have heard some things. I have had some thoughts. Thoughts that trouble me.

Father: What things my son? And what are these thoughts?

Storm: That my wife’s killer might be in the Mexican consulate. That they are going to help him leave the area soon. This is from a student of mine who lives on the wrong side of the tracks, but I trust them. My wife taught them two years before.

Father: And you have told the police what you have heard?

Storm: Yes. They did not act like they believed it. They did not want to believe it. It was too inconvenient to believe the consulate is involved.

Father: And do you believe them?

Storm: I know enough to know that it was an illegal alien. The police said he was a member of this MS-12 gang. I know the consulate assists in helping many illegals operate in our country. I know there is a lot of crime. If they are not helping that one now, they helped other criminals who hurt other people.

Father: And these thoughts of yours. They are for revenge?

Storm: Yes. I am consumed by thoughts of burning the consulate to the ground. I may not be rational right now. I am just so angry. And lonely.

Father: The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God my son. God has appointed the state to bring wrath on evil doers. It is not for us to take our own revenge.

Storm: What about justice then? Can nothing be done?

Father: Let the system bring justice.

Storm: What if we live in times where the system is broken?

Father: Then let God judge the system, and those who permitted it. Your wife loved you. She would not want you to be consumed by this. Your mind may be imagining that you are burning down the consulate, but you are really consuming yourself with such thoughts.

Storm: What should consume me if not avenging my wife? What should I do with my self that is better than protecting the next victim? Is it not a worthy cause to spend ones self on?

Father: Not like this. I beg of you to repent of such thoughts. Once you cross the line to operating outside the law, it is difficult to keep from going down that path further than you intended. Operating outside the law almost always has terrible consequences.

Storm: Our leaders and theirs should have thought about that before they started operating outside the law.


Scene: police station

Reporter Kelley Alworth: “Hey Kirkland, you got anything for me tonight”

Detective Kirkland: “Apparently not by your standards. I spent an hour with you on the Debbie Storm case, and not a peep in the news or the papers.”

Alworth: “I was madder about it than you Kirkland. It was a gripping crime story. The surviving husband is a charming and quotable man. Yet my editors tossed it.”

Kirkland: “Could your writing have anything to do with it?”

Alworth: “Funny flat-foot. No, he put the kibosh on it because it was too stirring.”

Kirkland: “Your writing was too stirring? Now you’re being funny.”

Alworth: “Not my writing Lance, the story itself. He said that we are supposed to de-emphasize stories that could inflame relations between the average Joe and the “immigrant community”.

Kirkland: “So that’s why I look in the paper next day and there is no peep of your story, but a big one on the Latin food festival.”

Alworth: “That’s right, and another one where business leaders forge ties with leaders of immigrant groups. Plus another one where a government study shows that immigrants are good for the economic health of a community.”

Kirkland: “Not to mention that editorial Thursday insinuating anyone who is against the immigration bill is a heartless bigot. I’ll bet you got some cancellations on that one.”

Alworth: “Nahhh. Most of the people with their own opinions have dumped us already.”

Kirkland: “Good point. I read it from our copy at work. I canceled my home subscription two election cycles ago.”

Alworth: “Hey, you trying to put me outta work?”

Kirkland: “Not me deary. I am trying to get you a good story, but when I do your boss won’t print it.”

Alworth: “Follow the money. Some businesses who buy a lot of ads don’t like stories like that. Well, let’s keep trying. What have you got?”

Kirkland: “The latest big one is a robbery and double homicide. Victims and perps both illegal immigrants.”

Scene: Night, outside Mexican consulate, which is burning to the ground.

Andrea Salas: “This is reporter Andrea Salas outside what little remains of the Mexican consulate. Tonight an arsonist fire bombed the consulate, leaving one unidentified person dead inside. Firefighters have been working to put down the blaze.

We have footage from stoplight security cameras that show the perpetrator in action.

(grainy footage of Flamethrower in costume tossing Molotov cocktail into building.)

Governor Mike Harrison’s office has released a statement of sympathy, saying that the authorities will bring this domestic terrorist to justice, and offering taxpayer support in rebuilding the consulate. The identity of the victim inside is unknown, and the Department of Homeland Security has taken possession of the remains. They are calling this a hate crime. Here is special agent Richard Lugar:

Lugar: “The government does not tolerate incidents like this. We will pour in as many resources as necessary to solve this case. We will turn this city upside down until we find the person or persons who did this. “

Salas: Senator Stanton Chambers said this incident is an example of why we need to pass the immigration reform bill now working its way through the legislature.

Chambers: “This ugly incident just highlights the urgent need to pass the immigration reform bill without further delay or debate. We need a plan that will provide legal status to the hard-working immigrants in our country that is not amnesty. This bill is not perfect, but the urgency of the situation shows that we must act now.”

The TV turns off. Salvatore Murtha is watching at the MS-12 gang HQ.

Murta: We have to act now alright. We just lost one of our own. I think I know who did it.

Gang member: Who?

Murta: The husband. The one whose wife was killed. Some big mouth let out word that we were smuggling Juan out through the embassy.

Gang member: Payback? Yankees don’t do that. They are domesticated, heh heh.

Murta: This one was a big war hero before he got domesticated. Maybe some of the sheep got rubbed off of him.

Gang member: So you got proof?

Murta: I ain’t the police. I don’t need proof. We are gonna kill this guy on a hunch.

Scene: Storm opens the door to his home. Lugar, with gun pulled:

Lugar: You are under arrest Storm. You have the right to remain silent, but my guys are still going to beat the h*ll out of you until you talk.

Storm (up against the wall): Talk about what officer?

Kirkland: Take it easy Lugar

Lugar: This is a homeland security matter. You local yokels are just along for the ride. Take it easy yourself Kirkland.

Storm: What is this all about?

Lugar: Do you have an alibi for your whereabouts on the night when the Mexican consulate was burned to the ground?

Storm: Yes.

Lugar: Hah! Who is it?

Father McBride in the background: I am his alibi. I came to his house for counseling purposes. I was there before, during and after the fire.

Lugar: At midnight? Are you two gay or something?

Kirkland: Lugar!

Lugar: I told you to shut up. I am in charge of this investigation.

Storm: No. I needed counseling and some company. I have been having a hard time since the murder of my wife. The father and I are friends from way back.

Lugar: Priest, are you lying? I don’t trust religious fanatics.

Kirkland: Where did you come from? My apologies Mr. Storm, Father McBride. Let’s get out of here.

Lugar: For now, OK. But I’m going to be keeping an eye on you Storm.

SCENE: on the TV

Salas: This is Andrea Salas reporting. Homeland Security Commander Richard Lugar has announced that they have a shocking new suspect in the Consulate Firebombing- Congressman Mic Mawby. Mawby has long been a vocal and fiery opponent of immigrants, now police suspect his rhetoric has transformed into violence. Here is Senator Lawrence Knox on Mawby.”

Knox: Whether or not he committed this specific crime, I can understand why the authorities consider him a suspect. Frankly, many of us around here consider the Congressman a bit unstable. I hate to say that, because I always liked him, but he had a dark side. We will have to wait and see how this specific investigation turns out, but people that know him are not as shocked as you might think. He was always a verbal flamethrower, it now appears he may be an actual one”

Salas: The Congressman was not immediately available for comment. Has the identity of the Flamethrower been found so soon? We will keep you informed as events occur.

Scene: TV clicks off. In the room is a shocked Mawby and a few congressmen and senators.

Mawby: They didn’t call my office. The police have not questioned me. They went with this without….they…

Knox: Feeling a little panicked Mawby?

Mawby: Wait a second, how did you wind up knowing about this Knox? You got interviewed, and they didn’t even get a quote from me?

Chambers: You are slow Mawby. Did you think you were a legitimate suspect? Most of the country is mad at this situation. You think the Department of Homeland Security just picked a guy at random to blame and it was you? A sitting Congressman? It’s all been arranged. This is just the beginning of your nightmare. The whole point of this is to give mild mannered personas like Lawrence here a chance to go on television and suggest that you are a nut. Once enough of us do that, it won’t matter that two months from now we find the guy who actually did it. The point will be made that even the people in your own party think you are a fruitcake. And it’s going to get worse.

You look a little pale hero. I wanted to be around to see this. Still going to that Charity event tomorrow? Even if they let you in to that one, a month from now you won’t even be invited to a Tupperware party.

Scene: Charity Event. Mawby is with his wife.

Mawby: Well darling, the chill is in the air.

Mrs. Mawby: I’m here with you.

Mawby: Good thing, normally I am swamped with people who want to talk to me. Tonight they are acting like I am a killer.

Mrs. Mawby: At least three men in this room suggested as much on TV yesterday. We might as well be at home playing with the kids. Here we are stuck in the corner at a party, watching TV.

Mawby: Turn it up!

Mrs. Mawby: What?

Mawby: If I’m the flamethrower, then how come he just struck again while I was standing here?

On the TV screen an office is burning in flames.

Salas: That’s right, only minutes ago the Flamethrower struck again. Once again security cameras have caught images of the costumed vigilante killer- this time as he destroys the office of Senator Stanton Chambers. Chambers has been known as a staunch supporter of immigration reform that is not amnesty. We will keep you posted as the reign of terror continues.

Chambers: My offices!
Knox: They are gutted!

Mawby: Hello Senators. Would either of you care for some nuts?


Lugar: Yesterday’s bombing makes us look like idiots. We announce a sitting Congressman is a suspect, then the next day Flamethrower strikes again while the Congressman has 50 alibi witnesses.

Assistant: So what do we do?

Lugar: We lock down every possible suspect. I want them all brought in or under surveillance. That is the bad boy bloggers, local AM radio talk show hosts. All of them.

Assistant: Does that include the Congressman?

Lugar: No way! We have enough egg on our faces with that one.

Assistant: How about the first guy, Aaron Storm?

Lugar: Yeah sure. I didn’t like his attitude. Let’s lock him down.

Kirkland: Wait a minute, you are talking about locking people up based on their attitude? What’s the charge? And Storm has a good alibi.

Lugar: If you trust Jesus freaks, which I don’t. If you don’t want him locked up, maybe you can volunteer to stake him out.

Kirkland: That’s a big time commitment. I still have other cases. In fact, Bridges just turned over the Debbie Storm case to me. It seems he has been re-assigned to you.

Lugar: We need Bridges for stake-out. You too. If you don’t want Storm locked up, then agree to stake him out. I’m pulling men off the Al-Quida sleeper cell unit to solve this Flamethrower case. Your Debbie Storm case can wait.

Kirkland: What are they thinking in Washington? Pulling guys off an Al-Quida investigation to catch an arsonist who may have killed one murderer? And how can you go around just arresting people for writing a controversial blog? Real cops need probable cause to do that.

Lugar: We’re the real cops now. When the government declares an emergency, we can’t afford to mess around. Homeland security is an elite unit. Those Constitutional niceties are OK for you local guys, but sometimes to protect the country you have to act decisively. It’s for the greater good. You want in, stake out Storm, you don’t, we’ll round him up with the rest.

Kirkland: I’ll stake out Storm.

Scene: MS-12 headquarters. Several Arabs are there too.

Murta: Look Al-Jihadi, this Flamethrower is putting a wrench into all our plans.

Al-Jihadi: How so? Surely a couple of fire bombings will not change things?

Murta: But there was another one today out west. The first copycat they are calling it. How many more will there be? People are getting nervous.

Al-Jihadi: But so long as the border remains open, what does that matter?

Murta: My counsular says that some Senators are backing off because of all the anger. American politicians are very insulated. They are not used to things like this. If the immigration bill is rejected, momentum will shift to an emphasis on border security.

Al-Jihadi: We cannot permit that. We are the first of an army to come. Our goal is to bring in 100,000 martyrs in the next seven years- paying you handsomely for helping us bring them in of course. Once they are in place we will unleash a wave of destruction that will make them beg for the days of the Flamethrower.

Murta: Yes, but to get to that place we need to eliminate the Flamethrower and get things back to normal.

Al-Jihadi: But can’t the American Government itself do that for us?

Murta: They are blundering oafs. We think we know who did this. We should take care of this problem ourselves and quickly before any more Yankees get ideas. Ideas of causing so much trouble that their politicians actually start listening to them.

Al-Jihadi: So you are not afraid of the government of the United States?

Murta: Right now, they are in our back pocket because they think it’s good for business. But this Flamethrower is lighting a fire that risks having them jump out of that pocket.

Al-Jihadi: My foremost mission is the sleeper project. Send some of your own men to do this job. If they fail, then we will join with you against this menace to our plans.

Scene: Kirkland on stake out.

Kirkland: What the…????

(Aaron Storm gets in the car)

Storm: Officer Kirkland, hello. Nice night for a stakeout isn’t it?

Kirkland: I’m doing you a favor. Lugar wanted you locked up.

Storm: I was hoping you would be staking out MS-12 headquarters, working on Debbie’s murder. We both know where it is.

Kirkland: It’s frustrating. We know they are a gang, but we can’t prove it. If we arrest them with no proof, the papers and the lawyers will be all over us. We’d wind up in prison, like Ramos and Compean, those poor border patrol agents. The system is rigged so that some kinds of criminals are taboo to collar. I hate it.

Storm: You are staking me out. I’m here. Maybe we could take a drive.

Kirkland: What’s that?

(car of MS-12 gang rides in with lights off. They get out at Storm’s house)

Kirkland: I recognize the vehicle. It looks like MS-12 is taking an interest in your house.

Storm: Are you going to call for back up?

Kirkland: For trespassing? They haven’t tried to kill you yet. Besides, most of the force is out rounding up bloggers, right-wing radio guys, and anybody who likes to wear camos.

Storm: You know why they are here. Lugar isn’t the only one that considers me a suspect. How about we take a ride to a little shed about a half mile down the road?

Kirkland: Sounds safer.

Scene: at the shed

Storm (as he enters the shed) I’ll be out in three minutes

The door comes open, and Flamethrower appears on a motorcycle, but with helmet off.

Kirkland: Oh no.

Flamethrower: I have some business to finish with MS-12.

Kirkland: You know what really hurts- that Lugar was right.

Flamethrower: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day- and Lugar has the kind of face that can stop one. But as it happens, father McBride was not lying.

Kirkland: It sure looks like it.

Flamethrower: I was going to do it that night. I had the gear all ready. He knew I was on the edge. He stayed with me all night, trying to talk me out of it.

Kirkland: So someone else destroyed the consulate? Who?

Flamethrower: I don’t know. But when I saw the news video, I knew it would be an easy fix to make my outfit look like his.

Kirkland: And then you took out the Senator’s office?

Flamethrower: Afraid so. The system’s broken, and those guys aren’t listening. I figured if someone else could take out the consulate, the least I could do was send a message to Washington. We all have to do our part.

Kirkland: That congressman must be glad you did- it sure got him off the hot seat.

Flamethrower: Sounds OK by me. I voted for him. Of course, I voted for the Senator too, but he turned out to be a traitor.

Kirkland: Murta has thirty killers over there. You can’t take MS-12 alone.

Flamethrower: In a better world, I wouldn’t have to. I can try anyway.

Kirkland: You know I’m going to have to take you in.

Flamethrower: No you don’t officer Kirkland. The best thing you could do is let me take care of the business that you just admitted you can’t take care of.

Kirkland: But you can’t take the law into your own hands. For things to work, everybody has to respect the law.

Flamethrower: You mean like the laws against illegal aliens? I’ll tell you what, I’ll start respecting the law when the government does.

Kirkland (drawing his gun): I’m sorry. I’ve gotta take you in Storm. I’ve got no choice.

Flamethrower: You’ve always got a choice officer Kirkland. What you need is the courage to make the right one. (he puts his helmet on and drives off past Kirkland)

Kirkland: Sigh

Scene: Back in Washington

Senator Chambers: It’s a disaster. Four more arsons at Senate offices across the country. Polls, unreleased to the media of course, say more than half the population blames “government failure to secure the border” for the bombings. Some of our coalition is starting to think that a civil war is bad for business and that we should back off this immigration bill.

Senator Knox: Some, not most?

Chambers: The cooler heads will prevail. We are just going to have to push this thing through. We’ve lost some votes, so to get it done, you are going to have to change your vote tomorrow.

Knox: Stanton, I can’t do that. After all the commitments I’ve made. After all the hits I’ve taken. I can’t vote for this thing. I need political cover.

Chambers: I know you face an election, but we can work with the other party. The same people that are kingmakers over here have influence over there. Maybe we can work it so that all of their top candidates are told to sit this one out. There may be a renegade or two that jumps in, but the party will let them twist in the wind.

Knox: You can’t trust the other side that much. I don’t even know if our side will go that far to save me. Even if they do, if I switch my vote so inexplicably then just about anyone could beat me.

Chambers: I am sorry to have to mention this Lawrence, but you really have no choice. The powers that be want this, and they have the goods on you. They have it on all of us.

Knox (burying head in hands) Groan. All but a few of us- like that miserable Mic Mawby.

Chambers: He’s a light-weight. I haven’t seen that guy all day.

SCENE: Flamethrower approaches the car of MS-12 thugs that went to his home to assassinate him. As he zooms by he fires a flare into the window, then tosses in a firebomb. The car crashes. One guy gets out with a gun and shouts into a cell phone. He fires at Flamethrower. One hits and Flamethrower topples over, but he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest. Flamethrower quickly spins back up and sprays him with flames. He gets back on his cycle and takes off.

Gangster: It was Ramon. The Flamethrower got them. I heard Ramon scream his last words.

Murta: Flamethrower knows we’re after him, and we know he is after us. Get everyone, including the Al-Quida USA guys. It’s war.

SCENE: Kirkland on the phone and at the scene of the burned out car:

Lugar: Why didn’t you call me right away?

Kirkland: My first call was to the County Sheriff. We go way back.

Lugar: A sheriff? This is a federal operation!

Kirkland: Right. There is nothing here but dead gang-bangers, but I know where Flamethrower is going.

Lugar: Where?

Kirkland: A warehouse at 13th and Argyle. MS-12 uses it as a headquarters.

Lugar: It’ll be mayhem. I’m bringing my SWAT team with me.

Scene: Flamethrower approaches MS-12 HQ in the night. He hears a noise. He spins. He is looking at his twin. It is a Flamethrower face off.

Storm: You’re a handsome fellow.

Flamethrower II: Likewise I’m sure.

Storm removes his helmet: You took care of the consulate?

Flamethrower II: Yes, and you sent the message to the good Senator?

Storm: It was the least I could do. I suppose MS-12 is your target tonight.

Flamethrower II: My grand finale. I’m hoping to get that immigration bill beat tomorrow.

Storm: The man you killed in the consulate was MS-12 too. One of the worst. He murdered my wife.

Flamethrower II: The authorities are not releasing information on his identity, but I have my sources. I knew what kind of man he was. I’m only sorry we didn’t get him in time to save your wife.

Storm: I’m Aaron Storm. MS-12 thinks I’m both of us and they are out to kill me. I’d appreciate your help.

Flamethrower II (removing his helmet) I’m Congressman Mic Mawby. I’d appreciate your help, and if we live through this, your vote.

Storm: I had your sign in my yard last time.

Mawby: Thanks. Let’s go.

Scene (flames, explosions, shots and mayhem as the Flamethrowers are locked in a deadly duel with MS-12 and Al-Quida in the USA.)

Scene: Kirkland is waiting with a county sheriff and some deputies when an armored truck pulls up and starts disgorging DHS SWAT team members. Lugar struts up to Kirkland.

Lugar: Give me a good turnover, what’s the situation?

Sheriff: The situation is that Federal operations still need the approval of the Sheriff of each county. You did not bother to apply for or get such permission before your goons started turning this county upside down. Detective Kirkland and I have had a talk about your methods. I know that it is usually just a formality, but this time I am invoking the rule to avert a bloodbath. I deny you and your men permission to operate in this county.

Lugar: But, do you hear that battle going on down there? The bloodbath is already going on in that warehouse.

Sheriff: And that is where it should stay. And since the real Flamethrower is down there, he can’t be any of these other folks you have locked up. Kindly release them on your way out of town.

Lugar: Forget that. I’m a federal agent. If the President wants he can declare Martial law here.

Sheriff: When he does I guess you can come back. Until then, it’s my call and I want you gone.

Lugar: No way. This is an emergency situation. Were the ones with the authority here.

Kirkland: You know, when I was a little boy, my grandfather used to tell me stories about his days as a soldier in WWII.

Lugar: What?

Kirkland: I was always envious of Grandpa.

Lugar: What are you babbling about Kirkland?

Kirkland: ‘Cause I always thought that I’d never get a chance to shoot a Nazi.

Lugar: Huh?

Kirkland (pulling his gun): Until now. You heard the Sheriff Lugar, get your stormtroopers back in that tank of yours and get out of here.

Lugar: We’ll go, but you are finished in this business Kirkland. You haven’t heard the last of me.

Lugar (as he drives off) You’ll regret this by morning!

Kirkland: I think I’ll sleep better than I have in a long time.

Sheriff: The noise has sorta died off down there.

Kirkland: If I know Storm, so has MS-12.

Kirkland: “Storm, come out of there. It’s over.”

Aaron Storm walks out with his helmet off and his hands over his head. “I have done what I had to do. I accept the consequences. I don’t want it to go any farther”

Kirkland: If you need a character witness, I’m available.

Storm: I think I have a better chance with an insanity plea!

As they drive off, a second Flamethrower steps out into the darkness.

Scene: TV announcer:

In political news today, the top story is the failure of the immigration reform bill by one vote. Rising anger among the population was a factor in the dramatic turnaround on the measure. Critics say the next attempt at solving immigration issues will have to start with border security.

In other surprising political news, Congressman Mic Mawby has announced that he will run as an independent for the United States Senate for the seat currently held by incumbent Lawrence Knox. Here was some of Mawby’s announcement.

Mawby: You know, the Senator was on TV last week insinuating that I was a little bit nuts. Maybe so, but at least I don’t vote for the worst immigration bill in history after telling people for weeks that I was going to vote against it. I didn’t do that, Senator Knox did. And there are a number of other votes of his that I will look forward to discussing the sanity of as well.

As for my eschewing a political party, I think the events of the last days have shown us that the system can’t always be fixed from the inside. We have a great country, but we need men and women willing to make the sacrifices required to keep her great. I’m going outside the system, in an effort to save it, and I would be grateful for your help. Thank you, and may God bless America!


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Actually, the writing and content is very similar to Ollie North without his life experiences.

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Ummmm. He doesn't have mine either.

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