Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beebe Returns to Form

I noticed on a radio show recently the Governor ruled out a tax cut, including any more steps in his campaign plan to "phase out" the grocery tax. Instead, he was looking forward to raising taxes on companies who drill for natural gas in the Natural State.

The recent increase of drilling in our state is like a goose that lays golden eggs. In the story, the couple with the goose at least waited until a number of eggs were laid before they got greedy and split it open to get more eggs. It looks like he wants to tax away drilling investment just as it is really getting off the ground in our state.

This represents a return to form. On the radio, he pointed out that the Republican Governor did not give you the little tax cut that we got, he did. Now I guess it is back to ever-increasing taxes. Governor Beebe seems to think that the fact that the Republicans do it too is reason to support the Democrats, but he is really making the case for the emergence of a third party that will do more than give lip service to the segment of the population alarmed by the shocking increase in government spending.


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