Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peter Paul Claims Rigged Trial as Hillary's Finance Guy Acquitted

Not THIS Peter Paul, but he is singing.
Peter Paul broke the law in funneling millions of dollars worth of illegal campaign contributions to Hillary!. He is being held accountable, but is not happy about being the fall guy. He claims that Hillary's! financier, David Rosen, and Hillary! herself, knew what was going on. What's that you say, you have never heard of this case? Well then, you need to quit getting your news from the Bread-and-Circus Corporate Media and start listening to people who are actually trying to inform you about important events.

Rosen was recently acquitted in the case, but Paul has a lot of circumstantial evidence, and some factual evidence, to indicate that a Clinton-friendly judge and prosecutor conspired to throw the case. In a world where Sandy Berger can stuff his socks with top secret documents and walk away with no jail time, you can't discount the idea. The Bush-Clinton administration has a lot in common, including open borders, interventionist foreign policy, globalist economic policy, and a marked unwillingness to prosecute their own. Here is Peter Paul making his case.


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